Sirf Tum 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Suhani thinking about Kamini’s words and Ranveer’s call on her mobile. She thinks he will come home, if she doesn’t pick the call. She picks the call. Ranveer asks why you was not picking the call. Suhani says actually Papa. Ranveer asks did he tell you anything, shall I come there? Rakesh takes mobile from Suhani’s hand and says hello. Ranveer greets him and asks how is he? Rakesh tells that he is fine and asks why did he call so late in night. Ranveer says Suhani got late due to me, so I called to ask her if she reached home safely. He asks him not to call late and ends the call. He asks Suhani not to talk to anyone in the night. Suhani goes. Rakesh asks Sudha to make Suhani understand. Dadi says she was talking to Ranveer only. Rakesh says he is my boss’s son and we shall not tell about our weakness to anyone. Suhani comes back and says she has served the food. Rakesh says lets have food now, tomorrow is big day for Suhani as her first semester result will be coming tomorrow.

John asks Ranveer if she refused and you agreed? Ranveer asks so what I would have done, should I fight with her? Raghav asks how will you stay now? Ranveer says like I was living till now. He says I expressed my feelings to her and she told me what is her priority. He says I will support her in her dream and goes to check her result. Rhea hears them and thinks to do something with Suhani.

Ranveer collides with Ansh while going to check the result. His papers, Ansh’s wallet etc fall from his hand. Ansh says sorry, I didn’t see. Ranveer stops him and says I have made these notes for Ms. Zimmedari which you ruined, now you will make these notes. Ansh asks are you mad? He says I will not make it. Ranveer asks if this wallet is yours. Ansh thinks Vikrant Oberoi’s pic is in the wallet and asks him to return his wallet. Ranveer asks him to make notes first. Ansh refuses and tries to snatch his wallet. Vikrant’s pic falls down from his wallet. Ranveer picks it and asks what Mr. Oberoi’s pic is doing in your wallet. Ansh says he is my inspiration. Ranveer says such people like you, can get impressed by him. He says you will get your wallet and inspiration when you make notes.

Rhea looks at Suhani and recalls Ranveer’s words. She goes to talk to Suhani. Ansh stops Rhea. Rhea says leave me Ansh, I will talk to Suhani, she has betrayed me. She says now she got proposal from Ranveer, she is not my friend anymore, she has ended everything. Ansh says nothing is finished yet, you have to decide if you want relation with him or not.

Roshni gives protein shake to Vikram. Vikram asks did you talk to Bhabhi about Rhea. She says no. Vikram says we can lose crores if this deal doesn’t happen and says Samaira will benefit with this. Roshni says I will talk to Bhabhi today. Ansh asks Rhea not to react and asks why are you surprised, Ranveer is mad for Suhani and today he asked me to make notes for Suhani. Rhea asks what shall I do? Ansh says Suhani refused Ranveer, so there is still scope for you and asks her to get closer to him. Rhea nods her head.

Suhani tells her friend that she is nervous about her result. Professor comes and says result will be displayed on the notice board soon. Suhani gets a call from home. She requests professor to let her pick the call. He says ok. She goes to talk. He asks any guesses? Kamini asks Suhani to reach home fast. Suhani asks if everything is fine? Kamini asks her to come fast. Suhani gets worried for Rakesh. Ranveer sees Suhani. Suhani says she is going home. He offers to drop her. Suhani says she will go by herself.

Dean looks at the results on the notice board and asks Ranveer to see Ms. Zimmedari’s result. Ranveer thinks it is good that she didn’t see the result. Suhani reaches home and sees guests at home. Rakesh says Suhani has come. He tells Suhani that the guy is an engineer in IT company. Kamini says Suhani is doing medicine and asks about her result. Rakesh asks about her result. Suhani says she couldn’t see. The groom’s mother says we will get talented bahu at home and tells Kamini that she did right by telling about the alliance. Suhani is shocked and looks at Sudha. The groom’s family leave from there.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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