Sirf Tum 22nd December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Mamta informing Rhea that Ranveer loves her equally as she does. She says he also said that you are the only one in his life. She gifts her Ganapati ji. Rhea asks her to take her car and give the good news to her bestie Vikrant. Mamta says ok and goes. Dean goes out of the class. Rhea comes to Ranveer and says she needs to talk to him. Ranveer says after completing my project. Rhea gets her father’s call, that Mamta is calling him home. Rhea asks him to go and talk to Mamta. Rhea blushes seeing Ranveer. John and Raghav see her blushing and asks Ranveer. Ranveer tells that Rhea is just his best friend and knows about it. He says Ms. Zimmedari is only closer to his heart and Mamta has liked her, and when the right time comes, he will talk to Suhani’s parents as well.

Rakesh brings Asha to his house and says she is Asha ji. Dadi thanks her for helping Rakesh get job at Vikrant’s office. Asha says he deserves it. Rakesh gives credit to Asha for helping them, and helping him get the job when he was in need the most. Dadi says you are like a God to us and asks about the injury. Rakesh says she collided with me. Asha says she was in a hurry. Sudha goes to bring tea. Dadi asks about her husband. She says I stay with my son Ansh, who is studying medicine in the college. She says she don’t have her husband. Rakesh asks about Ansh’s college. Asha tells the name. Dadi says even our Suhani study in the same college.

Suhani is about to fall and the medical kit falls on the ground. Ansh holds her hand to stop her from falling down. Suhani thanks him. Ranveer comes there and pushes Ansh for touching Suhani. Ansh says she was about to fall down. Ranveer asks did you tell her that whatever wrong happened with her, is all because of your prank. Suhani asks Ansh if he knows that her papa was hurt due to his prank, and says it is my childhood dream to become a doctor, which you wanted to ruin. She asks him not to come infront of her again and says she don’t want to see cheap guy like him. Ansh gets angry, but controls his anger. Suhani goes from there. Ranveer asks Ansh not to touch her again even by mistake. Rishi and Rocky come there and ask why you didn’t tell anything to Suhani. Ansh holds his neck and asks him with whom he is scared in the college? Rishi says Ranveer. Ansh asks why? Rishi says his anger. Ansh asks if Ranveer comes to know about your doings, then….Rishi says then he will not leave me alive. Ansh says that’s why I was silent, to make Ranveer as villain.

Rakesh asks Asha, why she stopped coming to office suddenly. He says Vikrant sir told that you got other job. She says she got good job opportunity. Rakesh says I will drop you. Dadi asks her to come home again. Rakesh goes to drop her. dadi says if Suhani has any problem, then Ansh can handle too. Sudha says Suhani will not have any problem when Ranveer is there.

Ranveer asks Suhani to get rid of stress and asks her to laugh aloud, so that happy hormones are released in the body. He says I will tell you, how to laugh aloud. He calls Raghav and John there. Raghav and John make faces. Suhani laughs seeing them. Rhea comes to Suhani and says she needs to talk to her. Suhani says I will be back. She looks at Ranveer. Ranveer asks her to go and picks Suhani’s medical kit.

Dada ji gives sweets to Kapoor Saheb and asks him to start his daughter’s marriage preparation. Vikrant thinks of Ranveer’s bitter words. Kapoor makes Vikrant have sweets and hug him. He then makes Vikram have sweets. Vikrant asks Mamta to talk to him and takes her to side. He holds her hand tightly and says I hope this news is confirmed, and says I won’t tolerate your son’s drama, and warns her if Rhea’s heart breaks then it won’t be good for anyone. Mamta says believe me, there will be no problem. I am 100 percent sure, Ranveer told me himself. Vikrant asks seriously and hugs her. He says congrats, our son is about to marry, he is fulfilling our dream and bringing our status daughter in law. He hugs her again and says he is happy. Kapoor says when we have become samdhi, then shall merge the business too. Vikrant agrees. Chachi says it is Bhai Saheb’s benefit. She says you will become CEO. Samaira says let me enjoy my brother’s marriage. Rhea tells Suhani that she will tell her about that special guy in her life. Suhani asks who is he?

Ranvir tells that Suhani’s medical kit was broken, so I am checking what needs to be replaced. Raghav asks did you think about your own kit so much. John and Raghav ask him to go and propose Suhani so that they can call her Bhabhi. Ranveer looks at her.

Precap: Raghav asks Ranveer to propose Suhani. John says today our Bhai will propose her. Ranveer takes the white flower from the college garden and goes to Suhani. Suhani looks at him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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