Sirf Tum 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update

Suhani is in a classroom. Ranveer is in a window and asks her if she needs anything. The professor says, not yet, but if you come to disturb again, then this girl will come into a problem. I will cancel her paper. Suhani requests Ranveer. He leaves. Ansh is also monitoring the exam with professor. After the exam, Suhani comes out and says, thank God that Ranveer is not there. Just then he stops her and asks how was the exam? Read the questions, I will give you the answers. They review the questions and what she wrote as answers. Suhani says last question was about heart, but she couldn’t attend it. He says, that means you are weak in heart’s matter. She looks at him confused. He says, nothing. Except 1 all your answers are right. Sudha comes and asks Suhani about her exam. Before she answers, Ranveer answers that except 1 question, all answers were right. She’s going to get full marks. Sudha says, it’s good you guys left. Traffic got cleared just now. She thanks Ranveer saying he fulfilled her and Suhani’s dream today. He gives credits to her for giving permission. Suhani and Sudha leave. Ansh is seen holding an exam paper and smiling as he walks with the professor.

Riya stops Suhani and Sudha. She says she couldn’t reach earlier due to traffic. Suhani says, I also reached with difficulty. Sudha says, that too by riding on a horse. Sudha goes on a side as she gets a call. Riya teases Suhani and asks who was that prince charming? Suhani says, it was Ranveer. Papa has given him my responsibility. Riya says, classic Ranveer. She asks Riya he was going to get rusticated, right? Riya says he broke record, he said sorry to both the dean and the student. Suhani says, he spoiled my name by tagging me as Miss. Zimmedari. She calls him, ‘awara, stupid, loafer’. He can’t handle himself and trying to take up my responsibility. Riya says he is not that bad, he is just different. Riya says, not different, he’s just very strange. There is no one else like him. Riya thinks that this is not the right time to tell her that I like Ranveer. Sudha comes back. Riya says, I am thinking to throw party as Suhani is going to pass the exam. Sudha says let results come first. Suhani asks Riya, you don’t have to attend your class? She says yes, I am running late. Sudha and Suhani leave. Riya says, oh God, she gave so many nicknames to Ranveer in 2 minutes.

Suhani is sitting in her balcony. She is still thinking about Ranveer. She says, ‘lafanga, stupid, nalayak’. Then says, he is not actually ‘nalayak’, he is quite talented. She asks herself why am I thinking about him? My dream is going to complete tomorrow, I should focus on that. Sudha brings food for her saying did you forget to eat in results’ excitement?

Next day, Suhani and Sudha reach the college. Suhani goes to check the results. Meanwhile, Ranveer is doing arrangements for a celebration with flowers and cake. He tells his friend to announce everyone that they can order whatever they want. He will pay for all. And later in the evening, he is throwing a grand party. His friend tells him to at least wait till the results. Ranveer says, I confirmed yesterday only that she passed. His another friend comes and informs him that Suhani failed the exam. Other side, Suhani gets shocked and sad seeing she failed the exam. Sudha asks, what happened? You topped right? Suhani says, I failed. I couldn’t clear the entrance exam. Ranveer comes there and watches her from distance. Ansh smiles. Suhani says, I wrote all correct answers. Ansh says, sometimes even correct answers are not guarantee to pass the exam. A wrong company can spoil things. Someone else’s happiness took away your happiness. If Ranveer wasn’t so crazy behind you, then you would have passed. Sudha consoles Suhani saying, if not here, then you will get admission elsewhere. Suhani says, but this is the best college and it was our dream that I study in this college. Sudha says, no, our dream is you becoming a doctor. College is just a path to reach the dream. If we have to change the path, then we will, but we will reach our destination. They leave. Ranveer stands there quietly. He wonders how she failed. Ansh smiles recalling how he exchanged Suhani’s paper with some other student’s paper to spoil Ranveer’s happiness. I can’t let you be happy. Seeing you in problem is my life’s biggest happiness.

Ranveer comes to the dean’s office and says, there is a major problem with the entrance exam’s results. He orders a peon to bring Suhani’s paper. The dean reminds Ranveer that it’s him who is the dean. He takes Ranveer on a side and says, I know our bonding is good, but at least give me some respect in college. Ranveer says, I was quiet during my rustication matter, but not today. The deal tells the peon to bring Suhani’s paper and tells Ranveer to request if he needs anything in future instead entering his office like that, else he will have to call his father again.

Ranveer’s father has ordered a gift for Ranveer. He hopes Ranveer likes it. He recalls his rude behavior with him. Mamta calls him for tea. He tells her to teach Ranveer how to behave in public. Mamta says, I will talk to him, but have tea for now. She offers him the cup. He pushes her hand and tea falls on her hand. She gets burned. He takes out his handkerchief and cleans his own hand instead helping Mamta. He tells Mamta, I have kept a party for Ranveer. Tell to him to attend it and behave well. Don’t make fun of a family function. Other side, Ansh tells Rocky that it’s time for celebration as I spoiled Ranveer’s such a big happiness. He sees the cake and writes, happy unhappiness to Ranveer, on it. He says, Ranveer was going to celebrate Suhani’s success, but now they will celebrate his defeat. Ranveer is still wondering how Suhani failed. He tallied all the answers and 99 percent was guaranteed.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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