Sirf Tum 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Suhani asking Adi to move back and tells Ranveer that she has come to do his treatment on Mamta aunty’s sayings, but that doesn’t mean that he will raise hand on her friend. Ranveer says you have come here on Maa’s sayings, so we will drop you home safely. Aditya says he will take Suhani and asks where it is written that patient will drop the doctor. Suhani thinks Ranveer might get angry and do something wrong. She asks Aditya to go home.

Aditya says I have come for you. Suhani says I will come and asks him to go. Aditya says ok and goes. Suhani also leaves. She comes to Aditya and says sorry. She says she did what was right, and asks him to understand being her friend. She says she was scared of Ranveer’s anger and says if he had done something. Aditya asks if he had killed me. He says his blood boils when Ranveer treats her as his property. Suhani tells that she had gone there, as she has some responsibility on his family.

Aditya says this is excuse to keep connected with him. Suhani holds his hands and says she has no relation with Ranveer now. Aditya asks her to take divorce from Ranveer. Suhani says it doesn’t matter to her. Aditya says I do care, if your name is related to him, then I will be anxious that he might harm you. Suhani says you are really a good friend. Aditya says I love you Suhani, if I love you so much, then that doesn’t mean that I am expecting that you also love me.

He says your tears hurt my heart, and if someone shouts at you, I want to suffocate his voice. He says you are good and takes care of everyone, but if someone thinks you as his property and hurts you, then I will not bear. He asks her to divorce him and says if you have difficulty to forget him, then I will marry you and keep you happy, and will not let that devil hurt you again. He leaves decision on her and goes. Suhani is left shocked.

Suhani comes home. Rakesh asks Suhani, why did we go from here, as we wanted to stay away from Ranveer. Sudha asks why did she go there? Rakesh says she went to treat the guy with whom she wants to run away. Suhani says if we can’t forget our pain, then how can we forget our promises. She says I was doing the responsibility of a doctor. Dadi says they would have called other doctor, but why did they call you? Suhani says I have promised Mamta aunty that I will treat her.

Sudha, Dadi and Rakesh refuse to let her go. Suhani says if I broke the promise, then my head will be low. She asks him to let her fulfill her responsibility and says she doesn’t get effected with anyone’s emotional talk. She says I had gone there as a doctor. Rakesh says I don’t want to see tears in your eyes. Sudha asks where is Aditya? Suhani says he dropped me and went to hospital. Rakesh asks Sudha to talk to Suhani alone.

At Oberoi House, Mamta asks Servant to bring something. Samaira comes there. Vikrant asks Mamta not to worry as Servants will take care of everything. Dada ji says Mamta is happy as her bahu came. Mamta says she believes Mata Rani and is sure that Suhani will return soon and their family will complete soon. Vikrant says atleast she came, I am so happy. Samaira says we have to take advantage of this chance and unite them. Ranveer comes to the dining table. Mamta says everything is of your choice. Ranveer says I will serve food and will make you eat. Mamta smiles.

Aditya thinks Suhani didn’t say anything, did I do wrong by expressing my feelings to her? He thinks if she will break up her friendship with me. Suhani thinks how to make Aditya understand that she can’t love someone or marry him. Aditya thinks he loves Suhani more than Ranveer and will take care of her. He thinks to call her or wait. He thinks he might get anxiety in this wait, looks at Suhani’s pic and says please say yes. Dr. Deepak asks Aditya to come to OT.

Suhani thinks if Aditya broke friendship with me, and thinks to meet him and make him understand. She thinks he said right about divorce, why to keep relation. Suhani gets call from Dehradun jail and says the jailer says Honey wants to talk to you. Suhani says she don’t want to talk to her. Honey takes the call and asks Suhani to meet her, says she wants to tell her truth.

Honey says she is in hospital and asks her to meet her, as there is not much time left for her. Suhani says ok, I will come. She comes to the hospital and tells constable that she wants to meet Honey Oberoi. Honey sees her and says you have come, thank you. Ranveer also comes there and asks if friends reunion happening here. He asks Suhani, if she made scheme to destroy him or making some plan. Suhani asks why are you blaming me and says what about your doings along with Honey.

Ranveer says there is no point talking to you. Honey asks Ranveer not to go and says she has called them to reveal the truth. She says I hurt you both and lied to both of you, so that you both shall hate each other. She says my anger pushed me near death, and apologizes to them for her wrong doings. She folds her hands and says please. Suhani and Ranveer look at each other and recall Honey’s words.

Ranveer and Suhani are in the car. They think about Honey’s words that she lied to them so that they hate each other. Suhani gets Sudha’s call and she reminds her that today is Adi’s birthday. She says we will have party and made the arrangements. Suhani says I remember, I am going to Oberoi Mansion and then will come. Sudha says why you are going there? Suhani says I am doing duty of a doctor. Dadi says we have made all the arrangements and asks her to bring gift for Adi. Suhani says ok, I will come.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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