Sirf Tum 23rd December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rhea telling Suhani that today she is going to propose her love. Suhani says you didn’t tell him till now. Ranveer walks towards Suhani. Raghav says today our Bhai will propose her. John says if she refuse? Raghav says no girl can reject Bhai seeing his swag. Ranveer plucks the lily flower from the garden and goes towards Suhani and Rhea. Rhea walks towards Ranveer, but he walks past her and goes to Suhani. Rhea is shocked. He asks Suhani not to move. Suhani shouts seeing big spider on her shoulder. He picks the spider on the lily and keeps the flower in the garden. Suhani thanks him. Rhea is relieved. Ranveer asks Suhani to bring the books and says I will drop you. Raghav and John come to him and asks why you didn’t propose? Ranveer defines the meaning of love for him. Rhea hears him and smiles. John asks if you had anything in breakfast. Ranveer says it is Dadu’s special teaching, you will not understand. Mamta asks her to come home fast and says there is a good news. Rhea turns and sees Ansh standing. She says you are taking much interest in my life and asks what happened to you. Ansh says I feel bad for you, and says you love Ranveer and he loves Suhani. Rhea says Ranveer told his Mom about his love for me. Ansh asks her to tell him if their relationship takes forward. Rhea says ofcourse, I will tell you. She goes to Mamta and hugs her. She asks her to tell what is the good news? She hugs her dad. Dada ji asks Vikrant to say something. Vikrant says Pandit ji has taken out tomorrow’s mahurat for engagement and says we will throw surprise engagement party for Ranveer and Rhea. Mamta says tomorrow is Ranveer’s birthday and he…Vikrant says if engagement don’t happen tomorrow then it can happen after a month, so why to get late. Meeta goes from Suhani’s house. Dadi says Suhani’s foot is fine now. Sudha says when Ranveer is with Suhani, we are tension free. Ranveer says that’s why uncle gave responsibility to me. He leaves.

Mamta calls him and tells that tomorrow is his birthday so they thought to have the party. He says he don’t celebrate his birthday since 15 years and tells that he will not come. He searches for his bike. Suhani comes out with Sudha and Dadi and give his bike keys. He thanks her and leaves. Dadi tells that tomorrow is special day for him, so we shall do something special for him. Mamta thinks how to convince Ranveer for this party. Vikrant comes and asks what did he say? Mamta says he is stubborn and not agreeing. Vikrant says I got a chance to start afresh and end the difference between Ranveer and me. He says don’t know if I will get this chance again. Dada ji comes and asks Mamta to talk to him. Vikrant asks her to convince him. Mamta thinks how to convince him, thinks that truth changed the equation between father and son.

Ansh comes home and sees bandaged on Asha’s hand and forehead. He asks about it. she says she had a small accident and gives him water. She then asks if Suhani studies in your college. He says yes. Asha says she met with an accident with Suhani’s Papa bike. Ansh asks do you know her father? Asha tells that she got Rakesh ji hired by Vikrant ji. She says Rakesh ji haven’t forgotten this, and infact all his family…..Ansh gets happy and hugs her. She says you hugged me after many years. Ansh says you gave me happiness just now. He thinks to bring storm in Suhani and Ranveer’s life.

Ranveer goes somewhere and recalls Vikrant beating Mamta and scolding her for meeting someone (Asha). He says it is none of her business whom he meets. He recalls walking out of his birthday party. He says that day I came to know about Mr. Oberoi’s truth, their relation whom I used to think it as my strength was baseless. He speaks his heart out and imagines Suhani in the wine bottle. He says I thought to forget my pain and celebrate my birthday with you. He says I didn’t accept anyone’s birthday wish, but I want you to wish

Precap: Suhani and Ranveer dance in a snowy landscape, dressed in white costumes around the romantic snow fall.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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