Sirf Tum 24th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Ranveer sees Suhani on an alcohol bottle and says, I haven’t celebrated my birthday since 15 years. She asks, why? But today, after you met, my heart felt to forget my pain from past and celebrate my birthday. Since 15 years, I didn’t accept anyone’s birthday wish. But today, I want you, only you, to wish me.

Mamta prays to the God for a miracle and make Ranveer ask for a party when she calls him to wish. Vikrant seems so happy after so long with Ranveer and Riya’s marriage. May be other relations can get better too in the house. She waits till it’s midnight.

Other side, Ranveer says, soon it will be midnight, Ms. Zimmedari. I hope you call and wish me, so I can forget pain of past years. But I know you won’t call because your life runs on a time table and this is your sleeping time. Still I wish you call me and wish me a happy birthday.

Suhani is in her room, making a scarf for Ranveer. Dadi comes and says, such a beautiful gift. I am sure Ranveer will like your gift the most. She asks Suhani to call Ranveer. Suhani hesitates, why call? He doesn’t celebrate birthday anyways. Dadi pushes her to call.

Ranveer continues talking to self and waiting for the call. Suhani tries out the scarf. Dadi says, you’re looking like a heroine. Now call. Suhani is still hesitating. Dadi tells her to write a message then. Only 10 seconds are left and, Suhani, Mamta, Riya all are ready to message / call Ranveer. Suhani presses video call button by mistake. Ranveer picks up and says, thank you so much. Suhani says, but I didn’t wish you. He says, then go ahead. Who has stopped you? She pauses for a moment and then says, happy birthday Ranveer. Ranveer is all smile. He falls back and lies down. He gets Riya’s call, but he rejects the call. Ranveer says, people say it right that heart is on left side, but its intuition is right. Suhani asks, meaning? Dadi comes on the video call and wishes Ranveer a happy birthday and tells him to always be hot and handsome. She also tells him about the gift that Suhani made and says, she will give in college tomorrow. Ranveer says, not in the college, but in the party. There is a party in his home and all friends are coming. He tells Suhani, you must come too. Suhani hesitates, but Dadi says, yes, she will come. Ranveer is getting Mamta’s call. He tells Suhani that he won’t cut cake until she comes and hangs up.

Mamta wishes Ranveer a happy birthday. She asks you won’t give return gift? Please come in the party. Ranveer says, I am coming to the party, but party will take place in the day, not night. Mamta is pleasantly surprised. She informs the entire family and Riya about it. Everyone is surprised and happy. Vikrant thanks Mamta and says, I will give him surprise about his engagement with Riya. So that he knows, how much his happiness matters to me.


Riya calls Ansh and informs him about the party and the surprise being planned. She says, I told you I will send you first invite. Make sure to come. After the call, Ansh laughs saying it will be shock for Ranveer, not surprise. I will definitely be there to witness the drama.

Ranveer says to self, today Maa saw Suhani from distance. Tomorrow I will introduce her to Maa, so Maa knows that it’s only Suhani because of whom I am seeing future’s dreams by forgetting the past.

Next morning, Suhani prepares a birthday cake for Ranveer. Dadi is impressed with Suhani’s work. Nikita’s mother comes from shopping. She’s wearing a brand new sunglasses. She slips and almost spoils the cake. Dadi asks what is this? Why wearing sunglasses in the house? She asks whose cake is this? There is no one’s birthday in our house. Dadi says, it’s Rakesh’s boss’ son’s birthday. He has invited us all. Nikita’s mother asks to take her along too. But Dadi says it’s youth’s party. Nikita’s mother says to take Nikita at least. Suhani tells Dadi to take Nikita. Dadi says okay. Nikita says, I will wear Katrina’s dress and look best today.

Ranveer comes to his home. Mamta hugs him. She thanks him for listening to her without her giving kasam. He says, not thank you, I need your blessings. And thank you for always giving importance to my happiness. She gets emotional. He makes her laugh with his joke. She tells him to get ready.

She brings him to his room and says, you will wear this suit. He says, it’s my birthday, not engagement. Mamta pauses for a moment. He asks, you didn’t fix my engagement with her, right? Chachi comes in and wishes him a birthday and gives him a gift. Ranveer asks Mamta if she informed ‘her husband’ that only his friends will come to this party. Mamta tells him not to be angry and relax for one day. Mamta then teases him whether his special friend is coming too. He says, he called her personally and said he won’t cut the cake until she comes. He gets a call from Riya. Riya wishes him and asks where he was and why he didn’t pick up her call. He says, I was busy and invites her for the party. She laughs thinking he’s inviting me on my own engagement. She says, of course I will come. How party will start without me. He says, see you in the party. Mamta and Chachi are still standing there and watching him. He says, what? I have to get ready. Mamta says him to go ahead. He goes to washroom. Chachi says, the engagement surprise is going to be great. Mamta tells her to speak low.

Guests start arriving. Ranveer is waiting for Suhani. He wonders why she is always late. Dean comes and wishes him. He says, I hope you become more mature and have a fantastic year ahead. Riya’s father shows the engagement ring Mamta, Dadu, Chachi. They all love it. Dadu says it will look great in Ranveer’s finger. He then asks about Vikrant. Mamta says, I will go and call him. Ranveer is getting restless in Suhani’s wait.

Precap: Same as yesterday – Suhani and Ranveer dance in a snowy landscape, dressed in white costumes around the romantic snow fall.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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