Sirf Tum 25th February 2022 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Ranveer goes behind the man who was taking Suhani’s pictures. He runs behind the man and grabs him. The man turns out to be Ansh. Ranveer starts beating him. He shouts why were you taking Suhani’s photos? Ansh says I was taking random photos. Ranveer breaks his camera, Ansh runs away from him. Ranveer tries to catch up to him.

The wedding functions start. Mamta and Dadu arrive there. Rakesh hugs Dadu. Mamta asks where is Ranveer? his friends say he is ready and coming.

Ranveer beats Ansh. Ansh says you can kill your brother. Ranveer says what rubbish are you saying? Ansh says we both have the same blood and says that’s Vikrant’s. I am his son but he never gave me his name, if you don’t trust me then look at this. He shows Vikrant and Asha’s wedding photo. Ranveer tears it apart and says this is a lie, I don’t trust a single word from you. Ansh says I have seen my mother cry for years but I will get the honor that she deserves and your mother will go out of that house. Ranveer says how dare you to talk about my mother. He beats him more.

Rakesh is worried, Sudha asks what happened? You should rest a little bit. Rakesh says I just didn’t sleep well. He mistakenly drops havan’s items. Dadi says it’s fine. Rakesh says I am just not feeling fine. He asks where is Suhani? Suhani arrives there as a bride. Sudha gets emotional and says you look pretty. Suhani asks Rakesh why do you look worried? Bua says don’t worry about him now. Rakesh says she is getting married today. My daughter has grown up. I am giving her away to someone else today. Suhani says you are giving me away to a person who will always take care of me like you always did so don’t worry about me. Rakesh hugs her and cries. Mamta says she is right, she is our daughter from now on, I will always love her even more than Ranveer. We are making new relationships but Suhani will always remain your daughter. Rakesh thanks her. Dadu tells him that don’t worry about her, we will take care of her. Dadi says where is Ranveer? Suhani looks on.

Scene 2
Ranveer is beating Ansh but Asha arrives there and says he is telling the truth. Asha says Ansh is Vikrant’s son, he is your elder son. I always told the truth to Ansh but your mom never told you that. Ansh says that’s why I hated you always, you care about your mom but I have always seen my mom cry because she never got the rights she deserved. Nobody can stop me now. Asha says you both are not at fault so don’t fight, she takes Ansh from there. Ranveer looks on.

At the venue, the priest asks where is the groom? A car arrives so Suhani runs to check if it’s Ranveer but it’s not. All guests are gossiping if Ranveer is fighting with someone else now? Rakesh is tense. Riya goes to check on Suhani, she asks her to not worry, he will come. Asha arrives at the wedding. Bua says what is she doing here? Asha says I didn’t want to come but Ranveer asked me to come. Dadi says Ranveer doesn’t want to hurt anyone today that’s why he must have called her.

Ranveer is at the site and recalls all the incidents with Ansh. How Mamta kept ignoring him. He drinks and recalls Ansh’s words that his mom will be out of that house soon. Ranveer screams nobody can throw away my mother. He is drunk and says men keep cheating on women. People are fools to marry. My mom did a mistake by marrying Vikrant. Marriage is a lie. Nobody should get married. Ansh hears him and thinks I got what I wanted.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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