Sirf Tum 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Mamta taking Ranveer to the veiled dream. Vikrant tells Mamta and I have tried to give this surprise for our son. He says I always wanted him to be proud that he is my son. He says he wants Ranveer to unveil this project. Mamta signs Ranveer. Ranveer lifts the cloth from the model of the building. Everyone claps. Vikrant says this project name is la vie potu means life for all, and says there is a flats for poor people also so that they get a chance to move ahead. He asks how is it? Ranveer claps and says I shall appreciate the designers and architect of Oberoi constructions, and says you have selected the good name too, but you have chosen the wrong work. He says the person who saves people’s lives, how can you give him work to build house. He says if you want to gift something then shall give me something else, and says how to tell its design. He breaks the miniature model of the building, shocking all the guests. He then says I am extremely sorry. He goes from there and comes back. Servant brings painting stuff there. Vikrant feels insulted and looks at Mamta. Ranveer throws the color on the table and then starts making the design. Suhani comes to the classroom running and finds many students sitting there. She gets inside. A guy pulls the rope, so that dry grass remains fall on her from the bucket tied on the ceiling. Suhani feels bad as everyone laughs. The students comment on her. A girl says she came here to get saved, but Rishi is a mastermind and decided this beforehand. Suhani goes out from the class room. Ranveer makes his sketch ready on the table. Which shows Mamta Hospital painting on the table. He says this is my dream project, gift this for Mom and says where poor people will get free treatment and says if they stay healthy then they can work well and move on in life. He asks right guys. Everyone says right.

Raghav asks John to call Ranveer, but there is no network. He asks John to shout and call someone. John says nobody will listen to us. Raghav says Suhani is our responsibility too and asks for his handkerchief. He then ties the handkerchief to the mobile and the stick.

Ranveer tells that everyone knows about Mr. Oberoi and his wife’s strong relation. He says my mother gave 30 years to him, and never complained, though he was always busy in parties and work. He says you can do something to the poor people too, who build your buildings. Vikrant asks Mamta to handle him. Mamta takes Ranveer to side and tells that you have promised me that you will not do any hungama. He says how can he think that I will leave my dream to become a doctor. Mamta says he is your father. Ranveer says he is just your husband and says he will make fun of that guy, who made fun of his mother. He tells about his affair with some lady and says he is cheap and character. Mamta looks at Vikrant, talking to a lady. John and Raghav keep phone outside using the stick to get the network and call him. Ranveer gets John and Raghav’s hand, and leaves from there on his bike. Suhani comes to the washroom, to clean her hair. All the girls leave from there and Rishi and his friends come there. Rishi asks her to perform infront of them here. Ansh locks the door from outside and thinks when her tears flow out, Ranveer will feel pain. He walks away from there. Ranveer is still on the way.

Rishi says you have to dance, there is no option. Ansh says now I will see, how Ranveer fulfills his responsibility. Suhani tries to hit the guy, but Rishi holds her hand and asks her to dance. Suhani is teary eyes and worried. She tries to hit him with the stone. Rishi holds her hand and says it is enough of your drama. Ranveer reaches the college campus and walks inside. She manages to open the door, though it was locked by Ansh. She comes out, Rishi tries to stop her. Ranveer comes there and opens the door. Suhani recalls Ranveer beating Rocky and then recalls her father’s warning. She asks Ranveer not to beat them, else there will be tamasha in the college. He says I just want to see the dream of becoming doctor in your eyes. He says I will not do anything to them, you will not find any marks on their body, I will just explain them politely. He asks her to go. Suhani turns and looks at him. He signs her to go. She nods her head. Sirf tum plays….

Ranveer gets inside and says jingle bell jingle bell plays. Rishi says I don’t come on your way, we were just wanting her to do couple dance. Ranveer says if you want then I would have arranged. He says do you want to know how someone is made to dance. He hits on the mirror angrily and it breaks.

Precap: Ranveer is on a roof near Suhani’s room’s window. Ranveer asks Suhani, you want to become a doctor, right? She nods yes. He tells her to focus on her studies. Keep smiling like that, it’s more effective than medicine. He loses his balance while leaving. She holds her hand. He looks at her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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