Sirf Tum 29th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with everyone looking at Ranveer and Suhani cluelessly. Ansh says herogiri looks good in films and not in reality. Ranveer takes the knife in his hand and asks the people to sing birthday song for him, as he is celebrating his birthday after 15 years. John and Raghav sing happy birthday song. Ranveer cuts th cake and makes Suhani have it first. Rhea is shocked. Dadi is shocked too. Mamta thinks why Ranveer is doing this, there must be something for sure. Suhani is surprised and tries to go. Ranveer asks where are you going Ms. Zimmedari. Suhani says I shall go, I am getting late. Ranveer says party isn’t over yet. Vikrant comes back to the party and asks Mamta if everything is fine. Mamta says yes. Vikrant says we shall give surprise to Ranveer and thanks the guests for coming today. Ranveer asks what kind of announcement, he is talking about. Samaira asks Rhea to smile. Vikrant tells that my Bau ji tells that time has legs and it runs faster and says Ranveer is the example for that, and says though we have differences between us, but I want to give him, the best gift of his life, which we are waiting since years. Ranveer asks what is he saying? Vikrant says I happily announce the engagement of my son Ranveer Oberoi, and says this is his engagement party too. Ranveer asks when did this happen? Mamta says you don’t know how much your papa loves you and asks him to smile. Ranveer thinks where is Suhani’s parents for our engagement. Vikrant asks the kids to come. Ranveer walks forwards and looks at Suhani. Vikrant says my would be bahu is….Rhea Kapoor. Ranveer is shocked and angry.

Rhea comes forward. The Servant brings the engagement rings there. Ranveer gets angry and throws the engagement rings plate. He then grabs Vikrant’s collar and asks why do you always want to make my this day as the bad one. He says I thought about you, as my mother’s husband. Ansh says drama starts happens. Ranveer says my life is not your project. He says how dare you to announce my engagement with Rhea. Mamta is shocked. Chachi says he is your dad, leave him. Mamta walks towards Ranveer and slaps him hard. Ansh watches the drama happily. Ranveer looks shocked. Vikrant asks Ranveer if he didn’t tell Mamta that he loves Rhea. Ranveer asks when did I say? He holds Rhea’s hand and asks her to tell, when did he tell her that he loves her. He asks did I tell you ever. He then tells Vikrant that even Rhea knows that she is just my friend. He says let me clear this to you, Rhea is just my best friend. Ranveer says friendship happens with heart. Kapoor asks Mamta to say. Mamta says you showed me Rhea in the college and told that you love her. Ranveer says I told you, that the girl in white clothes and says that girl was not Rhea, but Suhani….He then looks at Suhani. Suhani walks behind in shock and runs out from there. Ranveer walks away from there. Vikrant feels insulted and turns to Mamta. He tells the guests that they have differences, it is a family matter. He looks angrily at Mamta and holds her hand saying he needs to talk to her. Mamta nods her head and goes with him. Vikram calls off the party. Everyone leaves. Ansh looks at Rhea. Rhea looks at Ranveer’s words, and cries. Ansh comes there and says Ranveer has no right to break your heart, I told you that he has someone else in his heart, and says that girl is Suhani. Rhea and her father leaves. Samaira feels bad for Rhea. Vikram asks why Bhaiya and Bhabhi want to surprise him, when they know how he react. Rishi tells Ansh that he feels sympathize towards Ranveer. Ansh says my first party here is memorable, and says I guess, I will come here often. He smiles.

Vikrant slaps Mamta in the room and says I had asked you that everything happened with Ranveer’s wish and I don’t want any drama. Mamta says I couldn’t understand, he said that he loves her. Vikrant says how can you take such a big decision without confirmation, and I came in your talks and got myself insulted. He says he held my collar today. He regrets to marry her and breaks their photo frame. He shouts at her and asks her to find out who is that second woman in his life. Suhani returns home with Dadi and Nikki.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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