Sirf Tum 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sudha asking Suhani to try that this thing will not happen again. Suhani promises her and says that she will study hard and will become a good doctor. Sudha asks did you bring my steel box. Suhani says I will bring tomorrow. Sudha goes. Suhani sits to study. Ranveer keeps the stairs and climbs up Suhani’s house, holding the tiffin box. Suhani comes to the balcony and sees him. She shouts loudly. Sudha asks what happened? Rakesh asks why did you shout? Ranveer asks her to say lizard came. Suhani says lizard is on the wall. Rakesh says open the window, it will go. Ranveer asks why she was not picking the call. He says I came to return the box and asks her to study well. He says if needed, then I will talk to Dean and get extra class for you. He asks her to focus on her studies and says he will not disturb the would be doctor. Suhani smiles. Sirf tum plays…..

Ranveer asks her to smile always and it effects more than medicine, don’t know whatever the pain it relieves. He says I will go and is about to slip. She holds his hand and asks him to be careful. He says you are my responsibility and saved me. She says you came from here. He says yes. Suhani drops the tiffin by mistakenly. She gets shocked and asks him to go before Papa comes. Ranveer says I will bring box. Suhani says I don’t need it. Rakesh asks what is happening Suhani? Suhani asks Ranveer to go fast. Ranveer climbs down the stairs and goes to his friends. Rakesh comes to Suhani and asks if everything is fine. Suhani says yes. He says he heard something falling down and goes. Suhani comes to the balcony and thinks he is mad and roaming around her as the responsibility, thinks how she will bear him for 5 years.

Next day, she comes to the college and thinks no more drama from today. She thinks if Papa comes to know then he will get her married. Meeta collides with Suhani and says sorry. She tells that a guy is threatening to jump off from the terrace, if she refuses him. She says she don’t like him. Suhani recalls Ranveer visiting her house last night. She asks who is he? Meeta says he is strange guy and gives his description. Suhani thinks he is Ranveer and asks her not to agree. She says Ranveer and sees some other guy on the terrace. The guy Suketu threatened to jump down if she don’t reply to him. He starts the countdown. Suhani goes there and tries to make Suketu understand that Meeta doesn’t like him, and he might get the girl who will love him truly. Suketu says I just need her. Suhani climbs on the railing to stop him, and asks him to think about his parents and siblings. He asks her to get down. Suhani asks him to stop for his mother. Suketu says I just want to hear Meeta’s yes and pushes her. Suhani is about to fall down, but Ranveer comes there and holds her hand at the right time. Suhani looks at him as he pulls her towards him. Sirf tum song plays……

She gets down and asks why did you bring Meeta here. Ranveer says so that I can end this drama. He asks Meeta if she loves Suketu? Meeta says no. Ranveer asks do you have any feelings for him. Meeta says never. Ranveer tells Suketu that the girl refused, so he can jump now. Suketu asks what are you saying? Suhani says how can you ask him to jump. Ranveer says real men don’t back off from their words and asks him to jump off as he said he will if meeta refuses. Suhani says Ranveer? Ranveer gets on the railing and walks towards Suketu.

Suketu asks what are you doing? Ranveer holds his collar and says come on lover, lets commit suicide. He jumps down with Suketu. Suhani shouts Ranveer and gets shocked. Meeta is shocked too. Suhani freezes. John, Raghav and Rhea bring the mesh/net there and hold it for their safe landing. Meeta sees them falling on the net and tells Suhani that they are safe. She says Ranveer got net kept before coming here. Suhani looks down and sees Ranveer on the net. She says if he is mad, how can he jump like this. Meeta says they are safe now. Suketu tells Ranveer that he would have told him before jumping down, and says he would have died of heart attack. Ranveer says what about Meeta’s respect which was ruining and asks him to understand that girl’s refusal means no. He says you can force her to be near, but you can’t make her with you with her wish and asks him to give her space and option to agree. He asks him to say sorry to Meeta. Suketu says sorry to Meeta.

Rhea says Ranveer is very understanding and that’s why everyone likes him. John says you have saved Suketu today. Ranveer says what did I do and says today hero is Suhani. He appreciates her for trying to stop Suketu and says a big round of applause for her. Everyone claps for her. Suhani calls his name. She says I want to say something and says don’t do that again, and don’t come to my home late at night. She says this college and education is important to me. She says you might be having Swag guy, but I am an ordinary girl and asks him not to come between her and her dream. He says I have printed your words in my heart and says I have seen all the characteristics of a good doctor in you today and asks her to go to class and study. He asks everyone to go back to their classes. Meeta thanks Suhani and goes. Ranveer thinks this loafer is strange, and thinks he took that guy’s class and now showing his caring side and asking me to go to class.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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