Sirf Tum 3rd December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Suhani coming to the college. The professor explains the medical students showing the dead body. Suhani thinks how to see, she can’t see anything. Ranveer looks at her. Raghav says we shall see what Ansh wants to do. Ranveer says Suhani is my responsibility, and not Ansh. John says I have the feeling that she is more than responsibility. Suhani tells professor that she can’t see anything. Professor asks her to get a cabin for herself so that he can teach her there. He tells this scoldingly. Ranveer asks John and Raghav to do something. He then comes to Suhani and asks her to come. Ranveer comes to Suhani and asks her to come. Suhani says my class is going on. He says skip it, holds her hand and takes her to a class. He says now I will teach you human anatomy. Suhani says it was practical class. He shows the dead body to Suhani. Suhani gets scared seeing it. Ranveer explains to her about human body and the nine main major organs etc. He goes on teaching her about the major organs. He says heart is the most important part of the human body. Raghav tells John that Ranveer has gone mad fully. He asks her to do the incision, and says I am handsome, but concentrate on the subject now. Suhani closes her eyes being scared. Ranveer says if you are weak in practical then you can’t be a good surgeon. He says this scalpel is someone’s life in your hand, and says you are becoming doctor to save people’s lives and not to kill them. She asks her to be focused and asks her to do the incision. Suhani takes the scalpel near the dead body, and her hands are shaken up and she faints. Ranveer holds her as she falls. He makes her sit on the sofa. Ansh looks at Suhani from outside. Rocky says Ranveer is concentrating more on Suhani and is giving her special classes. Ansh says I will see until when their special classes goes on. Ranveer sprinkles water on Suhani’s face. Suhani gains consciousness and tells Ranveer that she will study herself and says you don’t need to teach me. John and Raghav come there. Raghav says we have brought all the stuff and shows the juice, etc. Ranveer says she is weak, how she will do surgery. Raghav says even John had fainted on the first day. Ranveer says she needs special care.

Suhani sees the students helping her with books and place in the class. Ranveer looks at her from outside. Suhani looks at him. Later she leaves from the class and comes to the cafeteria. John, Raghav and other students keep the snacks, pizza, food items for her on the table. Suhani us surprised. Ranveer comes there and signs her to eat. Suhani gets up and goes from there. She thinks how to get saved from him. She slips while walking. Ranveer holds her and she falls on the stretcher. Ranveer also falls on her. Ansh smiles and goes. Ranveer looks at her as the stretcher moves itself. She tries to get up. He says I will stop the stretcher. He stops it and keeps his leg on the wall. They get up. Sirf Tum plays…..She sees everyone laughing at them. Her dupatta gets stuck in his watch. She turns and takes her dupatta, and gets hurt in the process. Principal sir comes there and says my college best future doctors, and asks if they are seated on stretcher then where patient will lie down. He asks them to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. Ranveer asks Suhani to stand there itself and he goes from there. Ansh tells a student that they can’t be friends. They gossip that there is some scene between them, suhani got him in 2 days, eligible bachelor got committed now. Rhea gets worried. Suhani gets upset and goes. Ansh tells Rishi that he will make sure that Suhani hates Ranveer.


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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