Sirf Tum 3rd January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Kamini trying to see who is in the house. Suhani and Ranveer hide behind the curtain. Kamini sees the door opened and thinks everyone is careless. She closes the door and turns to go, when she sees Nikki covered with a cloth. She shouts. Ranveer asks who is there? Suhani signs him to be quiet. Kamini scolds Nikki and thinks Rakesh called, and says nothing.

Ranveer tells Suhani that he is feeling much pain. Suhani asks him to be quiet for sometime. He refuses to be quiet and looks at her. Asha waits for Ansh to come home. Ansh comes home. Asha asks what happened there in the party, and asks him to say. Ansh looks at the wall in his house and thinks about Oberoi house. He thinks bike is parked outside his house, while cars are parked in Oberoi house.

Asha asks what happened, and asks him to say. Ansh asks her to pack her bags, and says time has ended here in this small house, time has come to ask for our rights from Dad. Asha asks what happened? Ansh says we have to go to temple in the morning.

Kamini again gets doubtful and comes there. Nikki also wakes up and says there is nobody here. Ranveer says he wanted someone to wish him after 15 years, and wanted to cut cake with her, and make the moment special for him. He says do you know who was that girl? Suhani asks him to be quiet and keeps finger on her lips. Sirf Tum plays…..

Mamta calls Ranveer and thinks why is he not picking the call. She calls John. John says even we are searching him. Mamta asks him to bring him home directly. Sirf Tum plays…..Suhani gets worried thinking how to send him from here. His phone drops down. Suhani finds Raghav’s call and picks it. She asks Raghav to take Ranveer from her house, else it will be a problem.

Suhani finds Kamini sleeping and snoring in the hall. John and Raghav knock on the door. Suhani opens the door. They get inside. Kamini and Nikki look at them and get scared. Nikki says they are scared. Kamini asks her to lie down silently else they might stab us. They see Suhani and thinks even lady thief is with them. Nikki says they are four thieves. John and Raghav take Ranveer outside and they fall down. Rakesh wakes up and asks who is there in the house. Nikki says there are four thieves in the house.

Dadi switches on the lights. Rakesh is about to attack Suhani, when he sees her face and stops. He comes out of the house and couldn’t see anyone there. He says they have eloped. Kamini asks Suhani what you was doing with the thieves, on the door. Suhani is silent. Rakesh says I understood and scolds her, saying there was a gang of thieves and you went to fight with them, why you didn’t wake us up, or call the Police. He asks her not to do this mistake again. Suhani nods her head. Kamini says we are not safe at home.

Rakesh says I will file the Police complaint in the PS. Dadi asks Suhani to sleep in her room. Suhani thinks how to stop Ranveer’s dramas. John and Raghav bring Ranveer home. Dadu and Mamta get shocked seeing him drunk. Mamta says Ranveer. John says Aunty please. Dadu says he is not in a condition to talk to you. He holds Ranveer. Raghav and John leave. Dadu makes him sleep on the bed.

In the morning, dadu asks Ranveer to wake up? Ranveer says I was asked not to talk. Dadu asks what is your problem, you have hurt your mother’s heart, who supports you a lot. Ranveer says sorry Dadu. Dadu asks him to apologize to Mamta, and says until she forgives you, I am upset with you. Ranveer goes to Mamta. Mamta says this time a wife is upset with you, and says the person whom you have insulted is my husband. Ranveer looks on. Vikrant hears her.

Precap: Ranveer beats Ansh seeing Suhani in his arms. He asks how dare you to touch her. Ansh asks who is she? Ranveer says she is my life, thought of early morning and last prayer of my night. Vikrant and Rhea come there and hear him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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