Sirf Tum 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sudha applying Kajal under Suhani’s ear and hugs her. Dadi says thank god, you returned home safely, else your mother would have brought a flood of tears if you have come late. Sudha asks what is the big decision which you have taken. Suhani says she has taken a decision that she will divorce Ansh, and has also decided to marry Ranveer.

Dadi is happy and whistles with happiness. She dances and says now Ranveer will become real damad of the house. Sudha says last time, Ranveer had not reach mannat. Suhani says last time, he couldn’t reach mannat due to the circumstances, and this time he will sit on the mandap before. She asks them not to tell Papa, until Ansh signs the papers. Sudha says ok.

Dadi says she will have sweets. Suhani says you have diabetes. Dadi insists to eat it and asks Sudha to eat. Suhani tells that Mamta is not happy with this marriage and recalls checking her BP. A fb is shown, Suhani says your BP is 190, I will give you medicines and will call Ranveer. Mamta says if you want me to be fine, then you have the treatment, if you want me to be fine and always happy, then refuse to marry Ranveer. She says I don’t want you to marry Ranveer. Suhani asks did you talk to Ranveer about this. Mamta looks on. Fb ends.

Roshni asks Mamta to talk to Ranveer and says she is sure that he will not take your concern lightly. She says Suhani is right and you shall talk to him at the earliest. Mamta nods her head and comes to the room. Ranveer tells that he is making space for Suhani’s stuff as she has to focus on studies more after marriage. He says he is getting happiness for which he is waiting since long.

Mamta asks didn’t you think to talk to me, before making an announcement. Ranveer says you had given permission for marriage then and asks what is the problem now. Mamta says everything is changed now. Ranveer says I love Suhani more now, and we have come really close. He says you had asked me to tell truth to Suhani so that we get back together.

Mamta recalls and says I had said, but there is a lot of difference between then and now. She says now I have understood that Suhani is not girl for you. He says you had said that when Suhani leaves Ansh, then you will leave Vikrant Oberoi and we will stay in some other place. Mamta says she will not leave Vikrant and tells that Suhani will be called as a divorcee after her divorce.

Ranveer says she will be called as my wife after marriage. Mamta says you couldn’t take a peaceful breath since she came in your life, and asks him to think that their kundalis don’t match and that they are not made for each other. Ranveer says if we are not made for each other then it will be shown. He says even your and Vikrant’s kundali don’t match. Mamta says if you do this marriage then I will not attend it. Dada ji hears them. Mamta goes. Ranveer hits his hand on the almirah.

Suhani says I don’t want to upset Mamta aunty and become their bahu. I don’t want differences to crop up between them. Sudha says even I want Ranveer’s mother to agree for marriage. Dada ji tells Ranveer that Mamta is a good mother and he is her world. He says I know you don’t want to do anything against her wish. Sudha says if this marriage happens without her consent, then neither Mamta nor you will be happy. Ranveer says once Suhani comes here as her bahu, Maa couldn’t resist to love her.

Dada ji asks him not to worry, and says I will guide you. Ranveer checks the time and hugs him, says he is getting late. Dada ji asks which train is missing. Ranveer says Suhani’s college result is going to come today. Suhani is in the college and hopes that her result comes good. Ranveer comes there and makes a sad face, says I had told you to concentrate on exam. Suhani asks if my result came bad. He says I know you couldn’t focus well on exam due to personal problems, and says I didn’t expect you to score good in exam.

Suhani asks what is my rank? Ranveer says you have scored 98 percent and came second rank in the University. Suhani sadly says second rank. He says you came second in this circumstances and that confirms that you will come first. He says if you cry then I will stop talking to you. He asks John and Raghu to call Dhol guys. While dho is played, everyone congrats Suhani. Suhani is sitting on Ranveer’s bike and asks what is this? you are mad. Ranveer says it is my dream to see you becoming a doctor, and this celebration is needed. Suhani says your love and madness, only you can give me. Ranveer smiles and drives off with her.

Riya comes on the way of his bike. Ranveer stops the bike suddenly. Suhani gets down and says if you had gone mad. She then thanks her to arrange ransom money and searched them with Police help. Ranveer thanks her for her help and says they are grateful to her. He asks her to have sweets. Riya asks him to have sweets for their union. Ranveer asks what is this nonsense. Riya says I have saved you, as I loved you even now. She says if destiny don’t want him to meet me, then I couldn’t save him.

Suhani says destiny kept me alive with him, for our union. Riya asks who are you, and says she is tired of hiding her feelings. She says Ranveer is just hers, and she will get him, do whatever you want, I will see who stops me. She says I love you Ranveer, and only you, now and forever. Suhani thanks her for openly confessing her feelings, and says now our relation is clear and I know how to deal with you. She says do whatever you want, he is just mine and I will marry him, you can’t snatch him from me, he is just made for me.

Riya says we will see..and goes. Ranveer says wow, if I am meeting real Suhani today, as I don’t have to say anything today. He asks her not to worry about Riya’s words and says no power of the world can stop our union. Suhani says I am worried about someone else, and says she shall convince about us. He asks whom? She says Mamta Aunty.


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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