Sirf Tum 6th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ranveer stopping Suhani and asks why she has kept her eye sight low, and says you haven’t done anything wrong. He asks her to keep her eye sight high so that if anyone questions you, then you can raise your voice against them. She is about to go. He holds her hand. The college students laugh. Ranveer says you are going to be doctor, but can’t take care of yourself. He asks what was the hurry, you got your finger injured. He stops peon and gets first aid from him. He asks Suhani to sit and cleans his bleeding finger. Suhani cries. He says I will bandaged carefully. Suhani says I will do it myself. Ranveer says I am very serious about handling my responsibility, else what will I reply to your Papa. He asks her to wipe her tears and gives her tissue paper. He asks why is she so sensitive to cry, for a small cut and asks how she will complete her medical studies. Suhani says I will go. She gets up to go and sees her father coming on his bike. Ranveer comes there and asks her to take the kit, to understand human anatomy. She says I don’t want, I will manage. He says you have to see and study and asks her to keep it for studies. Rakesh sees the students and thinks God, keep my Suhani away from such environment. She takes it, seeing Rakesh coming there. She then walks towards him and sees Rakesh talking to a college student. Rakesh asks what is this Suhani? Suhani says I was going to class, when stretcher came infront of me. He says I am asking about this. Suhani says it has project stuff. Rakesh says ok and asks her to come.

Rhea thinks about college students gossiping about Ranveer and Suhani’s love. She then hears two students telling that Ranveer fell for Suhani and love stories start this way. Rhea gets angry and splashes chutney on the guy’s face, asking him not to take Ranveer’s name with their bad tongue. She says girls are mad for him, but he don’t show any interest for them. Ansh comes to Rhea and tells that Ranveer has strong feelings for Suhani. He says I am a guy and can understand his sight. Rhea says you are not like him and says suhani is Ms. Zimmedari for him and he will do this with honesty and will not think about crossing his line. She goes. Ansh says misunderstanding.

Suhani opens the kit and finds miniature skeleton sample and other stuff. Dadi comes there and shouts seeing the skeleton. Sudha comes there and asks what happened? Dadi asks did you want to get patients ready before completing your studies. Suhani says it is for my project. Dadi asks for her favorite hero handkerchief. Sudha says my friend will send it. She asks Suhani to keep such things away from Dadi.

Suhani thinks about the stretcher scene and the students gossiping about her. She cuts her finger while cutting the vegetable. Ranveer asks you have cut your finger again and asks where is your concentration. Suhani looks at Sudha at other side and asks Ranveer what is he doing here? Ranveer says I will help you. Suhani says I don’t need your help and asks him to go. Sudha asks with whom you are talking to? She sees her hand bleeding and asks her to take care, and says you are going to become the doctor. Suhani says even he says the same. Sudha says I will apply bandage and asks Suhani. Suhani says Ranveer takes special care of her. Sudha says he has taken your Papa’s words seriously.

Ansh meets Rocky and says cheers. He says Ms. Zimmedari will separate him from her and laughs. He says the same girl will slap Ranveer tomorrow. Rocky says if she don’t do this. Ansh says middle class girls care for their respect much. He smiles.

Suhani tells Sudha that she will tell Ranveer that Papa took away responsibility from him. Sudha says if he speaks to your Papa. She suggests her to get the solution. Suhani says I am understanding what you are saying. She sees her bag and takes out Ranveer’s handkerchief from it. Ranveer looks at her eyes sketch.

He recalls his words and thinks I don’t like tears in your eyes. He hopes her pain might be less now.

Next morning, Rocky comes to Ansh and says I talked to John and came to know that Ranveer is coming late to college. Ansh says we have to start our plan. Rishi says all the arrangements is done. Suhani thinks to talk to Ranveer and asks him to forget her, she will manage herself. Ansh calls Rishi and says she has come. Rishi and others place the banner of Ranveer and Suhani from the terrace. Rocky asks what is it and draws everyone’s attention there. Suhani stops seeing it and gets shocked. The guy places their (sketcher pic) banners one by one. Suhani thinks what Ranveer is doing. Kiara sees it and thinks to tell Rhea about it. She pushes Suhani. Suhani says sorry. Kiara scolds her. Her friend asks Suhani not to tell Ranveer, and tells Kiara that Suhani is Ranveer’s girl. Suhani thinks of Rakesh’s words and goes away from there. Rhea comes there and looks at the banners. Suhani rushes to the washroom and washes her face. She sees Ranveer-Suhani drawn on the mirror with heart and arrow, and their pics. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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