Sirf Tum 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Vikram coming out behind the lawyer with Mamta and Dada ji. He tells Lawyer that he is ready to give him gold as security and it is more costly than your fees. The lawyer refuses and goes. The protestors throw stone on the family and the stone hits Dada ji. Vikram takes him inside the house. The protestors plea to hang Ranveer.

Rakesh asks Suhani not to go to work today. Dadi says you are safe at home. She says Adi will handle clinic alone. Just then they watch news in which Suhani is giving interview. The reporter tells that they are proud of doctor like Suhani and lowers Ranveer. Ranveer is brought to the court. The reporter asks if he will be jailed or will get death punishment. Police and the officer who trapped him take him to court. Mamta tells that her son needs her and says someone please take me.

Dada ji says I know, your heart will not agree, but Vikram has gone to court, so he will not be alone. Just then Samaira sees Security guard bringing Vikram back home, with an injury on his head. Samaira asks what happened, I will do the first aid. Vikram tells that the public is behaving like wild animals and threw stones on me. He says Police saved me. Mamta feels helpless and says my son needs us, even lawyer is not with us. Dada says have trust on Mata Rani.

Samaira asks her to handle herself. Suhani recalls Ranveer’s words that she found a way to destroy him, and that she is lowering Mamta hospital to lift her hospital. Ishaan comes to Suhani and tells that Oberoi family’s all accounts are blocked, their business and hospital are sealed. He says today is the court hearing of Dr. Ranveer, and it showed in news that no lawyer took up the case as they couldn’t give money. Suhani is shocked and goes.

The Judge asks Ranveer if lawyer haven’t come with him. The prosecution lawyer says why any lawyer will come to defend him, who is accused of desh droh. He asks Judge to send him to 14 days remand so that the Police can find about his networking. Doctor says all these accusations are false, I am a doctor and was just doing my duty. He says I am being trapped in this case. Judge asks if you had known that he was the runaway prisoner. Ranveer says yes, I had known. Judge asks why did you operate on him without informing Police.

Ranveer says if I had not operated then he would have died, as he was shot. The officer says he wants to say something and comes to the witness box. He tells that Ram Singh, Ranveer’s patient was our Prime Witness and when we had gone there, he closed the door on our faces and until we could save him, he made him slipped in coma. Ranveer says he didn’t let me complete the operation and locked me in the room. He says Patient went in coma due to this.

The officer says Dr. Ranveer is related to the terrorist group and is fooling the court. He says we had gone there to shift Ram singh to govt hospital, and says he stopped us so that he can do his murder. He says when he is in coma, he will die one day. Ranveer asks how can he accuse him of terrorism, and says my patient’s life is utmost important to me.

The officer requests court not to give him bail, then it will be difficult for Police to catch such persons. Judge asks officer what proof, he has that he is desh drohi. The officer says they want sometime to get proofs against him. Ranveer defends himself and calls the officer incompetent to accuse him. Judge tells Ranveer that he can tell in his defence with manners. Ranveer says I have told before also, I am not guilty.

Prosecution lawyer says all guilty people say this. He requests Judge not to give him bail. The judge says this court gives 14 days remand to Ranveer and says Police shall submit evidence and proofs. The officer looks at Ranveer. The reporter tells that Dr. Ranveer is sent to 14 days remand and his bail is rejected. He asks if Dr. Ranveer is really connected to terrorist group. Aditya says Ranveer is in this condition, due to his ego.

Ishaan asks if he is really involved with terrorist group. Suhani shouts Ishaan and says however Ranveer is, but he is not part of terrorist group. She says she doesn’t know who is behind this, he is getting trapped, Ranveer’s hard work and Mamta’s home is breaking and there is nobody to help him. Rakesh, Sudha and Dadi ask her not to think about him. Dadi asks her not to ruin her own peace and happiness. Suhani says Ranveer is in this problem because of me, his career is going to end, I will not let anything wrong happen with him. She goes out, though Rakesh and others try to stop her.

Dada ji calls Saroj and asks for help. She ends the call. Vikram says nobody wants to help us, due to the desh droh angle. He says we are not having money to hire a lawyer. Ranveer is taken out of court. The people protest against him. The reporter says he is getting sent to judicial custody for 14 days. Everyone watches news at suhani’s house. Ishaan says Didi is outside court.

Suhani comes there. Ranveer asks why did she come, he asks if she came to see his destruction with her eyes. He asks if she got peace. Suhani says my intention is not this. Ranveer says you wanted to get my hospital closed and license cancelled. He says I will bear anything, but not the accusation of desh droh. Vikram gets furious and says Suhani is the cause of this problem.

Ranveer says I will never forgive you. Suhani says we have misunderstanding, due to our hatred relation, but I know that you are not desh drohi, but a honest doctor. She says I will prove this in court and will support you. She says you are not a traitor, I will prove this. Ranveer looks at her.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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