Sirf Tum 8th April 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Mamta waiting for Suhani and calling her. Suhani wakes up somewhere and sees Ansh sitting in front of her. She says I have to reach college. He says I know, so I have kidnapped you and will leave you as well, I got you here to teach you a lesson. She says Mamta is waiting for me. he says sit silently, I won’t let her entry happen, you will stay here. He locks her and goes. The man says Suhani is missing, we can just wait for 10 mins. Ranveer hopes Suhani is okay. Suhani shouts for help. She sees a window.

Mamta asks Ansh about Suhani. He says she left from home much time before, didn’t she come. She says where did she go. Suhani opens the window. She looks down. She worries. She jumps down. Dean asks Ranveer to say anything in his defense if he wants. Mamta says I wish Suhani comes soon. Suhani is lying unconscious on the road. The man says Ranveer is blamed for kidnapping Suhani, what was the reason. Ranveer says I accept that I kidnapped her in all my senses. Suhani gets up. She is too hurt. She walks. Mamta prays. Ranveer says Suhani got married to Ansh, I didn’t like it, so I kidnapped her. The man says the case is clear, we should tell the decision. Dean says we should wait for Suhani. Ranveer says I think I m done, I m leaving. Dean asks him to sit until decision is declared. Ranveer goes. The man says no one can save him when he doesn’t care for his career. Suhani comes. Ranveer gets shocked seeing her. Ansh comes. Ranveer says you did all this, I won’t leave you alive. Mamta asks Ranveer to leave Ansh. Ansh says I was here, ask aunty. Suhani gets dizzy. Ranveer takes her. He asks her to relax. Riya gets the first aid kit. Ranveer does the aid to Suhani in front of committee members.

Sirf tum…plays… Ranveer asks her to come. She says I won’t go without talking to them, I reached here after much difficulty. He says I don’t care, come. She says for my sake, please. Ansh says Ranveer is so violent, its his old habit to misbehave, so he had kidnapped Suhani, he should be sent to anger management centre. Suhani says no, I have no complain, he is a good person, he proved this many times, some people don’t see and understand this, Ranveer has shown his goodness now, many people here are doctors, but just Ranveer came ahead to help, when he is accused for my kidnapping, I will tell the truth of kidnapping. The man asks her to sit and give her statement. She says I just got married, I was missing imp classes, Ranveer took me along for my betterment, Ranveer and I know each other, I want Ranveer’s rustication orders to get cancelled, I m able to concentrate on my studies because of him, you are surprised that he is interested in getting rusticated, he is doing this to make himself away from me, so that my dreams get fulfilled, he is a good person, does he deserve to get rusticated. Ansh says we can’t tolerate this behavior, Ranveer keeps saying that he doesn’t accept this marriage, I m Suhani’s husband, I have an objection to this. Dean says Ranveer is a bright student, we can’t ignore Ansh’s words. Suhani says Ranveer had saved Ansh’s life, a good doctor is one who see an injured person as patient by forgetting the enmity, get voting done by the entire college, you will know if Ranveer can stay here or not. Dean says fine, election idea is okay. Suhani thanks them. She faints. Ranveer holds her. He takes her. nurse says doctors aren’t free. He says fine, I will treat her.

He treats Suhani. She gets conscious and sees him. She says you appear tough, you are scared to inject me. He says I can’t look into your eyes, turn that side. She says no, just give the injection. He asks how did you get hurt. She says I got hurt while coming in a rush. Nurse says a person who loves someone can’t give pain. She injects Suhani and goes. Mamta comes and thanks her. She asks Suhani not to take stress. Suhani says Ranveer treated me, I m fit and fine, we have to win elections also. He says impossible, we can’t win. Suhani says we will win the elections under all the circumstances.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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