Sirf Tum 8th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with the seniors dancing in the fresher’s party. John asks Ranveer not to take tension and says Ms. Zimmedari will come. Ranveer says I am in tension thinking what has happened yesterday. Raghav says it is strange that nobody is telling us what the scene was? Rhea brings Suhani there. Suhani sees Ranveer there and tells Rhea that she can’t stay here after whatever happened yesterday. Rhea says this party is like ice break between Seniors and juniors and gives her promise, not to leave. Ranveer sees Suhani and comes to her. Suhani recalls seeing the posters and goes away from there. Rhea asks Ranveer why are you behind her, and says Suhani don’t want to talk to you after yesterday’s incident. Ranveer asks what happened yesterday and asks her to answer.

Ansh, Rocky and Rishi look at Suhani. Rishi says if the misunderstandings get cleared. Ansh says I am the champion of mind games, and says Suhani will not talk to him and will hate his name too. He takes off the drugs. Ranveer asks Rhea what has happened yesterday. Her friend comes and takes Rhea from there. Ansh tells that Suhani will be inebriated and will not stop herself from creating the scene and then who will be blamed? Ranveer. Rishi says Suhani will give her performance today. Ranveer is watching Suhani as she walks. The party is going on. Ranveer comes to Suhani and asks her for the reason. He says Rhea said that something happened yesterday and asks if someone told you anything. She says nobody told me anything and says I don’t want you to take up my responsibility. He holds her hand. She asks him to leave her hand. He says you are having fever and asks the girls to get up, so that Suhani can sit. They get up. Suhani sits on the chair. Ranveer asks John to bring medicine. John brings medicine. Suhani asks will you agree to me, if you agree. Ranveer asks waiter to give warm water. Waiter gives. Suhani takes the medicine. Ranveer asks what happened yesterday and promises not to trouble her. Rishi distracts the waiter and adds the liquid in the food item. He then asks waiter to take it for Suhani. Waiter is taking it to Suhani. Ranveer asks Suhani to tell if someone has troubled her. Waiter asks her to take the food. Ranveer shouts and says we are talking. Suhani takes it and says we are not talking. Ranveer says let me check if anything is added in it. She says let me eat, I am not your responsibility. She eats it. Ansh, Rocky and Rishi smiles. Ranveer looks at Suhani as she finishes all the plate. Ansh says wait and watch.

Rhea goes to stage and says we are bringing an amazing performance and you all can join us. Suhani gets inebriated. Rhea dances on the stage with others. Suhani tries to look at her and feels sleepy. After the dance performance, the senior asks the freshers to introduce themselves. The freshers give the intro. Ansh goes to the stage and says next intro will be of most talked about fresher. Ranveer is shocked as Suhani behaves strangely. Ansh announces Suhani’s name. Suhani goes to the stage, although Ranveer tries to stop her. She is about to fall on Ansh. Ansh moves away from there. Suhani holds the mic and asks if they can hear her. She says hi everyone. She says my name is Suhani Sharma. Ansh silently keeps the mobile camera on, to record the video. Ranveer says Suhani. Suhani asks him to be there and asks him to stop. She says I don’t want to be anyone’s responsibility, shall I get this pasted on the notice board.

She says she is tired of all this. She says I don’t want to be anyone’s responsibility as I am Suhani Sharma, daughter of Mr. Rakesh Sharma. She says my Papa is afraid and kept me save from the world’s sight. She says he is very protective and keeps me near his eye sight. She says he refused me to do anything and never let me do anything of my choice. She says shall I tell you a secret, and says I see dream every night, to be the doctor of this city. She says she has worked hard and studied secretly, but then Papa refused to let her study. She says Maa says that whose determination is strong, God fulfills their dreams.

She says she came here, but everything went upside down and Papa gave my responsibility to this crazy, mad and licentious. She says he had beaten someone so hard, that the guy was hospitalized. She says he brought horse when I was getting late for exam. Ranveer asks her to get down the stage. Suhani says I am not answerable to you, as I am not your responsibility. She says I am scared of you, and my voice don’t come infront of you. She says I don’t want to see your face and says where shall I go? Rhea goes to stage and asks Suhani to handle herself. Ranveer says intro is done, come down. Suhani says I don’t want to hear you.


Update Credit to: H Hasan

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