Sirf Tum 9th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Aditi tells Sandhya that others have hurt Simar, but you have sprinkled salt on her wounds. She says your words can’t justify your act and goes to talk to Aarav. She comes to his room and sees him sleeping. Badi Maa is sitting on the chair in his room and says he is sleeping, let him rest. Aditi goes and calls Gagan. Gagan picks the call. Aditi asks him to hear her carefully. Gagan asks until when everyone will break my sister. Aditi says make her understand that she don’t need to go through this torture, and don’t select the girl. Gagan says I will do, whatever I can and thanks her for informing him. Indu comes to Gagan and asks him to leave Simar alone. Gagan says Simar needs me. Indu says she shall gather her courage and become strong so that nobody breaks her again. Gagan says ok. Simar looks at the girls’ pics and cries. She recalls and a fb is shown. Simar thanks him for supporting her ambition. She tells that she feels that she has special connection with music, and says just like his name. She asks what is your name meaning? He asks her to say. She says Aarav means sound/bhavron ki gunjan. He says God makes everyone’s jodis. She says what you need in your life partner. He says I want a girl who thinks about herself, control everyone, doesn’t care about anyone, shall have many friends and shall not think what elders think with what she wears. He says if we separate all these girls then one girl is remaining, which is different. Simar asks whom? Aarav holds her hand and says who is beautiful as her heart, and says Simar. He says this is the meaning of your name. fb ends. Simar says Aarav ji. Aarav wakes up and says Simar. He looks on at his room. Simar also looks on and recalls their marriage. Aarav and Simar reminisces each other and gets sad.

Ranveer asks Rhea to handle her best friend. Rhea makes her lie down on the bed. Ranveer says the medicine effect will be gone in sometime. Suhani says your effect is not going and tells that you got our posters all in the college. Rhea asks what are you saying? Ranveer recalls about Suhani red marking on his hand and Rhea’s words. He asks Rhea about poster matter and asks why is she saying this? Rhea says she is saying anything in this condition. Ranveer asks Rhea to tell. Rhea says don’t know who got Suhani and your posters hanged in the college everywhere. She tells everything. Ranveer hears her angrily and says nobody told me about whatever happened. He holds his friends’ collar and asks why didn’t you tell me? John says we swear that we don’t know anything. Ranveer says she is my responsibility, I shall know. He swears that whoever has done this, will have plaster on his body. John, Raghav and Rhea stop him and asks him to control his anger. Raghav says we will reply to that person in his language, but right now calm down. Ranveer asks Rhea to move from his way. Rhea says how can you leave Suhani in this condition, first let her get well, and then leave. Ranveer stops and is still angry.

Ansh’s friends are watching the video. Ansh says I haven’t made it for your entertainment. He says make it reach Suhani’s home. Rocky asks Rishi to send to Suhani’s cousin. Rishi says Suhani’s cousin has done friendship with him. He sends her the pic and then calls her. She checks the video and drops the facepack something on her hair.

Suhani gains consciousness and opens her eyes. She comes out of the inebriated state and asks Rhea what happened? Rhea asks her to drink lemon water. She makes her drink. Suhani asks did I do something wrong. Rhea asks her to calm down and says you was not in your senses. She asks what did you eat, that you lost your senses. Suhani recalls eating the tablet given by Ranveer. She asks Ranveer, why did you do this with me? She says you have made fun of me and made me inebriated rather than giving fever medicine. He says how can you think that I will do such a cheap thing. Rhea says Ranveer got you down the stage and brought you here, and taking care of you. Rhea’s friend comes there and tells that Suhani’s video is viral and says don’t know who has seen? She shows the video to them. Suhani is shocked in which she is complaining about her Papa. She cries.

Nikki and her mother Kamini are going in the auto. Kamini says you didn’t let me get ready. Nikki says Suhani’s impression will be down and shows the video. Kamini asks her to send her fast. Nikki says Suhani’s reputation will be gone in the family.

Suhani says how will I face Papa now? Ranveer says whoever has done this, shall be infront of me and I swear that moment will be his last moment of his life. Suhani hugs Rheaa. Ranveer goes from there. Sudha calls Suhani and says your Bua came and telling that she wants to show some special video. Suhani gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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