Sirf Tum 9th March 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Suhani urging Ranveer to leave Ansh for her. Ranveer leaves Ansh. Ansh comes out of the water. Suhani asks what do you think that everything will get fine if I sign on the papers. She says marriage is a relation between two people and two families.

She says my Papa is everything for me, and says you said that we can rectify the mistake. She says I rectified your mistake in mandap, else Papa could die. She says this relation is my Papa’s life and respect, and asks him to leave them and let them go from there. She tears the divorce papers. Ansh looks on. Suhani throws the torn papers over her head and walks away from there, holding Ansh’s hands. Sirf tum plays….

Suhani and Ansh are in the cafeteria. Ansh says I will not leave Ranveer and will complain against him. Ranveer says complain is done by alive person and after death, they are hanged as pic on the wall. He tells Suhani that he can’t take anyone’s life, but can kill the betrayal person coming between them. Ansh gets up and runs. Ranveer throws glass bottle on him.

Ansh continues to run while Ranveer and Suhani running behind him. He comes to the terrace and takes the stick to hit Ranveer. He hits Ranveer and the stick breaks. Ansh looks at the broken stick. Ranveer hits him and lifts Ansh on his shoulder. He then throws him down from the terrace. Suhani shouts Ansh. It turns out to be Rakesh’s dream.

Rakesh tells Sudha and Dadi that Ranveer will kill Ansh. Dadi says it is your bad dream. Sudha says Mata Rani will not let anything bad happen with us. Rakesh calls Ansh. Ansh tells Suhani that it is sasur ji’s call and asks what to tell, your lover is behind your husband. He picks the call. Rakesh asks if you are fine and asks where is Suhani? Ansh says I am fine and Suhani is with me. Rakesh asks him to be careful from Ranveer and tells that he will hurt you both, for his defeat at the mandap.

Rakesh assures that he will take care of his wife. He asks Suhani not to talk to Ranveer from today onwards and asks her to attend the class.

Suhani goes to the class. Her friends ask why did she marry Ansh? Suhani says I have to complete my assignment. Ansh comes to the class and tells that he came to invite them for the party. Suhani says I have to go to professor Awasti to submit my assignment. She goes from there. Ranveer comes infront of Suhani and asks her to show her project once. Suhani goes from there.


Ranveer says this project is important for you, let me check it once. Suhani goes to professor and shows the assignment. Professor checks and says this project is on heart, and says it seems you didn’t get the time to complete the project. He asks her to complete the assignment and gives her time till 5 pm, else he can’t accept it. Suhani says I will submit it before 5 pm. She thinks how will I complete it, it needs more detailing.

Ranveer says lets go to library and complete it, I will help you. Ansh comes there and asks what is happening here? He says I asked you to stay away from Ranveer and says if you talk to him again then? Ranveer says did you forget what happened in the morning?

Ansh says everything will be settled, and says I am talking to my wife and asks him not to interfere. Suhani asks Ranveer to leave them. Ansh invites him to the party. Ranveer walks away. Ansh asks him to come on time, this time.

Ansh is sitting on chair while Suhani is standing wearing tiara and a sash, and everyone is dancing on the music. Professor Awasti comes there and tells Suhani that he will not let her write her exam if she don’t submit the project. He scolds Ansh for the drama and goes.

Ansh asks the friends to start the music. Suhani feels sad. Rhea searches Ranveer and comes to John and Raghu. They tell that they don’t know where is Ranveer? Ranveer is sitting on the terrace railing and writing assignment for Suhani. Suhani tells that she needs to go.

Ansh says this party is thrown by us, and if we leave then they will feel insulted. He asks her to dance with him and asks about her choice of song. Suhani says I have to complete my project. Ansh says this is our marriage party, I will talk to the professor. He says I will change the song if you don’t like. He holds her closer. Ansh says it seems you don’t like to dance with me and says I will call Ranveer, he will come running to dance with you. Suhani stops Ansh and dances with him with tears in her eyes.

Ranveer is writing the assignment. Rishi asks where is Ranveer? Ansh says he has to come to the party, this is arranged for him. Ranveer checks the time and thinks Suhani has to submit the assignment in 15 mins. He comes to the party to give the assignment. Suhani looks at him. Rakesh calls Ansh again. Ansh takes the call and goes from there. Rakesh asks if you are fine, and asks if Ranveer has done any drama. Rhea looks at Ranveer holding Suhani’s hand and taking her away from there.

Suhani asks Ranveer to leave her hand and says I am asking you. Ranveer removes her sash and tiara and throws them on the floor. He gives her assignment and says I have completed it. He says just 2 mins are left, submit it. Suhani says I don’t want to submit any assignment. Ranveer says if you don’t submit it, then your marks will not be added in finals. He says you have come here to become the best doctor.

Suhani asks him to leave her. Ranveer says submit this assignment and I will leave you. Ansh comes there and throws the assignment on the floor. He says I asked you not to meet him, but you don’t understand. He says you came to meet him, leaving our party and says I will lock all the chances of meeting him, either he will stay here in this college or you.

Precap: Ansh asks Ranveer to see Suhani for the last time and tells that she will never return to the college or its boundary wall. He says no power of the world can bring her here. Ranveer asks her to get ready to shed the tears and tells that he will not let Suhani bend down in front of his stubbornness. He says Suhani has come here to become this city’s best doctor and no power of the world can stop her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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