Sirf Tum : Ranveer’s Daring Act Leaves Suhani Stunned !

Sirf Tum the Colors show produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions has seen Ranveer (Vivian Dsena) being madly in love with Suhaani (Eisha Singh). We earlier wrote about an instance wherein Ranveer comes to Suhaani’s house by climbing up through a ladder and entering into the house balcony to meet Suhaani.

Suhaani who is worried about Ranveer’s interference in her life which is very strictly monitored by her father will decide to tell Ranveer not to come to her house or come in between her dream of studying well.

However, at college, Suhaani will be taken aback by seeing a daring step used by Ranveer to prove a point of love. Suhaani will be perturbed when a boy in college will threaten to commit suicide by jumping from the top of the college building if the girl he loves does not accept his love. Suhaani will learn that the girl does not love him, and will try to tell the boy about it.

However, Ranveer will intervene, find out about what the girl wants, and will ask the guy to jump off as he has proclaimed to do so. Ranveer will also take the daring step of jumping from the top of the building along with the other guy.


Will Suhaani feel threatened about Ranveer? Or will she like his goodness?

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