Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 13th March 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Veer comes to the house. Someone shoots him. Veer takes out. Anand shoots him again. Veer says wow. Anand says so this is your answer. Anand says you took my life. Veer says you’re welcome. Sarah took your life. He says you took Sarah’s. I have some questions for you. Veer says so we’re playing a quiz? He says I was gonna kill Armaan and then Sarah bit me. When I opened my eyes I was buried. Veer says it wasn’t a full moon that night. Someone else made you a wolf. Who was that? Anand says how would I do that? He says how can I get into Malini’s house? Veer laughs and says that’s all you care about? He says I am getting furious. I like killing people. Why is all this happening? Veer says we welcome you to the club. He says there are so many bodies here. Veer says I like you.

Eisha asks Laksh how you are. He says I am good. Did you break up with Armaan? Eisha says yes. Armaan hears it. Cherry looks at them. Eisha asks what’s up with you and Cherry? He says we’re just friends. Anand says why I have gotten more emotional. I keep thinking about my ex-girlfriend. Veer says when you become a wolf your emotions increase. You have to learn to control it. Anand says tell me how can I get in. Or I will kill you. Veer says first tell me who made you a wolf. Anand shoots him. Eisha asks Armaan what are you doing? He says I wanted to be a doctor but I couldn’t be. Eisha says because of blood? Couldn’t you find any other profession either? Armaan says I have to leave places. People find out I don’t get old. What are your plans? She says you’re not it. Armana says it’s not like I don’t want that. Eisha says I don’t get how it’s better for me. If you wanna leave me, you can. Malini comes there and says Anand is following me everywhere. Armaan says what? Armaan comes to Anand. He says Malini is hiding from me. Malini says protecting myself. Armaan asks them to leave. He asks Anand why are you here? Anand says tell me why can’t I get into Malini’s house? Nan made a sham tulsi circle for them Armaan recalls. Armaan says you can’t get into that house.

Malini says to Eisha there was something weird about Anand. Eisha says you will never talk to him again. Sameer comes there. Veer calls Armaan. Veer tells him Anand is a wolf. Armaan says he’s in college. Veer says I am coming there. Eisha comes to Armaan and asks what’s happening.

Scene 2
Charry shows her mom she wants to be a broadcast journalist. Her mom says you have never even read newspaper. Cherry leaves in anger. Anand comes there. Maya is shocked. She says you? He says you will kill me a second time? She says we had no choice. He says I died for this city and you’re saying this. You threw me like trash. I was on your team. Maya says not anymore. He says to be careful. Cherry looks for Mehak. Anand says do you need a lift? I can drop you off. Cherry goes with them. She says I am very interested in journalism. Can I ask you a few questions? He says yes sure. He hits her head on the window. She faints. Laksh sees them in the car. Eisha asks Laksh if she saw Anand. He says he’s dropping Cherry home. Armana runs. Anand calls Maya and says I am ready to guide your daughter. She will become a wolf like me. Veer and Armaan stop him. They hit Anand. Armaan takes out Cherry. Veer shoots Anand and says tell me who made you a wolf or I will keep shooting. Anand says whose side are you on? Veer says on my side. Anand says you think only you want to know the way to the cave that Yogini’s have hidden your important things in? Veer hits him and says tell me what you know. Maya comes there. Veer makes Anand run.. Maya asks where is Cherry? Veer says Armaan took her home. Cherry is fine. The wolf was very powerful so he ran.

Armaan tells Eisha Veer is gonna kill Anand. Cherry is home safe. Eisha says that’s all so weird. Vihaan asks Mahir has your da always been so weird? What was he trying to do? Mahir hits him and says go from here. I don’t know what my problem is. Don’t have sympathy for me. Vihaan leaves.

Scene 3
Armaan drops Eisha home. She says I am sorry that I asked you to leave. I am sorry. He says it’s your eight and you weren’t wrong. Eisha says I want my future with you. I want to be a writer. My mom also encouraged me to write. Then she left me forever. I don’t think I will be able to write anymore. If you leave too now I will lose all my passions. You gave me the strength to face my problems. He says those problems were different. This is dangerous. He gets out of the car. Eisha says you can’t decide it on your own. My happiness is with you. Please don’t leave me. I really love you. Armaan kisses her forehead and hugs her. He picks her up and takes her home. Armaan and Eisha hug each other. They come close.

Anand comes outside Malin’s house. Sameer says what are you doing here? Anand says why are you here? You have no place here. Sameer says to stay away from Malini. Anand says wow so you will fight with me? Sameer says no I am not a violent person. Animals are made for it. Anand says you have no idea who you’re talking to. Sameer takes out the dagger and stabs Anand. He dies. Mahir asks Laskh if he can drop him home. Laskh says sure. He says I am really attracted to Cherry. I will confess to her sometime soon. Maya caresses Cherry’s face. She gets the news of Anand’s death.

Armaan shows his bedroom to Eisha. She says it’s so nice. He says it’s been like this for years. It hasn’t changed in years. He says let me get something for you. Eisha looks around. she finds a diary. Eisha sees Kaviya’s photo. She is shocked that Kaviya looks like her. Maya calls Veer and says thank you. How did you do it? He says what? She says we found Anand’s body in the shed. He kept all bodies there. Veer is shocked. Armaan comes to the room. Eisha isn’t there. He sees Kaviya’s photo. Eisha is on her way home. Armaan calls her. He says listen it’s a misunderstanding. She cuts the call. Someone comes in front of Eisha’s car She hits him.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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