Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 27th February 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Veer comes to Eisha and Mehak. Eisha says you can never change. Mehak says what are you trying to do? He says relax. Armaan comes there. He takes Vee to a side and says don’t bring them into this. Don’t even dare to harm Eisha. Veer says I don’t think you can threaten me being the weaker one. He says I am weak but not an idiot. I am the one who kept Kaviya away from you. Only I can tell you where Kaviya is. If you dare to harm Eisha, you will lose Kaviya forever. You know what can I do. Veer says okay fair. He leaves. Armaan says I am sorry Eisha. She says I’ll go with him with Mehak. Mehak says what is going on here? Eisha says I will answer all your questions but I need to figure out a few things myself.

Scene 2
Eisha thinks about Armaan. She says I love him but there’s my family and friends on another side who I don’t wanna be into trouble with. I don’t know what to do. I can’t leave Armaan and I can’t harm my family either. I will have to talk to Armaan. Armaan says I want to keep you safe from Kaviya Eisha. Armaan opens a door. He sees flashbacks of the past. He was riding a cart. Kaviya came out of it. He opens the door. Eisha is there. Armaan says I am sorry Eisha. Eisha says I don’t care about anything but your brother harmed my friend. I can’t risk their lives. I thought you were well but I can’t see my friends and family in trouble. Armaan says say what’s in your heart. She says we shouldn’t meet again. He says give me one more day I will answer everything. Eisha says there’s nothing left to fix. She goes home.

Eisha tries to sleep. She thinks about Armaan. Sarah comes to Veer. He says wow you’re not even dead yet. He bites her again.

Scene 3
Eisha wakes up. She meets Armaan and says you have to answer my questions. He says Veer kidnapped you and Mehak. I am sorry for that. The truth can be dangerous for anyone to know. The cave that he took you to is where I kept Kaviya. She asks why nothing happened to him at the eclipse. He says Veer removed the memories. She says you don’t attack humans. How do you stay alive? He says I hunt animals. That has made me weak. Eisha says what about Cherry? He says Veer won’t kill Cherry. Eisha asks are there more wolves? He says not in this city. Veer says promise me you won’t tell anyone anything. She says I can’t promise anything right now.

Veer says where are you Armaan? I have a surprise for you. There’s Sarah there. Her throat is bleeding. Veer says you ruined my couch. Are you deaf? He gives her his blood. Sarah opens their eyes. Armaan and Eisha come to their old house. He says we used to live here in the last century. He sees a flashback. Veer and Armaan were playing football. Kaviya said can I play with both of you? Veer says you can get injured. She said we will see. They ran after her. Eisha says you both fell in love with the same girl.

Armaan says she wasn’t a normal girl. Veer looked at Kaviya and said what a pretty view. Kaviya said you both can keep me company here. She said who would come to the founders’ day ball with me? They both said I would love to. Eisha said you both are so good. It’s difficult to choose one of you. Veer laughed. Armaan says she chose me and I took her to the ball. I got what I wanted. I didn’t care about Veer’s feelings. I only wanted Kaviya.

Sarah asks Veer what am I going here? He says I was in the jungle. You didn’t invite me to your birthday party. I killed your friends but you survived and I got you some fresh blood. You are not a part of my party. He dances with her. Armaan says I didn’t know Kaviya was playing both of us. After the ball that night she was with Veer. She was not loyal to any of us and Veer never got that. Veer saw Armaan being close to Kaviya. He said I will always be with you. Veer left in anger.

Kaviya was a wolf. She bit Armaan. The next morning Armaan woke up. His neck bleeds. He was confused. He said you. your face. She says but you still love me right? She controlled his mind to not tell anyone. Kaviya said I’ve so much planned for you and Veer and myself. Armaan says she didn’t want to choose any of us. She wanted to live with both of us. Her game ended but our brotherhood turned into hate.

Scene 4
Mahesh says to Maya we tried before but we couldn’t catch them last time too. This tool doesn’t work. A guy comes and says this tool works. there was more than one wolf. Maya says I am glad Anand you came back. There are wolves in the city and we need your help. He says don’t worry. I’ve fixed it and we can find them now.

Sarah dances with Veer and says I was loyal to all my boyfriends but I was a time pass for them. Vihaan is different. He loves me no matter what. He says Eisha’s brother? She says yes. Eisha and Laksh were together so Vihaan used to come with her. Do you have any gf? He says been there done that. Veer looks at Kaviya’s photo. He says our life is so boring. Sarah says yes.

Laksh was the golden guy of the house. He’s perfect at everything. He says you’re something new. He kills her by breaking her neck. A while later she wakes up. Sarah says what’s happening here? Veer says you’re dead. You are alive again. You wanna drink human blood. Right? You have anger in you. She says no. Are you drunk? He says you will crave human blood. He says are you agitated? Don’t do anything rash. You can go to Vihaan. He can control you. Sarah leaves.

Mahesh and Anand look for wolves. He says we have to attack them with this dagger and kill them. Sarah comes to Vihaan. She hugs Vihaan and is about to bite him. Vihaan says is everything okay? She says I am hungry. He says are you drunk? She eats the pizza. Vihaan says why are you eating like that?

Eisha asks Armaan Kaviya controlled your mind? He says yes this bracelet protects you from letting any wolf control your mind. Wear it. I want to protect you from myself as well.

Episode ends


Update Credit to: Atiba

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