Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 2nd June 2023 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Mehak asks Eisha has she started liking Veer? Mehak says are you crazy? All these problems are in your life because of them. Eisha says I am an angira. I had these problems alreayd. Mehak says are you in love with Veer? Eisha says I don’t know. But i am just alone. When I am with Veer I feel less lonely. Veer hears this. Eisha says we’ve to focus on work for now. Vihaan comes there.
Veer gets up. He thanks Eisha for getting him out of his guilt.

Scene 2
Sikandder says we’ve Eisha’s blood. This tantrik will find Eisha’s location with her blood. Veer lays down. Mehak starts her spell. His soul goes into a jungle. Veer asks is there anyone here? He looks around. Vikram comes and says this is life. Veer sees his dad. He’s shocked. Vikram says life has no start or end. Veer says baba.. His voice shakes. He says baba please forgive me. You loved me so much. You always trusted me and I.. please forgive me. I live in guilt for a 100 years. i’ve cried every day. I have ruined many lives. VIkram says life, happiness, anger, it’s all related to humans. When soul leaves it all goes. Veer says did you forgive me? Vikram says yes. it was my time to die. And I was my fate. I’ve seen you and your brotherr for last 100 years. Hate has burned you all. You should only love Armaan. He’s your only fammily there. Why are you running from love? Veer asys she didn’t ddeserve to be loved. Vikram says I am not talking about Kaviya. Ask what yyou wanna ask.

Veer gets up. He looks at his dad’s photo. Eisha asks are you okay? He says yes. Veer says thank you Eisha for convince me. I was living in guilt for 100 years. You changed the meaning of my life. Thank you. He hugs her. Vihaan asks what did your dad say? Veer recalls his dad said they need to do a spell as well. He would need Parasmani, blood on an angira and someone she loves. Mehak says Vikram has parasmani. We need help. We’ve to as Cherry.

Scene 3
Maya asks Cherry about the deaths in college. Cherry says it’s not me. Maya asks what happeend there? She says there is too much going on. Sikander did all that. He’s a rajwanshi wolf. He’s very powerful. Cherry says I hope Veer and Mehak defeat him. Maya asks her for help. Veer says we also need blood of someone Eisha loves. Vihaan says Armaan? He’s also with Sikander. Eisha feels pain. Veer asks what happened? The tantrik tries to find Eisha’s location. Sikander says I want you to give my message to Eisha. Veer takes Eisha to bed. She doesn’t feel well. Veer gives her soup. Veer wonders what’s happening. Eisha falls asleep holds veer’s hand. Veer hugs her. Veer says I won’t let naything happen.

Episode ends


Update Credit to: Atiba

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