Teri Meri Doriyaan 10th June 2024 : Akeer Decides to Meet Sahiba !

Angad tells antiterrorism squad that he didn’t make any online or credit card transactions. Officer says it means his family member did and orders his team to shift Brar family to headquarters for investigation and seal the house. Bebe tells officer that her family is mourning a family member’s death, he should spare them for some time. Officer says plutonium is bought, it’s a serious issue and he needs to investigate at any cost. Keerat brings Angad’s mobile and wallet. Angad notices a purchase from his mobile and his credit card missing. Manveer asks if someone stole his credit card and misused it.

Akeer walks to them with Simran and says he used Angad’s credit card to buy plutonium. Angad asks reason. Akeer says for his science project. Hansraj asks if Akeer is preparing bomb. Officer insists Akeer to tell the reason. Simran tells them how she taught Akeer to use laptop. Akeer says he saw in his school video that a scientist used plutonium to make a time machine; he wants to make a time machine and return back in the past for stopping his mamma from going to god’s house, then he and his mamma will happily return to Panesar. Officer says he had come here for investigation, but seeing a child’s love for his mother, he is feeling pity. He leaves with his team.

Angad asks Akeer to come to him. Akeer says if he wants him to apologise for using his card and buying plutonium, he will not do that. Angad says he wants to hug him. Akeer says Angad is neither his enemy nor his friend from hereon, he will call him by his name like mamma used to call him; his mamma used to call everyone with respect except Angad. Keerat says his mamma used to call Angad by name because she use to love Angad. Akeer says he hates Angad and will call him by his full name Angad Singh Brar. Angad recalls calling his father by his name. Jasleen says parent’s biggest sorrow is when their children don’t accept them. Manveer says this is not good. Angad says it’s just like reliving his past and hopes that just like he accepted his papa, Akeer accepts him soon.

Precap: Angad sees Sahiba’s doppelganger singing a song and walks to her. Doppelganger sings that she has changed her identity and when god wants to save her, how can death take her away. Agnad calls her Sahiba. She asks who?

Update Credit to: MA

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