Teri Meri Doriyaann 12th June 2024 : Akeer’s Condition!

The episode begins with Gurnoor informing the other competitors that she is offering them an opportunity to perform a good deed by leaving the job to her. She requests all of them to step aside and let her take the job. The competitors, however, do not agree. The attendant calls for Gurnoor Kaur, informing her that she is needed in the office. Gurnoor Kaur complies.

The teacher informs Angad that the principal wishes to see him. Angad and Akeer proceed to the principal’s office. The principal questions Angad about his intentions to remove Akeer from the school. Angad denies any such intentions. The principal presents an email she received from Angad’s account, requesting a Transfer Certificate (TC) for Akeer. Angad questions Akeer about his actions. Akeer expresses his disinterest in continuing his studies at the school, stating his ambition to build a Time Machine and his belief that no one at the school can assist him in this endeavor. He then exits the room.

The teacher pursues Akeer. Meanwhile, Gurnoor is interviewed for the position of a music teacher. She expresses to the teachers that music is magical to her. The teachers challenge Gurnoor to demonstrate her suitability for the job. Gurnoor overhears Akeer expressing his desire to build a Time Machine and his unwillingness to remain at the school. Gurnoor approaches Akeer and invites him to accompany her.

Gurnoor introduces Akeer to the teachers, declaring her intention to prove the magical nature of music. She invites Akeer to sing with her and begins to sing a song. The teachers request her to wait. Akeer drags Gurnoor to the principal’s office, stating that he will continue his studies at the school if Gurnoor is appointed as a teacher. Angad is taken aback upon seeing Gurnoor, who bears a striking resemblance to Sahiba. He exits the room.

The principal consults with the teachers who interviewed Gurnoor to gather their opinions.

Angad is left pondering over Gurnoor’s uncanny resemblance to Sahiba.

After considering the teachers’ opinions, the principal informs Gurnoor that she has been selected for the job. Gurnoor expresses her gratitude to the principal.

Precap: Akeer gives Gurnoor a tour of his school. Angad attempts to converse with Akeer, but Akeer ignores him. Gurnoor intervenes, stopping Akeer and engaging in a conversation with Angad.

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