Teri Meri Doriyaann 21st May : Diljeet Humiliates Angad !

The episode starts with Diljeet telling Angad and Sahiba that it seems like Akir is asleep and he can’t wake Akir up for them to meet him. Sahiba questions Diljeet, asking if Akir doesn’t think about her, why is Akir hugging the puppet that he gave her. Diljeet explains to Sahiba that it’s Akir’s habit to hug a toy while sleeping. Sahiba notices Akir waking up. Diljeet quickly pulls Angad and Sahiba aside. Diljeet urges Angad and Sahiba to leave. Angad insists he will take Akir and leave with him. Diljeet warns Angad and Sahiba that he will call the police if they don’t leave immediately. Despite this, Angad still decides to take Akir away. Sahiba stops Angad, reasoning that if Diljeet really sends Angad to jail, they will not be able to get Akir. Sahiba then takes Angad away from there.

Angad speaks to his family, telling them that he will drop Sahiba off and takes Sahiba away from there.

In the car, Sahiba tells Angad that she knows it’s not easy for him to handle Diljeet’s humiliation. Angad says he is not angry that Diljeet insulted him. Angad reflects on how Diljeet mistreated Sahiba and how he was unable to do anything.

The Brar family discusses Diljeet’s humiliation of Angad. Garry tries to call Angad, but he doesn’t answer the call.

Angad is shown drinking liquor in a low-end bar. Two drunken guys join him and recognize Angad. They ask Angad what he’s doing there. Angad confesses that he tarnished their family reputation by bowing his head in front of a scum. He also admits that he wasn’t able to do anything for his son. Angad says he lost. The drunken guy invites Angad to share his pain with them.

Manveer is worried about Angad as he hasn’t returned home yet. Garry calls Sahiba and asks if she knows about Angad. Sahiba says she doesn’t know. Upon learning that Angad hasn’t returned home yet, Sahiba goes to look for him.

Angad, agitated, lashes out at the drunken guys as he thinks about Diljeet. The drunken guys ask Angad to calm down and tell them about his problem.

Precap:- In the news, it is reported that Sahiba was shot dead right outside the court. The reporter says the police arrested Sahiba on some case and she was shot and murdered when the police were taking Sahiba to court. The reporter asks the audience to watch for who is the shooter. The reporter learns about Angad Singh Brar and cuts the video.

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