Udaariyaan 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with the goon shooting at Fateh. The other goon gets shot and falls down. Fateh snatches the gun and beats the goon. The people catch the goons. Police comes. The man says they came here to rob. The police catches the goons. Inspector says thanks for calling us on time. The man says thank Fateh, he saved our lives. Inspector says thanks. Fateh gives the gun to him. The man says thanks, you are really brave. Riya looks for her dad. She asks Tejo where is dad, tell me. Angad asks did you tell Riya that her dad has come, do you think I m her dad. Riya says you all are liars, I don’t want to talk. Angad says Papa will never come, I will always be with you, sorry, stop crying. Riya says leave me, I just want my dad. He says poppins loves you. She pushes him and goes. Tejo runs after Riya. Angad says let it be, you already spoiled a lot, I asked you not to get involved, I had made her stable after many months, why did you fake promise her. She says sorry, I thought she is your daughter, I was thinking where is your wife or ex wife. He says I m not married, I would have told you, I had fake engagement with you, you should know. She asks how shall I believe, you didn’t tell me anything. He says I don’t want to say.

She says I don’t want to know it, I have to handle Riya. She goes. He says I can’t tell you anything. The man thanks Fateh for saving their lives. He says you are an angel. Fateh says no, I couldn’t even become a human, I was just doing my duty. The man says everyone is just running, who does duty these days. Fateh says I m also running. The man asks from whom. Fateh says from myself and my fate. The man says what if I say that your fate got you here, how can I let you go, tell me how can I help you. Fateh says get me some work and a shelter. The man says think its done, wait here, I will come, we won’t get a trustworthy man like you. He goes. Fateh says I break trust. He recalls Tejo. He says she should have got the most love and trust, I broke her trust, I m glad she is getting that love from Angad. Angad says yes, Tejo will be with me, we will come tomorrow to Gurdaspur. Tejo comes to Angad and looks at him. She goes out.

The man says you got a job, you will stay here, there is much crowd here, you will earn a lot here. Fateh hugs him and says thanks for the help. The man says this is yours, who are we to give you, good deeds don’t go waste. Fateh prays for Tejo. Tejo packs her bags. Angad comes and asks are you going somewhere. She says yes, I don’t trust you. He says you are my responsibility. She says yes, I trusted you, everyone trusted you, so Rupy permitted me to come with you, now I don’t trust you, I can’t tolerate lies. He says I understood, what’s my mistake. She says I don’t know who you are, who is Riya. He says sorry, I should have told you. She says our relation isn’t such that I ask you and you tell me. He says sorry, I can’t permit you to go now. She says I m not foolish to go now, I just kept the bag ready, you leave now, I m feeling sleepy. He goes.

Jasmin says I m so excited, its my mission’s first day, I will ruin Fateh and Tejo, I will take revenge. Fateh lies to sleep. He says my life’s new chapter is beginning tomorrow, Tejo, you and Angad would have come close and started preparing for marriage. He gets sad. Tejo says I m going to make a new life, I just want your blessings, dad, I will go where there is no place for lie and cheat, I want to live in peace. She recalls Fateh.

Jasmin wears short clothes and meets someone. She flirts with him and holds his hand. Someone clicks their pics. She saves her number in his phone. He says your name is Jasleen, right. She asks will you answer my call in front of your wife. He calls her smart. They take a selfie. Another guy takes their pics. She says I need to take this call. She says sorry, I have to go. The man asks can I drop you. She says no, my driver is waiting. She leaves. She asks did you get the pics. The man says yes, you are really gorgeous. She says yes. He stares at her and asks is this just for money. She says your work is done, leave now. The man goes. She thinks I can go to any extent to ruin Tejo and Fateh, just fools can be made fools. She smiles.

Its morning, Babli says I have kept your bags in the taxi, wait till Riya wakes up. Tejo says no, its better that I leave before she wakes up, give these keys to Angad, I will give it. Babli says he went to office. Tejo says fine, thanks. She sits in the car and leaves. She gets an envelope in the car. She checks and reads the sorry card. She sees the flowers there. She asks who has kept this card and flowers in the car, was it a tall and fair guy. Angad says I don’t know. She sees his ring and asks him to stop the car. She gets down and knocks on his window. He gets down the car. She asks what’s all this. He says one has to do a lot to stop the person leaving, I thought your anger will calm down, I will feed you chole bhature and lassi and you will be convinced. He jokes. She asks him to get serious.

He says I m serious about you, so I m doing this, sorry. She says sorry, I can’t. He says I have kept this fake engagement sincerely. She says you would have told me everything then. She takes her bags from the car. He says Riya and I need you, stop for her sake, I would have told Riya, how could I say, you were already stressed, did I know that she will come from the hostel. She hires an auto and leaves. He asks her to listen, how will Riya and he stay without her. He sits in the car. He says I have hurt your heart a lot. She comes back and sits in the car. He says go, its not a taxi. She says you are looking like a taxi driver. He says Tejo ji. She says I came back for Riya and this ring’s sake, but I m still upset. He says I promise, I will convince you. She says no more secrets. He says no more secrets, partner.

Angad and Tejo come close. They reach the same petrol pump. Fateh is there. Tejo sees him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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