Udaariyaan 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Angad thinking of Tejo. He checks online about her, and says you have done a lot of good work, impressive. Satti says you went to Virk house, you would have not gone to meet Jasmin, why did you go. Rupy recalls Khushbeer’s words. He says we broke the relation with Jasmin, not with Khushbeer and his family, he stays worried for Tejo, we were talking about Tejo. Tejo comes and asks what were you talking about me. He says I went to meet him, but then I thought why did I come here. He recalls Jasmin. He says I have seen Fateh and Jasmin’s shamelessness, and felt ashamed. Gurpreet says we are also ashamed because of Jasmin. Khushbeer says don’t talk about her. She asks how is Tejo now, what did Rupy say. He says she is fine, give my medicines, since she left, no one is taking care of me. Tejo hears Rupy, Bebe and everyone talking about Jasmin’s marriage. She says marriage has to happen some day, you all should go. Harman asks what are you saying. Satti says we didn’t think of this even in dreams. Tejo says Bebe, you are elder, Jasmin is this house’s daughter, it won’t look good if no one goes in her marriage. Harman asks will you go in her marriage, tell me, when we all will go. She says I will go, if you all will go because of me. Rupy says never, we have removed Jasmin from this house and our heart also.

Jasmin clicks cards’ pics. Fateh comes. She asks where were you, is everything fine. He says I was planning surprise for you. She asks what is it, give me a hint. He says what’s the surprise then if I give a hint, wait for 10 days. She asks him to see the cards. He says no use for the cards, no one will come, some friends will come, we will send e card or message. Tejo comes to the academy. She goes out and sees everyone doing yoga with Angad. She turns to go. Angad holds her hand.

He asks everyone to warm up the hands and keep on their eyes, slowly open the eyes and continue the breathing exercise. Jasmin says this card is a proof, we will need the card and pics for visa, select it, I m going. She leaves. Angad says I feel players need yoga. Tejo says they are boxers, yoga is a slow activity. They have a talk. Someone clicks their pics. Tejo says idea isn’t bad, we should hire a yoga instructor. Angad says I m ready, what else do you want. She says our budget won’t fit, sorry, we can’t afford you. He says smile, I will think I got my fees, you also star yoga, I have seen your lady Virat avatar, come, we will start today. They do the yoga. He looks at her. He thinks your mind needs to stay calm, I know there is a storm erupting.

Tejo comes to Virk house. She recalls how she left. Mahi shouts surprise. Everyone comes and meets her. Mahi says sorry, dad isn’t at home, we wanted to meet you, we called you by his green tea excuse. Tejo says its good you all met me here, I have to talk to you all, I know there is a marriage in the house, you all should bless, else their marriage is like incomplete. Dada ji says don’t ask us what we can’t give. Biji says we can’t attend it. Gurpreet says we have nothing to do with it. Fateh comes. Tejo says you all are upset with Fateh, you have to accept that Fateh and I got divorced, I m not his wife now, Jasmin is his would be wife. Fateh and Jasmin look on. Tejo says Jasmin is the would be bahu, its the truth. Jasmin asks Fateh why are you standing here, I got manicure and pedicure done, I did a lots of shopping, come with me. He asks her to go. She goes to her room. Tejo says give this to Papa ji, it will help in bp control. She leaves. Fateh looks on.

Khushbeer shows the pics to Rupy. He says we found out everything about this guy, he is number 1, everything is perfect, we should talk. Rupy says we should wait for some time. Khushbeer asks why, for Tejo to see Fateh and Jasmin marrying, try to understand, Angad is good, we should talk to Tejo. Tejo asks where is Angad. Rajat says he left much time before. Peon gets tea. She likes it. He says a new person has made it today. She goes to see the crowd. Angad gives tea to everyone. She asks what’s happening, everyone go and practice. He says practice makes a man perfect. She says you are company’s investor, partner, what will anyone say seeing this. He says he will say I m so happy, I do everything for happiness. She says we have a meeting. He says tea over, meeting starts. She says be on time. She goes. He says she made a bad face and went. Tejo says sometimes, lassi, kada, yoga and tea, who is this person. Rajat says he has a place for everyone in his heart, he is a diamond, he makes a crying person laugh, and laughing person laugh more. She sees Angad at the tea stall and smiles.

Tejo comes home. She sees Jasmin outside. Jasmin asks why did you go home, don’t you know its mine. Tejo asks why are you insecure. They argue. Jasmin says its your plan, I m sure you want to snatch Fateh. Tejo says its your illusion, you can’t do good and can’t see anyone doing good, I want to see you and Fateh getting marriage, its better for the families and you both will be happy. Jasmin says I don’t believe your words. Tejo says I don’t believe you, even then I m trying, I don’t want to forget that you are my sister. Jasmin says then don’t forget that Fateh is mine, only mine. Tejo says he is not a thing, but a person, he chose you, trust this, Fateh and I have no relation now, I m not in his life, he isn’t in my life, it will be good for you if you understand this soon. She closes the gate.

Its morning, Tejo sees Khushbeer and Rupy and says you here. Khushbeer says we thought to make body, its our children’s academy. She says its yours. She asks Rupy does he want to make a body also. Rupy says Khushbeer got me here. Khushbeer asks about Angad. She says he doesn’t come every day, you both can go home. Khushbeer says academy looks nice. Rupy says yes, racing track is good. She asks did you come to see this, is there anything, tell me, I m waiting. Rupy says we got an alliance for you. Khushbeer says you marry Angad, he is a nice guy, he will be right for you. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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