Udaariyaan 11th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo saying I have come back for Riya. She asks Riya to go and sleep. Riya asks Angad and Tejo to give her a kiss. She moves back and runs. Angad and Tejo see each other. He says we have to leave for Gurdaspur tomorrow. She says you can tell me about your life. Fateh asks what shall I say about my life, anything can happen, I accepted it as Lord’s wish, this is my life and my motive. The man says we get a friend like you by Lord’s blessings. Fateh thinks I have hurt many in friendship. Tejo says I won’t force you, you can tell me when you want. Angad says I have a lot to say. He shows a pic and says he is my brother Arjun Maan, and Preet Bhabhi, Riya is their daughter, Arjun and Preet died in a car accident. Tejo thinks he has a big sorrow behind his smile.

He says after my parents, I just had them, people thought we are twins, his hair were long. She says sorry, why didn’t you tell this before. He says I couldn’t say. She says I understand, we both want to get saved from old wounds, why don’t you want to keep Riya with you. He says we will talk later. He gets a call. He says yes, we will reach tomorrow on time. He says we will leave for Gurdaspur at 8am. Tejo goes. Its morning, Fateh is working at the petrol pump. Angad and Tejo are on the way. Bulleya….plays… He says we shall get the petrol refill here. He stops at the petrol pump.

Angad takes the car ahead. Fateh turns away. A Baba comes to ask for some food. Tejo gives the food. The baba blesses their jodi. Angad says he told it, I didn’t say. He asks Tejo to share his food, sharing is caring. She says no, I will have this orange. He says okay. Fateh asks the man to check the card machine. The man asks him to go and have something. Fateh asks the baba to sit with him. He gives him tea and says its too cold. The baba asks him to have food with him. Tejo says we will go. Angad says petrol is less, the car will take revenge on us if we forget. Fateh eats the sandwich and recalls Tejo. He thinks it has the taste of Tejo’s hand. The Baba says that kind girl has given this sandwich to me. Fateh sees the car and thinks I feel like I have seen this car. Ye dooriyaan..plays…

Jasmin meets the man and gives the pics. He says great, my client will get divorced from that man now, I knew your talent when I saw you. She says life teaches everything. She recalls Fateh. He asks what happened. She says I want much money for my work. He gives her money. He says I will send the next client details, it won’t be easy to handle him. She says nothing is tough for me, keep double money ready. She gets down the car. She calls Sweety. She says you doubted me, you said what will I do now to earn money and take revenge, come, I will show my jalwa, we will do a party today.

Angad praises Tejo. She says its okay, I have spoken simple things to the simple women. Angad says one should learn joining relations from you, you have to give me a treat, we will have Bille di lassi, its famous. She asks where is it. He says new market. The man asks Fateh to give the bag to the new market shop, and get Bille de Lassi on his return. Fateh smiles. Angad says one more glass. Tejo asks Angad not to have more. Angad says I will have more. He meets some old couple and greets. He says I came today. The lady asks why didn’t you inform us, you got married and didn’t invite us. The man says you didn’t even tell us. Angad says no, you all have to do bhaangra in my marriage, I m just engaged. The lady says you both work together. The man says this is called office romance. Angad says correct. He sings. The lady asks when are you marrying. Angad says date isn’t decided. The man asks them to marry and have a family. Angad says I also say the same, we two and our four. Tejo sees the bangles shop. The lady asks Angad to buy bangles for his would be wife. Tejo says its not needed. The lady says women like it when the shopper is someone dear. Angad says I will take red bangles for her. Fateh comes there. Aaya tere dar par…plays… Angad and Tejo go ahead. Angad gets bangles for her and makes her wear. She recalls Fateh. The lady asks Tejo’s name. Tejo says Tejo. Fateh hears it and looks for her.

Angad and Tejo come to the petrol pump and asks for filling the tank full. Fateh comes to their car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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