Udaariyaan 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rupy saying Angad is a jolly guy, handsome, educated, he is good. Tejo asks what, you know who is Angad, he is our academy investor, partner, how can you think so. Rupy says we just want you to move on. Khushbeer says he has no bad quality. She asks did you try to find out what he wants. Rupy says he is young and unmarried, he will marry someone, he won’t have any problem. She says I have a problem, you know what happened in my two marriages, I know you both love me and say this again and again, but I m not ready for a new relation, you didn’t want me to marry Jass, I did that for family, I had to marry Fate for family’s sake, why don’t you understand, did you think who will be at loss, mine, I never complained, it doesn’t mean that I don’t feel anything, not now, I will take my life’s decision myself, no one else will take it, I respect you, it doesn’t mean I will agree. Rupy says you take time to think, but don’t refuse.

Fateh does some work. Jasmin comes. He shuts the laptop. She asks what happened, why did you shut the laptop, you planned surprise for me, show. He says what are you doing, have patience. She shows the kaleerein. She says my friends will make me wear it. He says its beautiful. She asks didn’t you give cards to your friends, 9 days are left for the marriage, what are you doing. Khushbeer says just 9 days are left, its a dad’s wish to fix your alliance. Tejo says don’t force me, please, a girl can stay in the world without getting married, I have much to do, don’t force me, I can’t do this. Rupy says you do what you want, think of Angad once, I m sure he will value you and your dreams. Tejo asks how did you think about Angad. Khushbeer says we have seen him, Diwali night in the party, he cares for you. Rupy says I have seen it, he makes you smile. Khushbeer says our hearts say that he likes you. Rupy says we thought to talk to you first. She says its done, now don’t talk to him, please. Khushbeer thinks Tejo’s no will ruin Fateh. She cries and goes.

Fateh says I don’t want to invite anyone, because of you. Jasmin asks what did I do now. He says I don’t want anyone to judge you, I won’t like if anyone spoils your mood. She says you did right, we will enjoy when my friends come, I have to do many things. He asks can I help. She says yes, you have to go to mum and dad’s house. He asks at this time. She says yes. She gives some papers. She thinks because Tejo will be at academy at this time.

Tejo sees Angad and says he would have told something for sure. Angad says good morning to you. She taunts him. He jokes. He says we will go to office, come. She asks when did you meet my dad. He says I didn’t. She asks and my ex father in law. He says you mean Fateh’s dad, I met him in diwali party. She asks after that. He asks why will I meet them. She asks did they come to meet you. He says no, but I will meet them if they want, you would have told them about my special tea, call them. She asks can’t you be serious. He asks shall I get serious.

She asks why do you come to the academy every day, you have many businesses. He says yes, but I like this work, do you have a problem. She says no. He jokes and asks her to answer, why did she think he met them, the nation wants to know, what is she hiding. She says stop it, auditor is coming, you can handle, I m going home. He holds her hand and says tell me what is it. She says nothing. He says I will get my answers some day. She recalls Rupy’s words and says this will never happen. She goes. He says lets see.

Satti asks why did you let him come inside. Dilraaj says Bebe asked me to let him come. Tejo comes home and asks what happened. Satti says Fateh has come, he is in your room, he came to take Jasmin’s things. Bebe says he is there since an hour, I m worried that Rupy can come, it will be a problem. Fateh reads the list and puts things in a bag. Tejo takes the paper. She says you want Jasmin’s things, I will give it.

He says I wanted to say sorry to you, I m really sorry for everything, I have to hurt you a lot, is there any way that I can make your pain less. She says no need, I forgot all that, it will be good if you also forget it, make a new start of your life with happiness. He says I never thought that this day will come in my life that I will hurt your heart. She says life is such, when it changes, it changes everything, emotions, relations and people. She asks him to check, she gave everything.

Jasmin asks Sweety to come and see her shopping. She says I m your best friend, you all have to come. Sweety says I can’t come, sorry, other friends also can’t come. Jasmin says don’t joke, there is lots of work. Sweety returns the card and says we won’t come in your marriage. Fateh says this is left. Tejo reads make up kit. She recalls Jasmin giving her a make up kit. Jasmin says Manisha gave this to me on my birthday, its yours from now. Tejo thanks and hugs her. She says its my mistake to think of her thing as mine, I forgot she can take anything back, I will get a new one for me, I used it. He says its fine, I will get it. She says I will give it. He says I don’t want her to fight you, nobody likes her.

Sweety says no one’s family wants us to come in your marriage, they said why will we go if your families aren’t coming, sorry. Jasmin asks did you go mad, you are my best friend, will you not come in my marriage, you supported me. Sweety says sorry, my family is afraid that I can become like you. Jasmin asks do they think so. She scolds Sweety and says marriage will happen without you all. Jasmin says you are so selfish, your tone changed in a second, congrats for your marriage and your Fateh. She goes. Fateh picks the bag. Tejo asks are you fine, you don’t look happy. Fateh says how can anyone be happy when elders aren’t blessing the marriage. Jasmin throws things. She says no one can stop this marriage, not those Tejo’s supporters. Fateh asks why am I telling this to you, we don’t even have a relation of friendship, I m happy, you are moving on, your parents and your new friend is also helping you. He leaves. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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