Udaariyaan 12th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo saying it was too much, baraat, marriage and children. Angad says they are like my family friends, we will go before we meet anyone else here. They go. Tejo says you remember, we have to get the petrol. Angad says I remember, sit. They leave. A biker goes. Angad applies the brakes. He recalls the accident and shouts. He says don’t know people value their lives or not. She says people get inspiration from you, you lost a lot in your life, even then you stay happy, I also lost a lot, but I m happy that my family is safe and happy. Fateh sees their car. Angad asks Tejo to smile. She smiles. Fateh leaves.

Jasmin dances with Sweety. Aali re….plays…. Jasmin asks Sweety to see her new clothes, new shoes, purses and new flat. She says I have thrown the money on that hotel manager, order the food now. Sweety says menu is too expensive. Jasmin says get habitual to costly things now, have your gift. Sweety likes the bag and says 15000rs, did you get any lottery. Jasmin says I write my fate by my hands, I will earn money and take revenge on Fateh and Tejo. Fateh asks everyone to have lassi and samosas, he got the advance salary today. Angad comes there. Fateh sees the car and recalls. He goes to see. He gets shocked seeing Tejo and Angad. Tu jo bole bina….plays…

Fateh smiles seeing her. Tejo and Angad laugh. Fateh recalls their moment. The excess petrol starts falling down. The man asks him are you fine. Jasmin says I have done everything for my love, now I will do this for my revenge. She makes her wound bleed. Sweety asks what’s my madness. Jasmin says its my Junoon. Sweety says move on, forget it. Jasmin says I have moved on, Fateh said right, I have to get him, he can’t become of Tejo, they can’t stay happy, I won’t let this happen.

Fateh gets the mop to clean the petrol. Tejo gets silent. Angad asks what happened. Tejo sees Fateh and turns to see. He turns away. He goes. She thinks did I see Fateh here. Fateh hides and thinks she shouldn’t see me here, else her heart will break knowing I m here away from everyone to repent. Angad asks what happened. She says I will get water. She runs to look for Fateh. Fateh sees her and hides. Kaisi rah pe….plays… Tejo sees someone hiding. The man asks what happened. She thinks I have seen Fateh, but how can he come here. She goes to the car. Angad asks where is the water, that’s the shop, are you fine. She nods. Fateh cries. Angad drives off. Angad asks where are you going, have the water. She drinks. Angad jokes. Fateh thinks meeting, then getting away, maybe our fate just has this written. Angad asks what happened, you can tell me. She says I thought I have just seen Fateh. Angad says it happens, you will thnk of him if you think of him. Police stops their car and asks for license. Angad gives the money. The inspector says you are bribing me. Tejo asks him to show license. Angad says I don’t have it, you have to save me then. Tejo asks Inspector to take license from Angad. Angad says don’t do this. He goes and talks to the inspector. He hugs him and gives the money. Tejo says he is bribing the police. Angad comes back. He says I paid the challan. She asks what did you say. Angad says I will say. He recalls lying that he was driving fast to impress his would be wife. Tejo asks did I ask you to speed up, do you have license or not, show me. Angad says I have, you really want to see it. She says yes. He gives her a note. She asks for license. He shows the license.

She says for the first time, I have seen someone’s good pic on the license. He smiles. Fateh sees someone dropping the wallet down the car. He runs to pick it. He calls out the man. The man says there is much money, you got a lottery. Fateh says I have to return this, I have his ID also, RR Sharma, Kasauli. Tejo reads the same address on Angad’s card. Sharma calls Angad. Angad says I will come with Tejo. Fateh says I have to go and give him the card. Angad says sorry, we have to keep this lie for more time. Tejo says I understand, its imp for our family.

A lady comes to Angad’s house. He gets shocked. Jasmin asks someone to find Tejo. Fateh and Tejo see each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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