Udaariyaan 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with a man arguing with Tejo at the academy. He asks for his money refund. Angad comes and pushes him. He asks him to stay away, learn manners and come. The man asks who are you, I paid the money. Angad says I m the partner, you paid the fees for your useless son to become capable, get out. The man says I will see you. He goes. Angad asks are you fine. Tejo says you think I m a woman so I need your protection and help, what was the need to talk in between, I was talking. He says I have hurt you, sorry, but I m like that, I can’t control my temper if anyone talks to a woman like this, for that I m not sorry. She murmurs your such actions make Khushbeer and Rupy think so. Angad asks did you say anything. He goes.

Rupy says don’t get disheartened, its Lord’s wish, I knew Tejo won’t agree. Khushbeer says yes, she needs time to forget things, I wanted her to stay happy, and Fateh to realize his mistake. Rupy says its your greatness that you think much for her. Khushbeer says she is my daughter also, Fateh and Jasmin are getting married, we aren’t able to do anything. They pray.

Tejo sees Jasmin with Fateh. She hears them talking about their marriage. She says I know you want all our family members to come in our marriage. He says its their decision, we love each other, its enough for us, we have made everyone away from us, we broke hearts of many people, we will get punished for it. They hug. Tejo looks on. Tejo is on the way. She thinks of Fateh and family’s words. She stops the scooty. She sees the pigeons. She thinks bird is out of the cage, but I have to get the cage out of the bird, fly Tejo, fly… She sees the pigeons flying. She also widens her arms and says I m free like these birds now. She cries.

Angad sees Tejo coming. He says I can’t believe my eyes. He jokes. She asks for a glass of water. He says sure. She takes it herself and drinks. He asks is everything okay, family, Fateh, Fateh’s family, did that student’s dad do anything. She holds his hand and stops. She says give me a chance to talk. He sits and says I got shut up, student got scolded by the teacher. She says matter is serious and strange also, how shall I say. He says say it by your mouth, I will understand, my ears are asking you to say it. She says its imp for me. He says then its imp for me also.

She asks why, who are you to me. He says I m your partner, your problem is mine. She says this problem is personal, not of business. He says when I invest in anything, then I invest completely. She asks will you invest your life, will you marry me. He looks at her and asks marriage with you? She says my reaction was also the same when Khushbeer and Rupy kept this proposal in front of me. He laughs and says so you were playing rapid fire with me, what did you say, did you say yes. She says no, how can I say yes. He says then you said no, matter ends. She says but I want to say yes now. He asks what, you and me, did you like me. She says no, I mean I like you as a person, but its about my family. He asks what do you mean.

Tejo calls out Rupy and Satti. Rupy says you made all these things. She says yes, I m happy, have your fav pakoras, they also like it. He asks who. Khushbeer and Gurpreet come. Tejo says I called them to have a talk over tea. Khushbeer asks why did you call us. Tejo says you got a proposal for me, I thought about it. She says Khushbeer and Rupy want me to marry Angad, I think they are right, its time I move on in life, Angad is really a good person, maybe he likes me, you can talk to him, if he thinks the same, then I… Rupy asks will you listen to us. She says yes, its my yes. Tejo says but, I have a condition. Rupy asks what. Khushbeer says say it, we accept it. Tejo says I won’t marry even after Angad says yes, until you all agree to go to Fateh and Jasmin’s marriage and bless them. He asks what’s this condition. She says you wanted me to settle before their marriage, I agreed, you also agree now.

Rupy says its not justified. She says if you don’t agree, then forget it, I won’t marry. Satti says accept her condition, Tejo’s happiness can stop because of our rigidity. Khushbeer says fine, we accept your condition, but I also have a condition, you want all of us to attend their marriage, you have to get engaged to Angad, same day, same place. Gurpreet asks what are you saying. He says I will come there for your sake, and bless those two. She says I accept, but just engagement, I need time for marriage. Rupy says fine, we are not in a hurry. Khushbeer says thanks, you have us a big happiness today. He asks for sweets.

Tejo feeds him sweets. He blesses her. She says I want you to ask Angad once. Rupy says you agreed, he will also agree. Khushbeer says we will talk to him. They leave. FB shows Angad says you want to marry a person who you don’t even know, for the sake of your ex-husband and selfish sister, really. Tejo says yes. He asks what’s this, I should clap. She says I know, it will be a fake marriage. He asks how is it done, what do you want. She says I want your help, pretend and make Khushbeer and Rupy believe that we are happy, then Fateh and Jasmin’s new life can start well. He says fake marriage, it means what doesn’t exist will happen and what exists will never happen, you actually mean it, right. She says yes. FB ends.

Precap: Fateh and Jasmin return home. They hear Khushbeer telling Rupy that he has talked to Angad’s family, they will do Angad and Tejo’s engagement preparations themselves. Jasmin and Fateh get shocked. Nimmo tells Jasmin that someone else is going to shine on her wedding day. Tejo and Angad are getting engaged on the same day as her marriage day.

Update Credit to: Amena

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