Udaariyaan 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Shamsher saying someone might be seeing us, Vineet sit in the car quickly. They leave. Aykam runs and tries to see the car number. He says 990, what next, who was that man, some powerful man is behind this, is dad worried because of him, its not about the accident case but of Nehmat’s safety too. Vineet says we have scared them, Aykam will also agree, the case won’t come out.

Advit shows Mallika’s pic and says she is Aykam’s sister, and Nehmat’s best friend, she will be useful to us, she will tell us everything about them, she is madly in love with me. Shamsher says great going son… Nehmat asks where is Naaz. Shelly says she went for extra classes. Nehmat says I have some magazine work, I m going to college. Rupy says finish the work and come home, I m not an enemy of your work, your respect is our respect, I trust you a lot, I want you to keep this trust always. She nods.

Nehmat asks Varun which icecream will you have. He says I don’t want to. She says please try one. He says I m getting late. Nehmat comes there. She calls out Naaz. Naaz asks what happened, I wanted to have an icecream. He asks what’s this kiddishness, I m not free for useless things. Naaz says sorry, I won’t do this again, promise. Nehmat leaves. She sees Aykam. They both see each other and go away. Next day, they see each other sadly. It starts raining. She runs to him and hugs. He imagines this. He sends his jacket to her by someone. She goes home. Aykam sees her and signs that he loves her. She also signs the same. He signs her to smile. She cries and goes off the balcony.

Its morning, Naaz gets ready. Nehmat thinks is she going to meet that guy, she is simple, she can fall for a wrong guy, I m not a good sister, I couldn’t care for her. She sneezes. Naaz sees her. Nehmat compliments her. She asks where are you going. Naaz says I m going to meet my friends, maybe you know them or not, I m getting late. Naaz says I didn’t ask you, what’s going on in your life, you can share anything with me.

Naaz says of course, I know you can’t share feelings with Aykam also. Nehmat gets sad. Naaz says don’t take tension, everything will be fine. She goes and says you interfere a lot. Nehmat says I know she won’t tell me anything, but I will find out, who she meets. Mallika smiles seeing Advit. He acts caring. He asks shall I drop you to college, you have to meet your bestie also.

She says yes, we share all the secrets, she loves my brother, but they had a breakup. He asks why. She says they are true lovers. He thinks you will update me with their every report. They leave. Varun and Naaz come to the same café. She says cold coffee is my fav. Varun says you are my fav. She says I like you more. He says then you have this black coffee. She asks how shall I have it, it has no milk and sugar, don’t get angry.

Nehmat comes and looks on. She thinks I didn’t think of this before. Aykam sees Nehmat with Naaz and goes. Nehmat records them. Naaz says don’t get angry, I can’t drink this. Varun throws the cold coffee at Naaz.

Nehmat comes and catches his collar. She scolds him. She says this video will go on internet, you are gone. He asks for her phone. She says I m her sister. She raises hand. Naaz stops her and says Varun is my friend, don’t raise on him. She scolds Nehmat. She says Varun is my BF, you did a bad thing, apologize. Nehmat says this guy is controlling you. Naaz says I can see everything, you won’t interfere in my life.

Nehmat thinks to talk to Satti and Rupy. Naaz comes home crying. She hugs Satti. Satti and Shelly ask what happened. Naaz says I m crying because of Nehmat, if I say this, will you believe. Satti asks what. Naaz says she always interferes in every matter. Satti says she is your sister, she takes care of you. Naaz says no, she runs my life. Nehmat comes. Naaz argues with her and goes. Satti asks what’s the matter. Nehmat says let me talk to her first. She goes after Naaz.

Nehmat says that guy controls you, he doesn’t love you. Naaz says its my life, I chose you, don’t worry. Nehmat says you are doing wrong. Naaz says let me do wrong and then learn from mistakes, you aren’t doing right, you also meet Aykam secretly, if you want me to not give this breaking news to Rupy and Satti, then keep your mouth shut, understood? Nehmat looks at her.

The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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