Udaariyaan 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Jasmin talking to Angad. Fateh runs on the road. He shouts Tejo. Jasmin says I have to do one more thing, I have to inform the police, will the policeman do the work. Angad says I don’t have a habit to cheat like you, there won’t be any problem.

Rupy says Jasmin will burn us along with herself. Satti says we have to stop her, we have to do something, we should bring her home. He says yes, at least we will know what she will do. Jasmin says relax, this is part of my plan, don’t take this tension, leave this on me, just watch and enjoy. Angad asks what’s left in your plan. She says don’t worry, its a fake accident, just you, me and the policeman know this, just the person who does the accident shouldn’t know.

Fateh shouts Tejo and runs on the road. Jasmin says okay, good night. She ends the call. She says let him think its a fake accident, I know the truth, its fake or real, Angad doesn’t know whose accident is this, just some days and then my bomb will fall on Fateh and Tejo. Fateh sees Tejo and hugs her. He asks where did you go, I was worried, I can’t stay without you.

The students come there. Fateh says really sorry, I was scared because of Jasmin. The student asks where did you go, your hand is hurt. Fateh asks how did this happen. He holds her hand to see. She says I was coming back with the medicines, I fell down and dizzy, I lost the way, how is Anuj. The guy says he is resting, Fateh did the aid. She goes with them. Fateh says I got too close to Tejo, but she didn’t get upset, thanks Baba ji. The students sing. Everyone claps.

Fateh sits alone. The guy asks his GF to come close. She asks him not to touch her. Fateh goes to the tent and asks Veer to come out. He scolds Veer and says she isn’t comfortable with your action. Veer says I will make her comfortable, you chill. Fateh slaps him. Everyone comes.

Fateh says understand and respect her NO, respect women. The guy says this word looks a joke from you, everyone knows what you did with your wife, you married one of them and had an affair with another. Fateh says I know I did a mistake, I m ready to bear the punishment, I m glad I realized it, so I want to stop everyone, I want to teach you in time to respect women, then nothing wrong will happen, we have to give them a safe environment, my family didn’t support me in my mistakes, so I could realize it, I m sure that I will not do any sin again, I want you to give this faith to your family and friends.

Tejo looks on. Fateh says if anyone did this with your sister, then what would you do. Veer says then I would have killed him. Fateh says say sorry to Avni. Veer says sorry Avni, sorry Sir. Fateh asks everyone to go and sleep. Tejo and Fateh see each other. She goes.

Jasmin calls the Inspector and says come soon. She reports the accident. He says thanks for noting the car number. He leaves. She says I shall have some sweets today. She eats the laddoos. She says now I will get a good sleep. Its morning, Fateh asks how was the trip. The students say good.

Veer apologizes to Fateh. Fateh says girls are imp in our life, we need to respect them. He gets a call from Buzo. He asks did uncle and aunty refuse, I will come back and talk. Simran says don’t trouble him Buzo. Buzo says mum and dad agreed.

Fateh asks really, how did you convince them. Buzo says I did as you said, I told them that I love Simran, I convinced mum and dad. Tejo hears them and smiles. Fateh asks Simran what’s the matter. Buzo says there is a problem, my parents want to meet Khushbeer first and then Simran. Simran says they agreed thinking my parents have no problem, what will happen.

Fateh says I will come there and convince them, don’t worry. Tejo makes the student sleep on her seat. She says I heard everything, I wish they get blessed, can I sit here, Anuj is unwell so… Fateh asks her to sit. She says sorry, you can stay seated, what will everyone think, just don’t talk to me. He says I will stay quiet. She smiles. Tujhko mai rakhlun wahan….plays…

Tejo sleeps on his shoulder. Fateh smiles. The bus stops. Fateh sees Tejo sleeping. She wakes up and leaves his arm. She asks did we reach, why didn’t you wake me up. He says you were sleeping so nicely, I didn’t wish to wake you. She says you should have. Her dupatta gets stuck. Fateh helps her.

Tejo sees the rose and reads the note. Fateh sees Khushbeer somewhere. Rupy and the police come to Jasmin.

Update Credit to: Amena

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