Udaariyaan 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Angad and Tejo meet Sharma uncle. Sharma hugs Angad. Tejo greets. Angad says I have learnt a lot from Sharma uncle, he is like my mentor. Sharma says he is a gem, you chose the best guy as your husband. Angad says we are just engaged. Sharma says marriage will happen, is there any other plan. Angad says don’t feel bad of uncle’s words, he is a God for young generation, he identifies the right man. Sharma says I knew it, Angad is a diamond, I remember another diamond, I met a guy yesterday, I lost my purse, that guy came here from Gurdaspur to return my purse, he looked upset with his life. FB shows Sharma saying you look like a good family. Fateh says sometimes you want to end your identity. Sharma asks are you running from someone. Fateh says myself, my deeds. Sharma says I don’t think you need to run, will you work for me, I need a loyal and reliable driver, you will get a good salary. Fateh says I work there already, they also trust me, I have to ask them. Sharma says fine, ask them. FB ends. Sharma says lets see he accepts offer or not. Angad says he should accept, his life will change. Fateh comes there. Tejo looks around. Aaya tere dar par…plays… Angad takes Tejo with him. Fateh comes in. Sharma comes to meet him and says welcome, do you accept my offer. Fateh says yes. Angad asks is everything fine, isn’t the house good, all okay. Sharma asks the servant to show the quarter to Fateh. He says take rest today, start the work tomorrow. Fateh says sure Sir. He goes. Tejo thinks why do I feel like Fateh is very close to me.

Sharma says Angad liked someone finally, you will have something special that he liked you, else he didn’t like anyone. Angad says you said you find a diamond in a person, I can also identify a diamond now. Sharma says my niece Nupur is getting engaged, I don’t have any child of my own, you both come in her engagement, its a chance to know each other well, you are connected to our family now, everyone knows Angad, everyone will be glad meeting his lady love. Angad says done, we will reach there. Fateh washes the car at night. Tejo comes in the balcony. Aye ajnabi….plays….

Her kerchief flies down. He picks it and wipes his face. Angad comes to take her. Fateh feels her and turns to see. He thinks why am I feeling her with me. He keeps the kerchief. The water splashes on his face. He removes his jacket and shirt. Angad says we will leave now. Sharma says you had two drinks, my new driver will drop you, I don’t remember his name. He says where did Tanya go, her phone isn’t reachable. Tanya comes home. She sees shirtless Fateh and thinks who is this hottie. She goes and holds his back. He turns to her. She says wow, nice body. He asks who are you. She says tell me, who are you, so dashing, nice body, you are cleaning the car. She stares at him. He says mam, please don’t touch me, talk from far. She says your body is so dashing, I want to touch you. She gets a call. She says yes baby, I m coming. She drops her purse and says please lift it, I m not allowed to bend. He picks her purse and gives it to her. She holds his hand. He gets away. She says I will see, how long will you get saved from me. She goes. He thinks who is she. Sharma says I was calling you. She says sorry, my friends weren’t letting me come from the party. Angad says hi aunty, how are you. Tanya says just call me Tanya. He says meet my fiancee, Tejo. Sharma says she is my beautiful wife, Tanya. Angad says I will drive, don’t worry. Sharma says take the new driver along. Angad says trust me, I will reach home and call you. Angad and Tejo leave. Tanya asks about Fateh. Sharma says he is the new driver, he is trustworthy. She asks shall I take him tomorrow, I have to go for shopping. Sharma says do you need to ask me for that, give me a hug. She makes a face. Angad and Tejo are on the way. He asks why are you silent. She says its tough to act like a happy couple, you agreed for the engagement, I don’t know anyone, I don’t have any good dress.

He laughs and asks her to take it easy. She says don’t know how long do I have this fake life. He thinks I would have made it real, but I know your heart beats for Fateh even today. Buzo talks to Fateh on call. Fateh says this is my punishment. Simran comes. Buzo says don’t talk anything. He asks Simran how is everyone. Simran says Fateh killed all of us, dad is trying to cheer up everyone, he took them to the fair, he got broken inside, I have seen him crying. Gurpreet sits in the lawn and does aarti. Fateh sees her on the video call and cries. Simran says someone asked mum to light a diya every day, she said she won’t have rice until she learns Fateh is fine in Canada, she lights the diya every day and prays for him, she is dying to talk to him, but he forgot us. Buzo hugs her.

Gurpreet stumbles. Fateh shouts mummy. Simran asks whose voice was that, I thought Fateh called mummy. Buzo says no, he is in Canada. Fateh recalls Gurpreet and says she used to love eating rice, she left rice for my sake, I m so bad. Tejo sees her dress and recalls Fateh. She says I can’t forget anything, I can’t forget Fateh, don’t know how is he, is he fine or not. She cries. Fateh says I think of you and sleep, I get peace, forget me Tejo.

Fateh gets a huge gift to Angad’s house. Tejo looks outside the window.

Update Credit to: Amena

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