Udaariyaan 14th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Fateh and Tejo seeing each other. Rupy comes and says Tejo… She says Tanu refused to come and sent Fateh in her place, I didn’t know. He says don’t clarify, I came to take you because Satti is worried about Jasmin’s threatening. Police stops Fateh. Inspector says come with us. Fateh sits in the car. Jasmin asks did the accident case come in this police station. Inspector says yes. Jasmin says I was also there, accident didn’t happen there, I have seen it, there is nothing like hit and run. He asks for proof. She shows the video.

She says why to get an innocent person punished. He says fine, constable leave that man. She thinks this man is the surprise part. Rupy recalls Jasmin’s words. Tejo asks are you worried for Jasmin’s words, don’t think much, she has a habit. He goes. Dilraj asks what did you do there. Rupy asks Satti not to worry, he will bring Jasmin home today. Satti says I wish she peacefully comes. He says she has to come. He goes. Fateh says Jasmin’s threatening scared me, but nothing happened, policeman met me about two guys’ fight, I asked about Jasmin but he didn’t know anything. Simran says Tejo was with you all day. He says yes. He smiles thinking of her. Buzo says come back. Fateh asks them to tell what happened. Simran says Buzo’s mum and dad wants to meet our family. He says I have promised myself, I won’t lose in love, Khushbeer and Tejo have to accept my application.

Tejo picks her file. She gets a rose and note. She recalls Fateh. She says I wish Buzo and Simran’s matter gets accepted. Khushbeer says I was also thinking to find a guy for Simran. Fateh says you know the guy, Simran likes him, Buzo. Khushbeer says he is jobless, he can’t take Simran’s responsibility, what will he do. Fateh says he took her responsibility when we didn’t know about her. Khushbeer asks why didn’t he tell us. Simran hears them. Fateh says he did what he felt right, Simran asked him not to tell anyone, meet him once, talk to him. Khushbeer says you loved Jasmin, why did you leave her, Simran loved Amanpreet, he also left her, its enough now, I will decide about her marriage. He goes. Nimmo says yes, Buzo isn’t a nice guy. Fateh says please, can any matter end without your comment. Gurpreet says face doesn’t show us the nature, you said Jasmin is a diamond, she is a stone. Rupy says Jasmin is my daughter, she is into a wrong work, I want you to check her luggage, I want to take her home. Inspector says you want us to threaten her. Rupy says yes, she is a young girl, she lost her path. Constable says its fine, we can help.

Rupy comes to meet Jasmin. She sees the police. She asks did you get police with you. He says yes how did you get the money. Police checks her room. Jasmin asks them to stop it. Constable likes the lipstick and perfume. Jasmin says return it. Constable says we are not running away. Jasmin asks Rupy to take them away. Tejo sees Fateh and goes to him. She asks what happened, you look worried, is everything fine. He says nothing is fine, dad isn’t agreeing for Simran and Buzo. She says I will think something. He asks will you help me. She says help them, don’t worry, we will find some solution. She goes. He gets a call from Navraj. Navraj says there is a good news. Dilraj says Tejo didn’t throw your rose in dustbin, she kept it in her fav book. Fateh smiles. He says you will get the treat.

Fateh says dad will agree now, because Tejo will help me. Police gets the money. Jasmin says you won’t get anything, my dad is wasting your time, he thinks I will go back home with him, he worries for me, I won’t go home, I m happy. Rupy scolds her. Inspector says she is an adult, you can’t force her. Jasmin says great, tell him that I can file domestic violence case on him. Inspector asks Rupy to come. He returns the money. Jasmin says give my love to Tejo, I hope you remember my surprise. Tejo gives a card to Fateh. She says its my friend’s mom’s agency, they will help us approve the groom. She tells the plan. Angad looks at them. Fateh says great plan, I knew it you can solve this problem. She says don’t get happy, we have to execute this plan to convince Khushbeer. He says thanks for this. She says all the best.

Angad goes to Jasmin. She laughs. He says you think its a joke. She says you always overreact, Fateh is a lover, he left Tejo and everyone for me, and now he is after Tejo, he will convince Tejo, I think he should leave sports academy and open an academy of impressing girls. He asks when will your plan start, I also have a plan. She says don’t get angry, it will take time, Fateh had given me the surprise by taking much time, he faked the marriage and then burnt my passport at the airport, he is the real player.


He says I m bored of your story, Tejo can forgive him. She says no, she has self esteem, she won’t forgive him soon, she will get a big shock, then Tejo will be yours, both families will come to drop Tejo to you. She dances. He asks did you go mad. She says no, I m practicing dancing in your marriage. He thinks I m helpless to listen to your nonsense, I will save Tejo from fraud Fateh and then see what I do.

The people argue with Khushbeer. Tejo hears about Fateh’s fight with a dangerous fighter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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