Udaariyaan 14th May 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Fateh asking Amrik to open his eyes. He shouts doctor. Jasmin runs to call the doctor. Fateh cries. Gurpreet says I feel so restless, why. Doctor comes and checks Amrik. He says I m sorry, he is no more. Fateh and Jasmin get shocked. Gurpreet sees the diya blown off. Fateh recalls Amrik. Jasmin also recalls him. They cry a lot. Jasmin asks Amrik to please open his eyes. She says we all will go to India, please open your eyes. She asks Fateh to tell him to open his eyes.

Fateh cries and shouts Amrik. She asks Amrik to wake up once. She hugs him and cries. Fateh asks how will I live without you, how will I tell mummy. He says Tejo can do something. Jasmin says she isn’t here. Fateh recalls talking to Amrik about Tanya and Tejo. Amrik says I also felt that she is Tanya, but seeing your smile, I can say that she is Tejo, you know I m saying this so surely because I have seen a dream, we all went back to India, Tejo and Jasmin were pregnant and was competing about their babies, we were teasing them, Biji says that morning dreams always turn true. FB ends.

Fateh says I wish that dream turns true. The hospital staff come to take Amrik. Fateh and Jasmin recall their moments with Amrik. They hold back Jasmin. Fateh cries and hugs Amrik. The staff takes Amrik. Fateh and Jasmin cry, holding each other.

Khushbeer comes to the party office. Rupy asks what new complain did you get today. Khushbeer holds his collar and scolds him for the dirty politics. They argue. Khushbeer asks how dare you target my daughter Mahi. Rupy asks what. Khushbeer says you have put her video on internet. Abhiraj defends Rupy. Rupy asks how can you think this, we also have daughters, we know the pain of such defamation. Abhiraj says handle your daughter. Rupy stops Abhiraj. He says I have seen Mahi dating guys. Buzo thinks did that guy do this, did she go to meet him. Khushbeer says if I know that you or your family member did this, then I don’t know what I will do. He leaves. Abhiraj smiles. Fateh and Jasmin cry for Amrik. She says nurse is saying paperwork will need time, everything got spoiled, I got adamant to come here, what happened to Amrik, I have fallen alone. Fateh hugs her. She says Amrik used to understand me, he left me, what will I do now.

Jasmin asks where is my sister, I had called her, she isn’t with the police, go to her, will Angad do her anything, go to find her, or maybe she is in shock, she would have never imagined this. He says I will go to see her, you stay here. She asks him to go. He leaves. She cries saying Amrik. Fateh recalls Amrik’s death. He gets Jasmin’s call. He says I didn’t find Tejo, she would be upset, don’t know where is she.

Khushbeer puts the garland on Tejo’s pic. Gurpreet goes. He says everyone wants Fateh to come back, but I don’t want that, he will be in Tejo’s memories.

Gurpreet thinks Fateh and Amrik will bring Tejo, now the garland isn’t needed on Tejo’s pic. Simran asks her to listen. Gurpreet says Fateh will come with Amrik and Jasmin. He says ask him not to worry for them. She says I will welcome them when they come, Amrik, Jasmin and… He asks who else. She says Fateh. Bau ji and Biji ask Khushbeer to forgive Amrik and Jasmin, and accept them. Gurpreet thinks I will set mandap in the house and get both the couples married. Tejo comes to Fateh. He gets up and goes to her. She stops him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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