Udaariyaan 14th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with the Inspector asking Tejo to come, there is no charge on her. Tejo asks what happened, did investors take the complaint back. Inspector says no, someone else took the blame. Tejo comes out of the lockup. She sees Fateh with the handcuffs. She cries. She asks what did you do and why, did I tell you. He asks what’s the need to say, I know its not your mistake, I can’t stay silent and die in guilt, I have shown the papers to the lawyers, you aren’t my partner in the academy, Jasmin is my partner, you are not at fault. She says you should have not done this, Papa ji’s respect is already ruined, if you go to the jail for fraud, then the family will get more defamed. He says you are still a part of Virk family, its better that I go to jail instead the family’s bahu, the truth is, I m the real culprit. Tu jo….plays…. He is put inside the lockup. Tejo leaves.

Abhiraj says Fateh has accepted the crime, he said he is the academy owner, Tejo has nothing to do in it. Everyone worries. Jasmin scolds the lawyer. Abhiraj says Fateh took the blame and freed Tejo from the fake case. Jasmin argues. She scolds Tejo and asks why did you send Fateh to jail. Rupy asks her did she go mad, leave Tejo. Gurpreet asks Tejo to get Fateh back. Simran hugs her. Tejo says nothing is in my hands. Simran says you know about academy, help Fateh and bring him out. Khushbeer says Tejo won’t help him, jail is the right place for him. Jasmin gets angry.

Khushbeer says Tejo won’t help Fateh. Dada ji asks Tejo to tell them how can they help Fateh. Jasmin shouts on Tejo. Tejo says leave my hand, Fateh went to jail because of you, I left the academy two months back, you didn’t check accounts, you stopped the payments, I told you not to spend money. Jasmin says you know I can’t handle accounts, you didn’t help me, you wanted this to happen with Fateh, you should have come to academy and helped, you always do what you want. Tejo says I don’t want to go where I m not valued, you wanted to work there, you love him right, do anything and get him out, don’t think that I will help you, I didn’t send him to jail and I won’t bring him out. She apologizes to Gurpreet. Nimmo jokes on Fateh’s arrest.

Tejo goes to the terrace and cries. Ye duniya da mann….plays… She recalls his words. Fateh recalls her words. She thinks Lord, why do you bring me at this point, where I don’t know to listen to me or my family. Satti consoles Gurpreet. Gurpreet says Tejo and Khushbeer don’t want to help Fateh, who will bring him out. Rupy asks Khushbeer to help Fateh. Dada ji asks Lawyer how can we get Fateh out. Fateh asks them to return the money to the investors. Dada ji asks the amount. Lawyer says 1 crore 15 lakhs. Jasmin worries. Jasmin goes to meet Fateh. He asks why did you come. She acts and says you ruined everything, you won’t get any visa now. He says oh, you still care for the visa. She cries and says no, I care for you, not the visa, my heart is tensed, what will we do now, lawyer was saying, until we repay the money to investors, you can’t come out of the jail. Dada ji asks Khushbeer to bring Fateh out of the jail. Khushbeer says but how will I get such a big amount, I don’t have much money, I m a sincere politician, how will I get one crore. Jasmin says you will never be able to come out. Fateh says everything will be fine, don’t worry. Khushbeer says there is just one way to save him, I will mortgage this house. Tejo comes and says no…. you won’t do anything such, how can you think of it, this house is the identity and respect of Virk family. Jasmin asks why do you always save Tejo and cover her mistakes, do you still love her, tell me the truth. He says I have accepted my mistake, its not her mistake, this academy can’t work without Tejo. She asks what will you do now. Tejo says I will get Fateh out of the jail, give me one day time, I have to explain the investors. Khushbeer says they just want their money back. She says I will still talk to them, we can’t lose without fighting, I trust Matarani, she will help us like always. Gurpreet nods.

Jasmin says how shall I get Fateh out, I wanted Tejo to go away, what’s happening with me. She sees a lady taken by the police. She sees Jas’ mum. She hides and sees Jas coming. She recalls Jas. Jas greets his mum and asks her not to worry, lawyer is asking for big amount. She says I took the blame on myself to save you, get me out of here. Jas says give me some time, I will take you out of here. Jas goes. Jasmin says now I understand how he is roaming freely. Jas leaves in an auto. She follows him in the car. She asks driver to drive faster.

Tejo talks to the investor. She says investors are ready to meet me, I have to make a 6 month profit plan ready, they can take the complaint back on its basis. Khushbeer says great, its possible because of you. She goes to make the presentation. He asks Gurpreet to see, Tejo will free Fateh, Jasmin is selfish and opportunistic. Jas reaches home. She says Jas’ house, he can be useful to me, but how. She thinks.

Tejo says I have to go for a meeting with investors, pray that everything goes fine. Gurpreet says I will keep the bhog when Fateh comes back. Tejo meets the investors. She goes to show the papers to Fateh. She says this is their condition.

Update Credit to: Amena

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