Udaariyaan 15th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Fateh saying congrats. Tejo says thanks. He says everything happened so soon, right. She says yes, I didn’t think it will happen so soon. He says thanks for convincing the family members to come in the marriage. Tejo says sorry, Khushbeer wanted this to happen on your marriage day. He says at least we will get elders’ blessings. He recalls her words. He takes the boxing glove. He says Angad is a nice guy, you like him? She says if I didn’t like him, then I would have not said yes for the engagement. He drops the glove, and picks it. She offers the sweets. He takes it. She recalls their moment. He leaves in his car.

Angad looks on. Tejo holds the gloves and thinks of Fateh. Angad comes. He asks am I disturbing. She says Angad ji, you… She keeps the gloves. She says I have to get habitual to disturbance for a few days. He says Khushbeer called us for dinner. She says yes. He jokes. He says they will be questioning many things. She also jokes. He says I will do what you say, then I will pass, its imp to impress Sasural. She says you are taking this drama very seriously. He says Tejo ji, whatever I do, I do it with intensity/passion, be it a love drama or love. She says perfect, the family will be convinced that we love each other, right. He says right, I know what I know, I don’t know much about you, how will I convince the family that we love each other, don’t you think we should know each other. She says right. He asks shall we go on a long drive.

She thinks of Fateh. Jasmin gets angry on Tejo. She says I have to roam like her stepney in my own marriage. Fateh comes. He hugs her. He says I know you are not happy that Tejo’s engagement is happening on her marriage day and at our venue. She says yes, which girl would want this. He says but think our family, friends and relatives will come, it will be grand and much fun. She says yes, but you know Khushbeer’s choice. He says he will make top class arrangements for Tejo, think we can use our savings for Canada. She says its double benefit. He says see how you understand things when its about Canada, call your friends, I don’t want you to have any tension. She says I love you and hugs.

Angad asks where are you lost, fake love rehearsal is also necessary, think of me, its my exam, I don’t have a habit of failing. Tejo says I won’t let you fail. He asks do you have a problem to go there, are you comfortable. She asks why are you asking. He says I don’t want would be Mrs. Maan to be uncomfortable, I can call them at my farmhouse. She says I have no problem, I can meet them all, they will be glad. He thinks someone will not be happy. Mahi knocks the door. She says mummy asked you to get ready soon. Fateh says we can go out for dinner. Jasmin says no, I don’t care for Tejo, I want to see him with Tejo and find out what’s happening that matter reached till engagement so soon. He thinks Jasmin can spoil things.

Satti asks why are you worried now. Lovely says Jasmin will not trouble Tejo. Rupy says she can never change, she is a Naagin, she can’t stop spitting poison or biting. Harman says Jasmin got what she wanted, why will she do this. Rupy says Tejo and Angad are going to Khushbeer’s house for dinner, Jasmin can’t see Tejo happy. Satti says Tejo isn’t so weak, and Angad is with her, don’t worry.

Jasmin opens the door. Angad says would be Mrs. Virk… Fateh comes and sees Tejo and Angad. Angad says Mr. Virk…. Angad gives his hand to Tejo. Tejo hands his hand. Jasmin holds Fateh’s hand. Fateh stops her. Jasmin says we met before, but real introduction will happen before, I will get to know who is Mr. Maan, I will also see what did you do that you have stolen my sister’s heart, my would be Jija ji. Angad says I have stolen your sister’s heart, but I m not a thief to rob someone’s house and steal someone’s things, is dinner outside or shall we come inside. Fateh says sorry, come. Angad holds Tejo’s hand. He gives the bouquet to Fateh. They go in. Fateh asks Jasmin not to do anything wrong.

Khushbeer hugs Angad and says I m happy to see you both together. Angad greets everyone. Bau ji hugs Angad and blesses. Khushbeer sees Fateh. He asks Angad to sit. Gurpreet asks Mahi and Nimmo to get the snacks. Simran says congrats Angad ji and Tejo, you both look so good together, Papa was right, a Jeweller identifies the diamond, you marry Tejo soon. Angad says I also think the same, I m afraid that Tejo will change her mind before marriage, so I m thinking to make her wear varmala along with the ring.

Tejo thinks he is overacting. Gurpreet says we will do her marriage well. Angad says sure, I was joking. Khushbeer asks did you tell your family. Angad says yes, I told my Dada and Dadi, I m thinking to make a video call to them, I will ask them to meet their Noorani, I m thinking to name her Tejo Rani after marriage, Dadi is worried that who will take care of me, I told her, who can take care of me more than Tejo. He holds her hand. Tejo pinches him. Khushbeer says you are right, not everyone values their things. He sees Fateh. Angad talks to them. Jasmin gets the biscuits. Mahi serves the soft drinks. Tejo and Fateh look at each other. Gurpreet looks at them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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