Udaariyaan 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Fateh recalling Tejo’s words. Tejo makes the presentation. Jasmin comes to her room. Tejo opens the door. She sits back to work. Jasmin says oh, I thought you will be sleeping in peace, but you are awake and playing games. Tejo says until you are in anyone’s life, how can anyone sleep well, I m not playing any game, but making a presentation to convince investors, they will take the complaint back. Jasmin jokes on her. She asks will you ask them to leave Fateh for your mangalsutra’s sake. Tejo says yes, I m still his wife, you can’t think what I can do, go and sleep. Jasmin says he is in jail, you are asking me to sleep. Tejo says then go and pray, get him out, don’t disturb me. Jasmin says wow, you got a new mission to free Fateh from the jail, if he comes out, then you will take the credit, you will tell him that Jasmin knows nothing, Jasmin didn’t do anything, just you did everything. Tejo pushes her out of the door and shuts it. Jasmin thinks how dare you, I will see you. Its morning, Khushbeer performs the Kanjak puja. Biji asks the girls to bless that Fateh comes home. Fateh sits sad.

Candy comes and hugs Khushbeer. He asks how do I look. Khushbeer says great and hugs him. Candy wishes Tejo all the best. Tejo says sorry, I have to go for the meeting, you all pray that everything gets fine. Gurpreet says I got the bhog, I will keep it when Fateh comes back to me. Tejo says its a mum’s belief on another mum, we will leave it on her, you bless me. Khushbeer blesses her. Tejo leaves. Jasmin looks on and thinks I can’t curse Tejo today, I want Fateh back. Ye duniya…plays… Tejo gives the presentation. She says trust me, we won’t have any loss. The man says your plan is right, how do you believe that Fateh will work according to this plan. She says he will follow it. The man says sorry, we can’t trust him.

Jasmin says I m going to meet Fateh. Simran says I will come along, and drop the girls on the way. Mahi says I will also come. Tejo comes to meet Fateh. He sees her and gets up. He asks what are you doing here, where is the lawyer. He says you should have not come here, I don’t want to trouble you more. She says I didn’t come here for you, but for mummy ji and Papa ji. She says if you sign these papers, you will be released, its their condition, not mine. He checks the papers and looks at her. Jasmin, Simran and Mahi come to the police station. They see Tejo with the investors. Fateh comes. Simran says Tejo got Fateh freed. Jasmin asks what deal did Tejo do with them. She runs to Fateh and hugs him. She says thank God, you are fine. The people come there and protest against Fateh. They all scold him for cheating them and also his wife. The girl tears his pic and says you aren’t my hero now, you are bad. Jasmin recalls the NGO ladies and thinks will they blacken my face. She goes behind. Simran stops Jasmin and says this is happening because of you, you are leaving him alone, stand here. Jasmin thinks I have to do something for Fateh. The men scold Fateh for cheating his wife and then his word. The lady asks why didn’t you die by shame, do you want to teach your students to cheat, answer us. Tejo goes. They hit tomatoes on him. Jasmin thinks its a good chance to show him. She asks them to stop and not attack Fateh, they can attack her. Fateh hugs her and protects her from the tomatoes attack. He says stop, I know I have hurt you all, please forgive me. The people leave. He sees the little girl and goes to say sorry. She runs away.

Fateh and everyone come home. Gurpreet hugs him and cries. Biji says thanks Maharani for bringing him back. He asks her to thank Tejo also. Biji says yes, she is the solution of all our problems. Candy says I m feeling hungry. Fateh says I will take a shower and come. Gurpreet asks what’s this. He says nothing. He goes. She asks Mahi to call the Kanjaks, they will keep the bhog. Khushbeer asks how did investors agree to you. Tejo gives the file. He checks and says you know what’s written. She says yes, its a matter of three months, I will manage. Jasmin thinks what did she do now. Fateh and Tejo serve the food to the girls. Jasmin comes there. She gets angry and goes back. Biji says its Dussehra tomorrow, go and do the puja of all the machines, you should thank Lord that you got the academy back. Fateh nods.

At the academy, Jasmin says we will do the puja. Fateh says I m waiting for someone. She asks who. He says the one who saved me from the jail. She asks why did you call Tejo. He says she is my boss, and this academy’s owner. He recalls the papers. The investor says we will accept the proposal if you promise that you will handle this academy. Tejo says I accept your condition. Fateh signs the papers. FB ends. Jasmin says you agreed for it so easily. He asks what do you want, that I stayed in the jail. Pandit asks him to get the account book. Fateh goes. Tejo comes. Jasmin scolds her. Tejo says I have no interest in this academy, I had to agree for family’s sake, I should tell this to Fateh that you have sent me to the jail, you showed the wrong accounts to the investors to send me to the jail, but I have come back as your and Fateh’s boss.

Tejo says I don’t care how you run the academy, I have to make sure that Jasmin doesn’t do anything wrong again. Jasmin enters Jas’ house. He catches her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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