Udaariyaan 17th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo saying Buzo is a nice guy, he supported Simran when we were not with her, he loves her a lot, his parents also understand his love for her, forgive her, think about her happiness. Khushbeer says I try but I can’t forget her mistakes. She says there is just one way, that’s to forgive, it gives courage to the person to rectify mistakes. He says you can explain this to me, but not own self, someone else is also there to get forgiven, can’t you forgive Fateh, give him a chance to repent, I have given him a chance, I hope you also give him a chance. She cries.

Fateh meets Buzo’s family. He says uncle ji, I m sorry on dad’s behalf, he didn’t intend to insult you. Khushbeer comes and asks why are you apologizing from my side, I will apologize myself. Fateh sees Tejo with Khushbeer. Khushbeer apologizes for his words. He says my daughter shouldn’t get punished for my mistake, I m also Buzo’s culprit, I couldn’t see Buzo’s goodness, it was my mistake, sometimes elders should learn from children, I m proud of Tejo, forgive me if possible. Buzo says don’t do this. He hugs Khushbeer. Khushbeer asks Buzo’s dad won’t you forgive me. Buzo’s mum says agree now. Buzo’s dad nods. He says enough, will you make me mad with joy today. They hug. Fateh sees Tejo and smiles.

Amrik says the way you had helped me, no one would have done it, thanks. Jasmin says don’t make an opinion, your family is right, I m very bad, Tejo is good, right, I m a liar, cheater and selfish, you don’t keep any misunderstanding in your mind, I help for my motive. He asks what are you saying. She says I got you bailed for my motive, if you don’t do this, then I can send you back.

Simran gets the news. She happily dances at home. She asks didn’t Amrik come. Mahi says he isn’t coming. Jasmin say if you want to save yourself, you have to dance on my fingers, will they listen to me to save your life. Fateh makes Buzo eat sweets. Tejo smiles.

Amrik asks Jasmin to stop, forgive him. Jasmin says your family has ruined my life, Fateh ruined my entire life, you are also Virk family son, you will burn in my revenge fire. He asks what do you want to say. She says I have made you a medium to take revenge on your family. Fateh drops Tejo home. She asks what was the need to drop me. He says Papa told me, do you think, I m lying, I m not old Fateh now, I don’t lie now.

Amrik says I m sorry, I will be your slave, keep my family away. Jasmin scolds him. She says I want revenge on your family, I want to ruin them who always insulted me for Tejo’s sake. She recalls. Amrik says I will ask my entire family to apologize to you. She says I know, let them get surprised by my surprise. Fateh thanks Tejo for helping Buzo and Simran. She says you have done this. He asks will that day come when you forgive me. Tejo goes. She turns and looks at him. He smiles. Jasmin reminds Amrik the accident. Amrik recalls the accident. Jasmin comes there and knocks his window. He cries and says I didn’t do this, don’t know how that man came in front.

She checks the man. She says he is dead. Amrik cries. He asks what shall we do now, we will take him to hospital. He says no, they will call the police. She slaps him and says calm down, I will do something, you go, I will handle everything, just go, else police will arrest you. He leaves. FB ends.

Jasmin says you know I thought no one saw you doing that accident, someone saw you, someone informed the police, police arrested you, I got you freed. Amrik says thanks for bailing me out. Jasmin says I told you, I will not let you stay in jail, don’t worry, I will tell police that you were not there. He asks what about the body. FB ends. She thinks just I know that man didn’t die. Amrik says forgive me. She threatens him. He says you can’t do this. She says you have to do what I say.

Simran says Amrik didn’t call today. Gurpreet says he is careless, Fateh has a boxing match today. Simran says don’t worry, its imp for Fateh to gain his self confidence back, make a great biryani for him, he will win and come. Gurpreet says yes. Khushbeer talks to Buzo’s dad. He says get the date, we will get preparations done. Gurpreet says I m happy that you apologized to him. He says I did this for my daughter. She asks about Rupy. She says we have relations of heart with them. He says I don’t want to keep forced relation with anyone, he broke trust. He goes.

At Gurudwara, Tejo meets Gurpreet. Gurpreet says thanks for helping Simran. Tejo says I have to end Rupy and Khushbeer’s differences, I called Satti here on your saying. Satti comes and hugs Gurpreet. Gurpreet says that day… Satti says forget it, congrats for Simran’s relation. Tejo asks them to talk, she will keep bhog and come. Gurpreet asks where is Jasmin, what does she want.

Satti says she is in Moga, don’t worry. Gurpreet says Fateh also asked me not to worry, she troubled me. Jasmin says you have come to me today, there is some matter. Angad says I helped you, I can’t wait more, Tejo will forgive Fateh and go to him. He asks her to answer. She says my entire plan is set, I just have to say action.

Some men beat up Rupy. Fateh comes and saves Rupy. He also gets beaten up. Angad stops Tejo and takes her in the car. She asks where are you taking me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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