Udaariyaan 18th April 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Fateh seeing Tejo. He sings a khawwali. Rupy asks where is Angad. Harman calls Angad and says his phone isn’t reachable. Jasmin looks on. Rupy says I got his message, he said he will come in some time, he is stuck in imp work. Amrik says Rupy will think Angad has messaged him, he doesn’t know that we have his phone. Angad tries to get free. Amrik and Buzo stay outside. The man asks what name shall I write of your fiancé. Tejo recalls Fateh. Her inner self says why are you silent, say it that you want a F, he is in your heart. Tejo says he isn’t in my heart, I hate him. Her inner self says but you love her too. Fateh says F… The man writes F in her hand. Tejo thinks of Fateh.

Satti says I know you are trying to keep yourself calm. Tejo says I don’t understand anything, but its good. Angad gets free of the ropes. He gets up and goes out. Amrik and Buzo don’t see him. Angad leaves. Satti and Lovely talk to Tejo. Jasmin thinks to switch off the light to make Fateh and Tejo meet. Tejo sees F in her hand. She gets shocked. She says I m going to washroom. She goes. The light goes. Jasmin says Fateh, Tejo has gone to her room, this is the chance to talk to her, just go. Fateh leaves. He goes after Tejo. Angad comes and greets. Abhiraj says you have surprised us by sending Khawwal. Angad asks where are they. Jasmin says I have sent them for dinner. He recalls seeing Jasmin. He asks for Tejo. Satti says she has gone to her room. He asks can I meet him. Tejo tries to clean the mehendi. She says I don’t want such love which ruined my peace. Fateh recalls his words. He hides. Angad comes. He asks what are you doing.

Tejo says I m hurt seeing this name, don’t know why that mehendi man has written this. He says stop crying, no need of any explanation, its mehendi, it will get cleared. She says I don’t want that person’s memories who insulted me. She cries. Fateh also cries. Angad says I can understand your pain, you promised that you will always smile, Rupy will know that you are crying. She says no way, he will just see my smile. He says I have a solution, I will borrow your lipstick. Fateh sees them. Kismat to kismat hai….plays… Angad writes A in her hand. He says A for Angad, problem solved. They go out. Angad signs her to smile. She holds his arm. They dance. Rupy and everyone smile. Fateh comes and hears Satti saying Tejo has accepted Angad by heart. Fateh cries seeing Tejo and Angad dancing.

He recalls his moments with Tejo. Jasmin looks for him. She sees Fateh and thinks why is he leaving, did he talk to Tejo or not. She calls him. Angad looks on. At home, Fateh sits crying and thinks of Tejo. Angad comes to Jasmin with a rope. He says you got F written somehow, I understood everything by being with you, you are confusing, you are being with Fateh and then trying to unite Tejo and Fateh, you don’t try to fit your game in this marriage. She says its your day today, its not necessary that you have your day tomorrow also.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena


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