Udaariyaan 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo coming to Angad and saying you are here, I went to see you at your home and office, I had taken these papers with me, so… She asks how did this happen, you are much hurt, you had a fight with someone, with whom and why. She does the aid. He jokes. He says its good that you are applying the ointment by your hands, you have become filmi now, tell me why were you crying in the morning. She recalls Jasmin’s words. She says leave it, its not connected to this. He asks did Jasmin say you something. She says when you understood, then tell me how did this happen. He says I fell down the tractor. She asks him to find a good excuse, who did this. He asks him to have lassi. She asks Rajat who had come here before me. Angad signs no to Rajat. She asks Rajat do you love your job or not. Rajat says yes, sorry, Fateh had come here, he had a fight with Angad. She asks why did he come, what’s the matter.

Tejo comes to Fateh and scolds him. She asks by what right did you raise hand on my fiance. He asks did he come to you with the complaint. She says you think he will do this, what’s your problem if I cry. He says he has no right to make you cry. She says oh, just you have this right, you thought he made me cry and went to ask him, you should have asked me. He says I did what I felt right. She asks why, why do you care if I cry or laugh, stay away from me and my life, can’t you and Jasmin stay happy, we have no relation now, stop showing care and rights on me, you have Jasmin, stay happy, let me live, spare me now, when I m starting a new life, you can see that also, I m helpless to see you, I m connected to your family and this academy, for the last time, stay away from me and Angad, he is a good person, he can’t even think of making me cry. He says even I can’t see you crying. She asks seriously, by that right are you saying this, you have made me cry the most. He says I know, I did wrong, I will always be ashamed, I can’t tolerate anyone else hurting you. She says you lost all the rights when we went for the divorce. He asks did our connection end after the divorce. She asks what connection, it was never there from your side, it was just from my side, you have broken it long time ago, anyways, stay away from me and my life, its my request. She turns to go. He holds her hand and stops her. She gets her hand freed and leaves. He cries and throws the things in anger.

He says I know Tejo, I never told you, I care for you a lot, and I m ashamed for my deed, if Angad didn’t make you cry, then who. He recalls Angad’s words. He gets angry. Khushbeer says food quality should be the best, its my daughter’s engagement. The man asks her not to worry. Khushbeer goes. Jasmin checks the menu. She says gulab jamun has no tick, because Tejo doesn’t like it, its my marriage also. Fateh comes home and takes her to the room. Mahi says he looks angry, I think Jasmin did something, I wish their marriage breaks. Simran smiles and wishes the same. Fateh asks what did you tell Tejo. Jasmin asks him to leave her. He says you would have said something, so she had cried. She says she complained to you. He scolds her. She says you all think she is great, you all got blind. He says you got blind, you can’t see what she is doing for us. She says she is convincing everyone to attend our marriage, it means they worry for Tejo, not us. He says I love my family, its imp that they are coming to bless us in the marriage, I want them to accept you, we all stay here under the same roof, you can’t understand this, enough now, I don’t want any drama, I m thankful to Tejo, she is moving on, my guilt is getting less, I don’t want to talk on this topic, if I hear that you have hurt Tejo, then none will be worse than me. She asks what will you do if I do this. He says you have seen my love till now, pray that you never see my hatred. He leaves. She cries and says Tejo made me away from the families, and now trying to make me fall in Fateh’s sight, Tejo did much wrong, she has to pay a price for this.

Its morning, Tejo finishes a call. He asks Satti to pack her lunch. Tejo asks why did you make all these dishes. Lovely asks Tejo to get habitual to lassi now. Bebe says Angad loves lassi. Satti says he loves parathas also. Tejo asks did Angad come. Harman says yes, we called him to discuss about engagement. Rupy says we thought to know his likes and dislikes. Harman asks her to see the gifts. Bebe says he got oil for my knees. Dilraj says toronto likes his new clothes, I also liked my gift. Angad greets Tejo. Dilraj asks her to see the new shawls. Angad asks Tejo to see, colour is suiting much. She asks what’s all this. Angad says toronto, she is your childhood friend, is she such since always. Tejo says we are acting, you don’t need to get the gifts. He jokes. She says I m not joking. He says even I m not joking. He holds her close. He says listen to me carefully Miss Sandhu, game might be yours, but I will play it my way, there maybe many reasons to like you, but the most imp is your family, I got a cute readymade family, one who doesn’t have a family knows its value. She asks what do you mean.

He says you know the most thing imp about me now, I have no family, I m alone, I was 12 years old when my mum and dad died in the plane crash. She says sorry, your brother and sister would be there. He says there is no one, Dada and Dadi stay in London, when I go there, I meet them, I stay alone, I m upset, you broke my heart. She says sorry, what did I do. He says my would be fake Sasumaa made hot parathas with butter, I
m not eating that and talking depressed things here, not fair, we will invite you and your questions on lunch, done, your fake fiance will cook the lunch for you. He jokes and asks about her allergy. She laughs and says no. He laughs. Rupy comes and sees them. He smiles.

Fateh washes his jeep. Jasmin comes to him. He asks what are you doing here. She says I have to talk something serious, do you really want to marry me, if you have anything in your heart, you can tell me. He says spare me in the morning, I can’t shout that I love you. She says yes, your face would have changed if Tejo was here in my place, you said Angad is very imp for us, you had beaten him, are you jealous that he is with Tejo, is Tejo still in your heart and mind. He looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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