Udaariyaan 18th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Jass looking at Tejo. Jasmin smiles. Gurpreet asks Candy to have candy floss. He says no, I want an icecream. Tejo asks him to come. They go to the stall. Jass looks on. Biji asks Fateh to get icecream for her also. Tejo asks who all will have it. Fateh says everyone will have it. Fateh and Tejo are with Candy. Gurpreet says they look so good together, like a family, Fateh, Tejo and their child. Simran says yes. Jasmin thinks they all are here, how will my Ram leela start. She shouts… Fateh asks what happened. She says I got a sprain, its aching a lot, I can’t stand. Fateh asks everyone to enjoy, he will take Jasmin home. Nimmo taunts Jasmin. Tejo says we all should go home, its time for Khushbeer’s medicines.

Fateh lifts Jasmin and takes her. Jasmin makes Candy drop his icecream. Candy says my icecream fell down, I want more. Simran says we will have it later. Tejo says I will get it for him, you all go. Jass follows her. Fateh makes Jasmin sit in the car. He says Tejo went to get icecream for Candy. She says leave her, there are many people to care for her, she won’t come. She thinks if you don’t leave her, then how will her first husband catch her. Simran says Tejo will get icecream for you, come. Jass covers his face with the candy floss. He asks is that your child, he fell down. Tejo thinks is that Candy. She goes to see. She calls out Candy. Jass says not Candy, Jass. She recalls their marriage and his cheat.

Everyone comes home. Fateh puts down Jasmin. Biji asks where is Tejo. Jasmin and Fateh say she would have come with you. Amrik says no. Fateh asks no? Jass says Tejo ji. She says Jass. He says you remember me, I thought you forgot me, this is called true love, you have made me happy. She asks what are you doing here. He asks what’s this stupid question, I didn’t come to see Ram leela. She asks what do you want. He laughs and says I want revenge. Fateh calls Tejo. Her phone and icecream are fallen there. Tejo says leave my hand. Jass says don’t get scared of me, I m your dear hubby. She says leave my hand. He says no, I won’t leave it this time, you can shout, I will see who comes to save you. She shouts. He shuts her mouth and takes her. Fateh keeps calling her. A man picks the phone and answers. Fateh asks who is speaking. The man says this phone is fallen here in the fair. Fateh says someone picked Tejo’s phone and said her phone is found fallen in the fair. Jasmin says she maybe coming in a cab, we will wait. He says no, I m not feeling good. Simran says we will also come. Candy asks what happened to Tejo. Khushbeer says nothing, nothing can happen to Tejo. Jasmin smirks. Jass says you acted smart with me, see what I do with you. Tejo says I m warning you, you will also go to the jail. He says you didn’t change till now, this attracts me to you.

She says you don’t know about my family. He says you are Virk family’s bahu, Fateh’s wife, don’t threaten me of police, I m free, my mum has taken the blames on her, did you learn this from Fateh. He pushes her on the ground. He says Ram had saved Sita, who will save you, where is your Fateh, will he come to save you. Fateh looks for her. Simran asks did this girl come here. The man says she was talking to a dhol artist. Tejo kicks Jass and goes. She runs away and hides behind some curtains. Jass looks for her. Tejo sees Fateh. She cries and comes out to run to him. Jass stops her. She shouts Fateh. Jass shuts her mouth and takes her. He says you all acted smart last time, but this time it won’t happen.

Fateh, Simran, Amrik and Tejo look for her. Tejo takes a stick and says stay away from me. She beats Jass. He catches the stick and snatches it from her hand. She falls down. He gets a knife and slits her arm. She cries. He says you are just mine, you are my wife. She says I was your wife, I m not your wife now. He says I have a right on your everything, your beauty, how can you stay with someone else, I will take you with me, will you come with me. She says let me go, you got mad. He says yes, you are my wife, you are wearing Fateh’s name mangalsutra, how did he come between us. Fateh says we got her phone there, I will go there. Jass says our marriage is legal, you educated people want proof for everything, you are a professor, I got a proof, our marriage certificate, look here. He asks do you remember, we got this made for Canada visa, lawyer told that the marriage is cancelled, this marriage is still valid, you are my wife, not Fateh’s, this Raavan is your husband. She cries.


Update Credit to: Amena

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