Udaariyaan 19th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with everyone talking about Simran’s marriage. Amrik comes home. They see him. They ask him how is he, why is he not saying anything. Amrik says I m little tired, I will go to room and rest. Khushbeer asks what’s the matter, tell me. Amrik hugs him and cries. He says I m scared, I made a big mistake, save me, I will die, I will get hanged. Khushbeer says nothing will happen to you. Fateh comes home and gets shocked seeing everyone with Amrik. He says Amrik, what did Jasmin do.

Amrik cries and hugs him. Fateh asks again. Jasmin sees the sweets and says I should have a party, my surprise went to Virks today. Amrik says I was driving slow, weather was bad, a bike came in front, that man died, I wanted to take him to hospital but Jasmin… He tells everything. Jasmin eats the pizza and dances. Fateh hugs Amrik. Khushbeer makes Amrik drink water. Fateh asks how did Jasmin reach there. Amrik says don’t know, when police arrested me, she fake testified that I was with her at the hotel, he wants a price for it.

Khushbeer asks what price. Fateh asks why did you not come to us, how could you trust her. Amrik says I was scared, I thought she is helping me. He hugs Amrik and says you know how she is. Simran asks what does she want. Fateh says this is her surprise, right. Amrik says yes. Jasmin says I will tell Angad. Angad stops Tejo and takes her to the car. Tejo asks where are you taking me.

Gurpreet asks what does she want. Amrik says she said she wants something from the entire family, she will tell you if you want to save me from the jail, I m scared. Fateh hugs him. Jasmin says Fateh would be shocked. Khushbeer says I will talk to the police station. Amrik says no, please don’t go. Tejo asks Angad to leave her hand, its hurting her. She says I will call the police. He takes her phone. Fateh says we will talk to Jasmin and know what she wants, maybe she is just scaring us, I will call her once. He calls Jasmin.

Jasmin says he called me, but I will not answer anyone’s call easily, I will play more. Simran says she will make us cry and then tell us. Fateh asks how will we know what she wants, Amrik listen to me, we are with you, no one can take you, calm down, she would have given some hint, what she wants, money or Canada visa. Amrik says she said she wants a price for my life from you all, she will come here and say. Khushbeer asks what, will she come here.

Simran says dad is with you, we all are with you. Amrik says I killed a man, don’t you understand. She says it was an accident. He says that man is dead, Jasmin won’t let this get proved, I will get more trapped, its my mistake. Fateh says no, its my mistake to love her and dump her, she wants to target everyone, we have no way than to agree to her. Jasmin says if Fateh agreed, then his dad will not agree. Gurpreet says we will talk to her. Nimmo says she will plan something big.

Fateh says its about Amrik’s life, we will tolerate this together, call her. Khushbeer says let me think. Fateh hugs Amrik. Khushbeer says call her. Amrik calls Jasmin. She answers. She talks nonsense. He asks her to come home and tell them what she wants. She says its good they agreed, I m glad to know this. She taunts them and says this will affect Tejo also. Tejo says you said you love me, you can’t do this. Angad stops the car. He takes her to some isolated place. He gets down the car and runs. He follows. Jasmin says I will get ready and come.

Gurpreet calls Satti and says you and Rupy come here right now. Satti asks what happened, why are you crying. Gurpreet says Jasmin has targeted Amrik. Satti says we are coming soon. Bebe asks what happened to this girl. Harman says we have to do something of her. Lovely says we will also come. Rupy says no, just Satti and I will go, stay here. Harman says you are hurt. Rupy says fate hurt us the day when was born, where is Tejo. Satti says she didn’t come home till now. Harman says I will call her.

Rupy says no, tell her everything when she comes home. Tejo sees Angad goes towards Tejo. She asks him to stop. He says I won’t hurt you, I love you. She says I don’t love you, I love Fateh. He says he is a liar, he is cheating you. She slaps him. Rupy and Satti come home and greet everyone. Gurpreet says Tejo didn’t come. Rupy says she might have been at the college. Khushbeer says you should have controlled your daughter, look at my son. Rupy says she is doing this to take revenge, Fateh burnt her passport, I will send her to Canada, even if I have to sell my house, we will live in peace. Jasmin dances with some girls, and makes an entry. Aali re….plays…. Everyone looks on.

Jasmin says my condition is, I will become Virk family bahu in front of the entire society. Fateh gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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