Udaariyaan 1st December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo thinking of Fateh. Jasmin says we will be going to Canada, we will have a new house there. Aashiyana….plays….Fateh recalls Gurpreet and Khushbeer’s words. Tejo gets down the car and cries. Fateh and Jasmin see the dhol band playing at the airport. She sees her friends. She hugs Sweety. She dances with them. Fateh unloads the luggage from the car. Rupy asks Tejo to cry if she wants. He says I know you had stopped yourself, lighten your heart. She says you are really nice, you understand my feelings well, I want to say something, I don’t want to stay here, I want to go far, I have memories with this pind, I feel suffocated here. He asks why are you saying so, you move on with Angad, you got engaged to him, start a new life with him, I m sure that you will forget everything. She says Angad always supported me as a friend, he is just a good friend, nothing more. Jasmin thanks her friends for coming. She hugs them and says make passports ready, I will send the tickets. Sweety says have a safe journey, don’t forget us. Rupy says I know you don’t love Angad, but he loves you, I have seen it in his eyes, marry him whenever you want. Tejo says you aren’t understanding. She removes the engagement ring. She says our engagement was fake. He gets shocked. Jasmin sees Fateh and dances. Tejo tells everything to Rupy. Fateh asks Jasmin to come.

She says I told you I want to live for myself, I m trying to live for myself, I have to go. Rupy asks what do you mean. She says let me go, I m tired. He asks where will you go. She says I don’t know, I won’t do anything that makes you ashamed. Angad comes. Jasmin and Fateh enter the airport. Tejo says I will call you time to time. Rupy asks what will I tell the society. She asks him not to think of people. He folds hands and says forgive me, I m responsible for your state. She says you have to hide this from everyone, don’t tell anyone about my fake engagement, I will tell Khushbeer when the right time comes, tell him that I went for some imp work. She hugs him and cries.

Jasmin says wow, we can shop here as well. She kisses Fateh. He asks what are you doing. They go ahead. Angad greets Rupy. Angad and Tejo leave in the car. Jhuta nikla ishq…plays… Jasmin gets chocolates by the lady. She says Fateh, you did this, thanks, I want a window seat. The lady says its booked for you. Jasmin says Fateh did this, he is my husband, we are newly wed, we are going to Canada. The lady gives the boarding pass. Jasmin says be careful, its glass items, I got it from home, I want to shout to everyone that I m going to Canada. Rupy prays and says Jasmin has hurt everyone, especially Tejo, she should get punished. Jasmin sees the plane flying. She asks when will we sit. Fateh says announcement will happen, sit. They hear the announcement. They go ahead. Jasmin says wow Fateh, that’s our flight. Jasmin runs to board the flight. Fateh holds her hand and stops her. Tere ishq mein….plays…

She asks what happened. He says give me your passport and boarding pass, there are little formalities, just 2 mins. She gives him. She says go fast. He smiles and goes downstairs. He recalls Jasmin’s words. He throws the garlands and bag. He recalls Jasmin throwing the garlands on their marriage day. She looks at him. He gets a lighter from his shoe. He burns the passport and boarding pass. She shouts Fateh and runs downstairs. The fire alarm is raised. The police rushes. She sees her passport burnt. She asks what did you do. She tries to blow off the fire. He smiles. She cries and gets angry. She shouts why did you burn my dream, tell me, you broke my dream when it was completing, why, answer me. The security comes and stops Jasmin. Fateh is taken by the police. Jasmin goes after Fateh.

Jasmin says we got married. Fateh says that marriage of six rounds, that pandit was an actor, you aren’t Mrs. Fateh Singh Virk. Jasmin gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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