Udaariyaan 20th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo coming home. She calls out Riya. Riya comes. Tejo hugs her and cries. Tejo asks where were you, why did you leave me and come, I was so scared. Riya says it was a prank. She goes. Tejo asks prank, Angad’s prank. Tejo asks what, did Angad buy this icecream for you. Riya says his friend. Tejo asks who, Tanya? Riya says no, I forgot her name. Tejo asks did you know her, how can you go with her. Riya says she had my maggi with her, she said she is Angad’s friend. Tejo asks how did she look. Riya says very beautiful, she was talking sweetly. Tejo says who can it be. Jasmin says Tejo, you have seen the trailer, you have to see the entire picture now. Tejo calls Angad. She says Riya came back home. He cries and stops the car. He says thank God. She says I don’t find it right, I know you can’t play this prank. He asks what prank. She says come home, then we will talk. Tejo thinks who did this and why.

Tanya collides with Fateh and falls in his arms. Fateh says sorry. She says you find reasons to collide with me. She touches him. He says mam, please don’t do this. She asks what will you do, will you complain to Sharma about me, if I complain about you, then…. he kept you here and trusted you, if I say that you flirt with me, then…. He says no. She says you please me, I will please you. She hugs him. He pushes her and says sorry. She asks him to lift the things and keep eyes open next time. Sharma comes downstairs. She asks why are you coming down, you should have called me. Sharma says I m fine. Tanya says you did a good thing by hiring Jai. She holds Fateh’s hand. Sharma says he is a good guy, I m glad you liked him. She says yes, he will take care of me also. Fateh takes him. He thinks Sharma is a nice guy, and this Tanya mam, Tejo is also here, what shall I do. Angad comes home and hugs Riya.

He asks where did you go, don’t do this mistake again. Riya asks what did I do. He says I did wrong. Tejo asks her to go and do the homework. Riya goes. She says someone took your name and took Riya, you have to find out. Angad says enough, shut up, how did you take Riya out without asking me. She says I didn’t take her, she was stubborn. He asks how did she disappear. She says I turned to see and she was not there. He says enough. She says sorry. He says stop this drama, I don’t want to listen to anyone. She says its about Riya’s safety. He asks will you tell me, she disappeared because of you. She asks do you think I can be careless. He says spare me and go, shall I beg you, go from here. She cries. He shouts no. She says I won’t go anywhere, tell me, who are you, why do you do this, you become sweet and deal with my pain, why do you behave like this when its about Riya, why do you behave such, tell me. He shouts because I m scared, I have guilt in me, Riya is suffering because of me, it hurts me a lot. He shouts. She stops him and says calm down, I understand your pain, its wrong to behave like this. He says wrong happened with Riya and her parents, if Riya’s Nani knows this, then she will take Riya, the court will give her custody to her Nani and call me careless. She asks why, you are her Chachu, you have a relation with her. He says because I m the killer of her parents, I have killed my Bhaiya and Bhabhi, I m the killer. She gets shocked.

She asks what are you saying, you are their killer. He says Riya’s Nani thinks this, maybe she is right. She says you said they died in a car accident. He says I was the reason, I m responsible, Riya is an orphan today, her parents aren’t with her, when I see Riya’s innocent face, I think I m responsible for her parents’ death, my mind doesn’t work, she asks me about her parents, what shall I say that they died because of her, I m their murderer. She says no, calm down, I never asked you anything, I want to know, tell me. He says that accident happened because of me. She says please tell me what happened. He asks what will you get, just pain. She says I have a right to share your pain, you called me a friend, we have a fake relation also. She shows the ring. She says please tell me what happened.

He smiles. He says after my parents passed, Bhaiya and Bhabhi were my world, I came back from America and joined his business, Riya was young, then that unlucky day, I lost everything, I lost my happiness, Bhaiya Bhabhi, everything, I just had Riya and her orphaned childhood, I fell in that guilt. FB shows Arjun asking Angad to get the car checked, they don’t want any problem on the highway. Angad says I got busy with the clients, I had to get the car brakes checked, he took that car, brakes failed, I have seen them lying in blood, they died, that girl became an orphan because of me. He cries. Tejo hugs him and says don’t blame yourself, this happened by mistake, life means to lose and get, we can’t get what we lost, keep Riya safe and with love, do everything for her that her parents would have done. He asks how will this happen, her parents died because of me, her Nani will tell this to Riya also, Riya is a kid, she will agree, she will leave me and go, she disappeared today and I got mad, she will go away from me, I can’t live without her, I won’t let her go. She says relax, no one will snatch her, you aren’t alone in this fight, I m with you, I promise. He goes. She calls him out and asks where are you going. He shouts I don’t want to talk, leave me alone. He leaves.

Jasmin hides and looks on. Tejo says Angad is in pain, I have to help him, I have to find out who was that girl, what does she want, what is her motive, how did that girl get the doll. She thinks that girl would have come home. She goes. Jasmin says Tejo is shocked, I shall start my next plan, Tejo stay here for some days, then you won’t get a place even on footpath. Tejo asks Babli did anyone come home yesterday in our absence, Riya’s doll was missing. Babli says a girl came and said about free insurance. She apologizes. Tejo says its okay, but we have to find out, how did that girl look. Babli says she was beautiful, she had a wound on her hand. Jasmin says you won’t know that I m that girl, your Jassu. Tejo thinks I will find about you. Jasmin says I m in Canada for you.

Jasmin meets Riya’s Nani. Angad says I have to thank Jaideep. Sharma asks Fateh to come.


Update Credit to: Amena

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