Udaariyaan 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Jasmin asking the family where is Tejo. Tejo slaps Angad and says don’t tell me who is a liar and who is a fraud, don’t show me your face again. She runs away. Angad cries and recalls their moments. He falls down. She shouts Angad ji and runs to him. He cries aloud. He hits his hand and hurts himself. She asks him to calm down. Jasmin says I told you to call everyone, the main character of the story is missing, it won’t be fun. Rupy asks her what does she want to say. She asks him to calm down.

Angad says Tejo ji, sorry, you stay away from me, I don’t want to hurt you, there is some other Angad in me who will hurt you, go from here. Satti scolds Jasmin. Jasmin says I have become beautiful and came here, you still think of Tejo, I tried to become good. Tejo goes to Angad. He sits crying. He says I love you a lot, I don’t know why I got this madness, you were alone, I thought we can share our loneliness, you left and my loneliness became madness. Jasmin says I m bad and you all miss me so much.

She taunts Amrik and says maybe he gets hanged. Gurpreet shouts Jasmin. Fateh asks Jasmin to come to the point. Jasmin says I want you to beg me for forgiveness, and ask me to marry their son. She asks don’t you all understand, I will tell you, my first condition is that I become Virk family bahu in front of the society with all the respect. Everyone gets shocked.

Jasmin says I want to become Jasmin Virk from Jasmin Sandhu, I do what I always want. Nimmo asks why do you always come here. Jasmin says your son had left me midway so I have come back. She says Simran can understand my pain, our situation is same, I didn’t keep my second condition till now. Satti says shut up, you hate them, why do you want to become their bahu.

Jasmin says I hate them so I want to become their bahu, where is Tejo. Angad says I m going mad, stay away and safe, I can’t let anything happen to you. Tejo holds him. He says I acted like an animal, I m so sorry. Khushbeer asks what’s your second condition. Jasmin says I will become this house Bahu, but I don’t trust you all, you can get me divorced, where will I go, I will have tension and then you all will be hurt, I want security from you all. He asks what security. She says half share of this house, I want it on my name. Biji asks what is she saying, did she go mad. Fateh asks did you go mad. Jasmin says don’t touch me.

She calms herself. She asks Amrik to explain Fateh, anger is bad for health. Angad says when you said you just love Fateh, I lost control, I will never trouble you, I will go away from your and Fateh’s life, I promise. She says calm down. She hugs him and says I will help you, you will be fine. They cry. Khushbeer asks what nonsense, you won’t get any brick from this house. Jasmin taunts him. She says I m doing this to save Amrik. Biji coughs. Jasmin asks what happened to you. Biji scolds her.

Jasmin asks Amrik to explain his dad. Rupy asks her to shut up. Satti says she isn’t our Jasmin now, she is our bad fate now, calm down. Rupy says we made a mistake in her upbringing, I m sorry from her side. He says forgive us and forgive them, get lost. Jasmin says strange, anyone can forgive, I m sorry, I m not great to forgive, I just want revenge, so stop asking me to leave, you all have to accept my conditions.

Khushbeer says you think we will agree. She says yes, for Amrik’s sake, you can do this for him, you have to fall in my feet and also beg to me. Fateh says you think you will say anything and we will agree, this won’t happen, you won’t become this house’s Bahu and house owner, leave from here. Jasmin asks Amrik to see, she is better than the family. She says Fateh had snatched my rights by doing fraud with me, I have seen my dreams burning. Fateh says get lost, we are not scared of you. She says I m your bad time, bad time can come anytime, I will not let Tejo become of you, you will never get your love. She leaves. Tejo is on the way. She says I will call mum and inform, phone battery is dead, everyone would be worried, don’t know what is Jasmin going to plan.

Amrik asks what did you do, she will ruin me, please save me. Fateh hugs him and says we won’t let anything happen to you. Amrik says save me, there is just one way, marry her, she wants to marry you. Khushbeer says come to senses, Fateh won’t marry her, he got saved from her by difficulty, I will not let that girl come here. Amrik says fine, I will see what to do to save my life, I don’t want anyone’s help. He goes.

Khushbeer says give him sometime. Gurpreet cries and says she ruined both my sons. Satti apologizes. Gurpreet says you have a daughter like Tejo also, don’t blame yourself. They cry and hug. Tejo comes home. Harman opens the door. She asks what happened, were you waiting for someone else. Bebe says Rupy and Satti went to Virk house. Tejo asks did Jasmin do anything. Bebe says wait, let them come back. Rupy says don’t worry, we will find some way. Khushbeer says you should have taken her into the house that night, you had hid the things. Rupy says we are also suffering. Khushbeer asks him to leave. He says I will hire the best lawyer and save Amrik.

Amrik says please don’t go to police station. Fateh says let us find out. He leaves. Tejo comes to meet Jasmin.

Update Credit to: Amena

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