Udaariyaan 21st December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tejo finding the broken necklace. She asks how did this break. Babli says she would be stealing it. Tejo says no, her motive was something else. Tejo goes and talks to the mart manager and the guard. She goes and asks the icecream vendor also. She says they all are saying the same thing, who is this girl. She gets Arora’s call. He says I got this key in the parking, its a hotel room key, maybe it helps you. She says okay, I m coming. She goes to the hotel. Jasmin leaves. Tejo thinks I can’t tell him everything, he can inform that girl. She says the lady staying in room no 10 is my friend, I have to meet her.

The lady says she just left. Jasmin says I have to find out Riya’s Nani. Tejo asks when will she come back, is she tall and fair. The lady says you said she is your friend. Tejo says of course, she is my friend, her hand has a wound, right. The lady says yes, her left hand is wound. Tejo thinks to wait there. Riya calls Tejo. She cries and asks her to come home. Tejo thinks I will go now and meet this girl later. Jasmin meets the guy and scolds him. She asks him to just do his work, he is getting paid. The guy says I got Angad’s case file by much dfficulty, don’t make me do these things. She argues with him. She says now the story will get interesting. Tejo comes home. She asks for Angad’s room keys. Babli says he will scold me.

Tejo says he won’t say anything, give me the keys, be with Riya, tell her that Angad is fine now, he isn’t crying. She opens the door and sees Angad lying on the ground. She recalls Angad’s words. She lies next to him and holds him. He is drunk and talks to her. She asks him to handle himself. He asks for whom, Bhaiya and Bhabhi also left, you will also go when time comes. She says I won’t go anywhere, I will stay here with you and Riya.

He asks forever, promise. She says promise and holds his hand. He says then your wish is my command. She asks him to sleep on the bed. He rests in his lap and says you are with me, no one can take Riya away, I m not alone now. Tejo recalls Fateh’s words. She thinks I couldn’t help Fateh, but I will help Angad.

Jasmin comes to meet Riya’s Nani. She says you will be happy to meet me. She gets in and says I can help you. Riya’s Nani asks her to leave. She says I will call the police. Jasmin says you got upset, Riya’s Nani, I know Riya and Angad also, Angad wants to snatch her from you. Angad recalls Tejo.

Tejo is on the way. She recalls Angad. She calls him. He takes the call. She says I was going to Kasauli market. He says I will drop you. She says no thanks. She says sorry, I can’t tell you, where I m going, I m going to the girl’s hotel to find her, I have to find out what she wants. Jasmin says answer me first, do you know Angad has got engaged, very soon he will get married, then he will get Riya’s custody easily, it will be a problem for you, his fiancee is Tejo, she is clever, she makes Angad dance on his fingers, he is getting a wife and Riya’s custody. Angad comes to Sharma’s house. Fateh cleans the car. Sharma says welcome Angad. Fateh turns. Angad goes and talks to Sharma. Sharma asks where is Tejo.

Angad says she went to market to buy some stuff. He gets a call. Nani says I won’t give Riya’s custody to Angad. Jasmin asks how will you convince the judge, he will let Riya live with Tejo and Riya. Sharma calls Fateh. Fateh wraps up the muffler and says I got cold. Sharma asks him to get some snacks, Angad likes it a lot. Fateh goes. Jasmin says Riya will call Tejo as mumma, she will stay with them, you can’t do anything. Nani says no one can take my daughter’s place, can Tejo become Riya’s mumma. Jasmin says she is a Devi, she can’t see anyone’s pain. Nani asks how do you know about this Tejo. Jasmin says you asked me the right thing, who else will know about her, she is my elder sister.

Tejo comes to the hotel. She sees some people creating chaos and breaking the things. She runs to hide. Fateh is at the snacks stall. He hears about the riots in Kasauli market. He asks is everything fine. The man tells about the fights happening there. Fateh recalls Angad’s words and says Tejo.

Tejo gets hurt. Fateh gets shocked seeing her. Jasmin sees Fateh and Tejo. Fateh takes Tejo for the aid.

Update Credit to: Amena

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