Udaariyaan 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rupy saying I didn’t think we will see this day. Everyone cries. He says I wish to dig a pit and bury myself. He coughs. Tejo holds him and gives him medicines. She says I m sure, Khushbeer and Fateh will find some solution. Khushbeer talks to the lawyer. Fateh says I think its Jasmin’s plan. Khushbeer says yes. Fateh says we will go to police station and find out.

Simran asks really, you know Jasmin is well prepared, she has some plan. Khushbeer says we will talk to the police and find a way. Tejo thinks and says poor Amrik… Fateh would be in tension. Fateh makes Amrik sleep. She messages Fateh and asks how is Amrik. Fateh replies, I gave him a sleeping pill, he was much worried. She asks and you. He asks can I meet you, I will like it.

Fateh comes to Tejo’s house. He says dad and I are going to meet police, but I m scared, how shall I save Amrik. She says you have to be strong, we have no other way, its an accident case, how long will we get scared of Jasmin, fear has no end. He says I think Jasmin did this with planning, someone is helping her, when I left her, she had no money, she was doing wrong things. She says you are doing right to go to police, its a way to stop Jasmin, her crimes will stop. He says thanks for encouraging me. They see each other. Ye duniya….plays…. She says I will pray that you find some solution, you should go home. Fateh nods. He leaves. She prays.

Its morning, Gurpreet does the aarti. Everyone prays. Tejo is at Gurudwara. She prays to find some way to help Amrik and save him. She says an innocent person shouldn’t suffer, Jasmin has planned this, there is something I m not realizing. Amrik says I m scared, I will get hanged or jailed. Simran says no, we all are with you. Amrik asks where are Fateh and dad.

Mahi says they are busy. Amrik hears Fateh and asks where are you going, are you going to police station? He runs downstairs. Amrik says I asked you not to go anywhere, I will get jailed. Fateh says let us find out, trust me, I won’t let anything happen to you. Amrik says that accident happened by my hands, that man died. Fateh says calm down, it can be Jasmin’s plan, think, we should trust the law, not Jasmin, we will hire the best lawyer. Khushbeer says Amrik, leave everything on me.

Amrik says no, don’t go, Jasmin will not leave me. He cries. Fateh and Khushbeer leave in the car. Jasmin talks to Sweety on video call. Sweety says everything suits you. Jasmin says Simran and Mahi will become my assistants soon, I will become the queen of Virk house, they will agree to me, their son’s life is in danger, I think Fateh has come to beg for Amrik’s life. She opens the door and sees Tejo.

Tejo stops her from shutting the door. Jasmin says you won’t agree without giving a lecture, come. Tejo asks what will you take to stop all this. Jasmin asks did you get tensed that Fateh and I can get married, when you both are coming close, your fate doesn’t have your togetherness, your face got pale, this time, I m marrying to take revenge on Virk family, I will trouble them.

Tejo asks why are you trapping Amrik and becoming so bad. Jasmin says I m doing this because of you, you married Fateh and impressed his family, you made everyone against me, so I have become such bitter, poisonous and dangerous. Tejo says I married Fateh because you left the mandap, his family didn’t accept me, I worked hard to win their hearts, your deeds forced mum and dad to hate you, I divorced Fateh for your sake, I did fake engagement with Angad and left Moga for you, you became bad by your own bad deeds, what is our mistake in this, how can you blame me.

Jasmin says shut up, you forced Fateh to leave me, I will not leave you now, if they don’t agree to my condition then Amrik is gone. Tejo says don’t drag others in this, Rupy and Satti are blaming themselves. Jasmin says its good, they shut the door on my face, now they got this slap. Tejo asks her to be scared of Lord. Jasmin says I m scaring everyone. Tejo says I promise, if you leave Amrik, then I will never go close to Fateh and not let him come close to me, I will break my ties with Virk family, please spare Amrik. Jasmin smiles. Gurpreet says Amrik is nowhere, go and find him. She cries. Simran says calm down, I will find him. Jasmin laughs.

She says that’s why everyone chants their name, you can do anything to help them, sorry, you got late, my plan is set. Gurpreet calls Fateh. Fateh answers. She cries. Simran says Amrik is missing. Mahi shows the letter. Simran reads… Jasmin won’t let me live, its better I end everything on own, I m sorry. Fateh calls Tejo. Tejo gets shocked. She says I m just coming.

Jasmin asks is there any bad news. Tejo asks where is Amrik. Jasmin says not here, is he not at home. Tejo says no, he went somewhere, he left a letter that he is going to die, if anything happens to him, then you won’t get anything, there will be a case on you for provoking him for suicide.

Jasmin worries. Fateh comes home with Khushbeer. Gurpreet hugs him and cries. Fateh sees the letter. Tejo comes. She says we will look for him in the entire house once again. They run to find Amrik. Tejo checks the bathroom. She sees Amrik lying in the bath tub. She sees his bleeding hand. She gets shocked.

Jasmin comes to the hospital in nurse’s disguise and meets Amrik. Jasmin gets shocked seeing some dummy hit by her car. Fateh comes and looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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